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6 Movies to Cheer You Up During the Gloomy Winters | SuperHero ERA

6 Movies to Cheer You Up During the Gloomy Winters

The winter season is rather gloomy for some people. The gray skies, quiet long nights, and fewer hours of daylight have a tendency to make one feel down and depressed. Also, when the freezing weather compels you to spend more time indoors, cabin fever starts creeping in. In such a scenario, the best way to cheer yourself up is to watch some motivating feel-good movies. They could be from the black-and-white era or the latest releases. It doesn’t matter as long as they can bring a smile to your face, get you to giggle, or simply make you feel positive.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorns, a mug of hot chocolate, and curl up in front of your television sets in warm blankets to watch the following feel-good movies using the Cox cable or any other internet cable company’s services. 

1. You’ve Got Mail

This 1998 romantic drama stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in lead roles. The story is about Kathleen Kelly, a struggling boutique bookseller, and Joe Fox, owner of a corporate chain store. The two despise each other and are constantly competing as business rivals in the same locality. However, when they meet online, an intense anonymous internet romance begins. When Joe learns that the woman he is insanely in love with happens to be his business rival, he struggles to come to terms with his real-life dislike for her. The AOL nostalgia is bound to make you giggle. So do give it a watch. 

2. Some Like It Hot

This classic romantic comedy is sure to cheer you up. What makes it so delightful are the entertaining performances by Tony Curtin, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe. The story follows two musicians who are on the run to escape from mobsters whom they saw committing a crime. Disguising themselves as women, the two musicians join an all-female music band. One of them pretends to be a millionaire to win the affection of the sexy singer, Sugar (played by Marilyn Monroe) while the other is pursued by an actual millionaire (Joe E. Brown). The movie received immense critical acclaim and commercial success when it was released back in 1959. 

3. It’s Complicated

This 2009 romantic comedy is also sure to make you laugh. Starring renowned actors such as Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin, the movie is a story of Jane, a single mother of three who secretly starts an affair with her ex-husband, now married to a much younger woman. Steve Martin plays the role of an architect that Jane has hired o to remodel her kitchen. He is recovering from his own divorce and finds himself falling for Jane. Soon he realizes that he has actually become part of a complicated love triangle. 

4. The Theory of Everything

Directed by James march, The Theory of Everything is a romantic drama that charts the life of the world-famous physicist, Stephen Hawking. It showcases the love story between Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde. The movie also depicts the journey of his scientific research that went on to change the world. Although the movie has its moments of sadness, it largely conveys a message of positivity and perseverance. 

5. Jerry Maguire

Released in 1996, Jerry Maguire is a romantic comedy-drama starring Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cube Gooding Jr. Cruise plays the role of a sports agent who has everything going for him; he has career success, respect as well as a beautiful fiance. But one night it all starts seeming meaningless to him and he begins to question the purpose of his life. 

Jerry Maguire went on to gross over $270 million worldwide. It also received nominations for Best Actor and Best Picture at the Academy Awards. 

6. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a super entertaining romantic comedy. It stars Billy Crystal as Harry Burns and Meg Ryan as Sally Albright. The two share a car ride that is from Chicago to New York during which the main topic of conversation is a sort of an argument. It is about whether or not men and women could strictly be friends. Five years later when they meet again at a bookstore, they attempt to stay friends but eventually have to come to terms with their romantic feelings for each other. The movie will always delight you regardless of how many times you’ve watched it. 

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