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5 best Korean Dramas on Netflix to binge-watch with your partner | SuperHero ERA

5 best Korean Dramas on Netflix to binge-watch with your partner

If you’re single and seeking a partner, have you grown tired of coming across the same old faces in your favourite bars and clubs? Here’s a better suggestion. Go online! You’ll easily track down people with similar tastes in this relaxed environment. The secure communication platform will allow conversations to flow. If you have specific tastes, such as a love of Korean dramas, you can add this as a parameter when completing your search forms. Soon you’ll be interacting with charming singles who also adore these K-thrillers. The time will come when you’re eager to arrange adult meet ups in the real world. Here are the top five Korean dramas you must binge-watch together!

Crash Landing on You

A sudden storm strikes when a businesswoman, Yoon Se-ri is paragliding, only to be swept up by a freak tornado and catapulted over the ‘de-militarized zone’ separating South Korea from the North Korean dictatorship. Here she is captured by a captain in the North Korean military, Ri Jeong-hyeok. After evading her captors, the couple is destined to bump into each other again. The drama ebbs and flows, as Ri eventually takes Se-ri into his home and plots to smuggle her back over the border. With edge-of-the-seat action and chemistry between the main protagonists, this is the ideal opener for your Korean date.

Record of Youth

After the nail-biting political drama of the opening drama, this youthful romantic drama will bring you back down to earth. A delightful story set in Korea’s booming fashion industry, it focuses on three friends from disparate backgrounds, all of whom are trying to make it as fashion designers. The action is arresting, while the main characters are all easy on the eye. What more could you ask from a Korean drama to keep you entertained?

Sky Castle

This next outing offers quite a contrast. This time the plot revolves around an upper-class Korean family and looks into how they achieve their powerful status by manipulating anyone who gets in their way. Against the shallow lives of these scheming and materialistic adults, we follow the lives of various individuals who are keen to progress in a variety of different ways. There are plot twists along the way, and viewers can get to grips with the array of three-dimensional characters, both sympathetic and downright nasty!

Squid Game

Less an entertaining fantasy and more of a global phenomenon, Squid Game has become one of Netflix’s most successful Korean dramas of all time. The premise is straightforward. Various people who are down on their luck receive invites to participate in the titular ‘Squid Games.’ On the surface, this appears like a way to make a lot of money, simply by indulging in some playground games, albeit on some strange remote island marshalled by masked guards. But the contests are soon revealed as life or death struggles, with the losers exiting the games in body bags. Horrific, chilling, but extremely captivating!


Our final choice is a real-life tearjerker, a million miles away from murderous games! Here, the central character is a 70-year-old retired postman, eager to learn ballet in his twilight years and participate in a performance of Swan Lake. The twist is that he is also suffering from an increasingly debilitating neural condition – Alzheimer’s Disease – that is affecting his ability to fulfil his dream. As well as having to overcome hostility from his family and financial hardship, Shim Deok-chul is determined to persist with his training. The realities of a terrible situation facing so many families are brought to life with this heartwarming drama.

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