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8 Stoned Characters From Superhero Flicks | Superhero ERA

8 Famous Superheroes Who Are Probably Stoners

What gives superheroes their power? It could be magical bugs or mutant genes, or it might just be a secret cannabis seeds bank. There are many conspiracies about possibly stoned characters who save the world with their unique abilities. 

Read on for a list of eight superheroes who may have been stoners. 

1. Ultraman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman (and he might be high). Ultraman is from Earth III, and the topsy-turvy planet seems like the product of stoner thoughts.

On Earth III, villains and heroes are backward, and Ultraman is the supervillain version of Superman.

Unlike the hero, Ultraman needs kryptonite to keep up his insane powers. He consumes the green substance to boost energy and maintain his superhuman abilities. 

The fact that he uses the green substance as a stimulant makes people think it’s Superman’s weed from Earth III. Multiple kryptonite colors affect him differently, similar to the various cannabis strains. 

2. The Hulk 

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He’s green, angry, and desperate for a chill pill. He’s so full of rage that some think he’s the next villain of MCU. Could weed be the one thing that relaxes the Hulk (aside from Natasha)?

Many believe there’s strong proof that Bruce is a stoner. He’s tried multiple techniques to calm himself out of Hulk Smash mode. 

Cannabis is said to possess strong anti-anxiety effects, and some people use it to relax. Who’s to say it won’t help the Hulk?

In fact, there are famous marijuana strains named after the green giant, such as Bruce Banner and Incredible Hulk. Both cultivars are potent and calming. 

3. Starfire 

Alien princess Koriand’r from Tamaran became a superhero who loved the people of Earth, but was she fond of our weed too?

The purple princess from DC’s universe gained immense popularity for her role in Teen Titans, where she was a quirky, cute badass. 

In episode 36 of “Red Hood and the Outlaws,” Starfire lives a free, promiscuous life. She’s seen buying a mysterious drug from a truck stop, and she gets high. 

The drug she consumes comes from her alien planet, but it may be their version of weed. Her reactions make it easy to tell it wasn’t Starfire’s first time getting high, so many believe she was a stoner.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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These sewer weed superheroes shared many traits of cliche stoners that made fans think they smoked the herb. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael were mutants who were green (pun intended) masters of Ninjitsu. 

They lived in New York, where at the time, Kush seeds and cannabis buds were easy to come by. Michaelangelo was the main weed culprit as he has many quirks of a cannabis lover. Here are a few:

  • He was called the “party dude.” In the 80s, most cool kids hit bongs.
  • In the 1990s Drug-Free America PSA, a kid was offered weed, and instead of taking it away, Michaelangelo told him to get some pizza. 
  • It’s impossible to be that calm in New York if you’re not smoking a blunt. 
  • He ate way too much pizza not to be stoned. 

5. Iron Man

Although Iron Man wasn’t said to be an alcoholic in the comics, you’ll usually see him holding a drink in his hand. 

In the “Demon in a Bottle” storyline, Tony is constantly seen drowning his stress with the bottle. With many vices, he’s likely tried puffing the green for its calming properties. 

In Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Ironman, he’s a total party guy who’s always having a good time. 

Actor Downey Jr. was a known smoker who lived life in the fast lane, similar to his portrayal of the armored avenger. He started smoking weed at eight years old and was exposed to drugs and alcohol throughout his childhood. 

6. Charles Xavier

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, once all the students leave the school to fight in the war, Xavier falls into a deep depression. He struggles to control his telepathic powers and takes a specific drug to eliminate his supernatural ability. 

Although nobody can say for sure if he smoked weed, he probably looked for help from substances. 

Many assume he was one of the stoned characters who would’ve tried marijuana at some point. While cannabis may help improve the symptoms of depression, it won’t take away telepathic powers, so it likely wasn’t weed. 

7. Spiderman 

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Everybody knows Spiderman is in love with Mary Jane, but is he in love with Mary Jane? The superhuman spider bite victim is a teenager who many fans theorize was a secret stoner. 

With all his sudden responsibilities, juggling saving New York City and passing exams, Peter Parker could really use a blunt. 

Some believe a secret Spiderman fact is he wakes and bakes to tackle his stressful life. If you’re interested in trying his great power without the great responsibility, there are strains named after him: Spyder Mon (or Spiderman weed) and Spiderman OG. 

8. Batman

The Dark Knight once said, “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman. I smoke five blunts a day.” Okay, he didn’t actually say that last part, but many fans believe the theory of stoner Batman. 

Why else would he be so calm in such a gloomy, crime-ridden city? In a 1993 comic issue, Batman took a performance-enhancing substance to power up and defeat the goons. 

Nobody knows what the drug was, but many believe it to be weed. Batman wasn’t new to stimulants as he also experienced Joker’s infamous laughing gas and botanical mayhem courtesy of Poison Ivy. 


Not all heroes wear capes; some wear capes with bits of weed stuck to the fabric from speedy smoke sessions. Nobody knows if these superheroes were puffing the herb, but many signs point to it. 

From Ultraman’s kryptonite to Spiderman’s adoration for Mary Jane, fans have good reason to believe these eight stars were stoners.

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