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4 Cannabis Strains That Are Good for Watching Anime

Are you keen to watch anime while high? Many marijuana enthusiasts are also fans of hand-drawn, computer-generated animated Japanese shows. Why not see if these two categories are a match?

Whether you grow outdoor or indoor weed seeds, there’s a cannabis cultivar that pairs perfectly with your favorite animated series. For more information on growing seeds, click here.

Round up the best anime to watch while high and discover four weed strains to elevate your journey below. 

1. Pineapple Express

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Hawaiian and Trainwreck. It boasts around 18% THC and less than 1% CBD.

Pineapple Express is famous for delivering powerful psychoactive sensations that leave you energetic, alert, giggly, and uplifted. Expect a long-lasting buzz ideal for any time of the day (provided you’re not planning on sleeping). It’s a top pick for combining weed and anime.

Medical tokers claim it alleviates depression, stress, pain, and fatigue. This popular cultivar packs a punch in the flavor department, bursting with citrus, pineapple, and earthy notes. 

2. LSD

This indica-dominant hybrid contains genetics from Skunk #1 and Mazar-I-Sharif. It features approximately 24% THC and 0.7% CBD.

As the name suggests, LSD is a potent cannabis strain that offers a full-body buzz and a cerebral high. A few tokes are enough to make you feel euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted. Why not get your hands on some Dragon Ball strain balls to enhance the experience?

Apart from its recreational benefits, LSD boasts numerous holistic properties. It’s said to assist with anxiety, nausea, and chronic pain. Expect the buds to release an earthy, skunky, and lemon flavor.

3. Blue Dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a product of Blueberry x Haze. Its THC levels are around 18–20%, while the CBD content is 0.4%. The best anime to watch high pairs like a dream with this marijuana strain.

Blue Dream produces a balanced blend of mind and body sensations. Medical cannabis consumers reportedly use it to treat symptoms of pain, depression, nausea, and migraines. Its recreational effects include creativity, euphoria, mood enhancement, and relaxation.

The buds emit a berry and vanilla scent that most tokers adore. The flavor is reminiscent of fruits, earth, and herbs when lit.

4. White Widow

Get your hands on some cannabis-themed anime and pair it with White Widow. This indica-dominant hybrid boasts around 22% THC and 0.8% CBD. It hails from an infusion of sativa and indica landraces from Brazil and India.

Expect a potent punch of energy, euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. Take it low and slow with this strain, as excess consumption could leave you couch-locked. When watching anime while high, having a platter of your favorite snacks on hand isn’t a bad idea.

White Widow features an intense aroma of earth, herbs, and fruitiness. When you light the buds, expect a spicy, woody, and floral flavor.

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