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12 Hidden Top Secret Fact of Iron Man 2

Today we are going to discuss Iron Man 2 movie hidden top secret fact that you will never hear.

So, Hello, friends welcome back to the website today we are going to discuss 6 Hidden Top Secret Fact of Iron Man 2

Fact NO – 1

The fact no 1 is coming from whiplash, The actor who plays Whiplash in Iron Man 2 is Mickey Rourke. He added new characteristics to his character such as a Russian accent to his character, also the decision of cockatoos Bird was by him, and the gold teeth ideas was created by him. The sad part of this fact was he bear all expenses means that this is the big budget film.

Fact NO – 2

Mickey Rourke is not a mechanic person, In the public, he reveals that “I am not a mechanic”. So the biggest challenge was to pretend as a computer expert person in the movie.

Fact NO – 3

The actor who plays Spider Man in MCU is Tom Holland and Kevin Feige reveals that in Iron Man Two, There was a cameo of Spider Man.

The cameo of Spider Man = time at 3:50

Fact NO – 4

The owner of Space X company Elon Musk. Elon Musk worked in the Iron Man 2, It means was a cameo of Elon Musk.

Fact No – 5

The next fact is coming from Space X, In the Iron Man two the factory of Justin Hammer is actually in real life the factory belongs to Space X and most important part was in the background member of Justin Hammer is in real life they all employ of Space X.

Fact No – 6

Don Cheadle plays the role of Colonel Rhodey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as War Machine. He revealed in an interview of MTV facts were, in the past “I think that suit was used by Robart, not by human”. The strange part of this scenario was Don Cheadle is a huge comic fan. How it is possible?

Fact NO – 7

In the movie when Tony Stark was researching whiplash. On the screen one news picture pop up it’s about “Scientist Arrested For Selling Plutonium”, this was a real picture but the difference was on this photo was click by Media house when Mickey Rourke was young and arrested because of drug charges.

Fact NO – 8

The actress Brie Larson who plays the role of Captain Marvel in MCU, Reveal in her YouTube video that she give audition for Iron Man 2and Thor but unfortunately she rejected in both auditions.

Fact NO – 9

In Iron Man two there was a small cameo of Seth Green, he is the same actor who gives voice to Howard the Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fact NO – 10

Mickey Rourke said that there were many scenes of Whiplash in the movie that helped in character development was deleted.

Fact NO – 11

In this movie we first time show Black Widow as Scarlett Johansson but the fact is Scarlett Johansson already dai her hair into the red before getting the movie because she does not want to miss this opportunity.

Fact NO – 12

The last fact coming from the last scenes of Iron Man two, In the movie we all remember this scene of War Machine, where War Machine lunch EX WIFE MISSILE but it was failed but actually reason was Bunker Destroying missile used long range but War Machine used this missile with shot distancer.

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