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Anime Characters Who Gamble

The world of anime includes a whole host of different characters who embody all sorts of characteristics and passions. A love of gambling is shared by a range of characters across numerous different shows; sometimes, it plays a central role in their characters and how the stories develop. While this list could have included a whole cast of characters, it will focus on just a few of the ones that you may already know – and will perhaps uncover a few more that you will want to put on your watchlist. 

Yumeko from Kakegurui

If there is one show where gambling would be considered right at the heart of it, there is no doubt that Kakegurui would be first up in the conversation. This is a show that is very much based on the class system and rising your way to the top of the pile through risk, and this is certainly embodied in many ways by the show’s protagonist, who does all that she can to climb up the social ladder and risk her way right to the top of the pile.

Mammon from Obey Me! 

Mammon is regularly seen going into casinos, but he is also not known to be the most practiced gambler out there. At the same time, this never seems to get him down, and he is happy enough not taking any level of accountability or putting himself in a situation where he would have to pay them back. In terms of a defining characteristic, the credit card that he always carries with him is a defining part of him.

Kaiji Itou from Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji has found himself in a situation where he has a mountain of debt that he needs to pay off, and his way of getting there is by turning to the world of underground card games. Modern gamblers can avoid this kind of risk by heading to online casinos. Sites like have hundreds of games, including card games like Blackjack, but they also have secure encryption, are fully certified, and follow safe betting practices. Meaning that you can take risks for fun and don’t need to worry about your money or information. Of course, trying to gamble your way out of debt is rarely likely to succeed. However, as it’s a great story, while Kaiji enters this world nervous and not sure where it is going to lead him, this all quickly starts to change as he continues to pay off his debt. He also enjoys the advance in his skill level and the big wins that start to roll in. 

Daniel J. Darby from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Believing himself to be the greatest gambler in the world. Daniel J. Darby embodies a love of gambling. Darby is gambling on people’s souls. He is also not a fair player and is more than happy to cheat and lie his way to the top if it will help him in his ultimate quest. 

These are just a few of the top anime characters who love gambling. Of course, all of them have their own separate reasons for doing so and do it in various guises, but they embody that same spirit of trying to move forward and better their own situation. It is the risks that they take that make these characters compelling to watch in so many ways. There are plenty of others that could have been discussed, but these four stand out.

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