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7 Heartwarming Movies to Watch on Mother's day | SuperHero ERA

7 Heartwarming Movies to Watch on Mother’s day


Taking your mother out for lunch or dinner date during COVID is not an ideal way of celebrating this special day. Avoid the crowd, stay in, cook her a special meal and watch a movie together. Let your mum cuddle up on the couch in her PJs and make it a movie marathon.

The best Mother’s Day gift you can ever give your mother is the quality time spent with her. This idea is perfect for spending a virtual mother’s day too. Whether you are in a mood for comedy or drama, there is a whole pack of movies out there that celebrate the mother-daughter or mother-son bond. Apart from catching special mother’s day shows on Contour TV , choose a nice movie from our top picks and watch it with your mother:

1: Dumplin

Willowdean, whom her mother calls Dumplin, is a plus-size teen daughter of Rosie (Jennifer Aniston) the former pageant winner. She signs up for her mother’s beauty pageant and accidentally starts a body-positive revolution.

That’s not it. Will’s closer to her aunt Lucy who dies, leaving Rosie finding it hard to connect with her daughter who often feels judged about her size. The songs in the movie are written and recorded by Dolly Parton who happens to be Will and Lucy’s inspiration.

It’s heartwarming to see how the mother and daughter connect and are able to put their differences aside.

2: Bird Box

If you haven’t yet watched Bird Box, schedule it for mother’s day. This movie is not for the faint of heart. Plus, it’s a gripping thriller and sci-fi so it’s best to be certain if your mum will enjoy the story.

Consider this an opportunity to let your mother know you acknowledge every sacrifice she has ever made for you.

3: Mamma Mia

Sophie is desperate to find out who her father is. She invites three men to her wedding who happen to be her mother’s (Meryl Streep) past lovers in the hope to find which one of them is her father.

Every moment of this musical movie feels like a roller coaster. These three men refuse to take a paternity test and agree to be one-third of a father.

4: Brave

This is not the typical Disney movie. I suggest every mother and daughter watch it.

Brave takes us into the story of fierce and independent Princess Merida who is determined to make her own path in life. She ends up in a tussle with her mother, Queen Elinor, who orders her to choose a husband.

Merida meets an elderly witch and bargains for a spell for changing her fate. The old witch offers her an enchanted cake which Merida has to feed to her mother. Elinor transforms into a bear and according to the spell, unless Merida can mend the bond torn by pride, the spell will become permanent. And oh, the deadline is before the second sunrise.

On this journey of reversing the curse, the princess discovers the real meaning of bravery. She also works through her relationship with her mum.

5: Mother’s Day

This romantic comedy-drama follows the lives of 4 mothers who are dealing with personal issues by themselves. The characters in the family are interconnected. The holiday takes a special meaning as their problem start surfacing.

6: Because I Said So

The movie stars Daphne (Diane Keaton), the nosy mom, and younger daughter Milly (Mandy Moore), the daughter. Milly breaks up with her boyfriend and her mother is concerned that she may not be able to find a good man on her own. She secretly places an ad for her daughter and finds Jason, a potential match. Now, she is on the mission to make the two meet.

Milly ends up finding out about her mum’s scheming and decides to draw the line and take control of her love life.

7: Lady Bird

This movie follows a 17-year-old girl Lady Bird and her conflicting relation with her mother. The movie beautifully portrays the sense of abonnement a parent feels when their child grows up and decides to move.

Don’t forget to bring snacks while the two of you cuddle up in the blanket to watch these wonderful movies. 

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