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Aragorn: Marvel’s Super Hero Horse

When it comes to Marvel it is very normal to see animal adaptations in the hero scene. One of the strangest animal Heroes in the Marvel Universe is Aragorn, which is a functional winged horse that first appeared in American comic books published by Marvel.

Fortunately, Marvel’s team is great for digging into their archives and reviving old characters just to spice up the journey of the Marvel Universe. Aragorn first appeared in Marvel Movies in the Avengers: Endgame, and since then fans have noticed his appearance and are looking for more Aragorn involvement.

Who is Aragorn?

As we mentioned before, Aragorn is a beautiful winged horse that showcases his dominance through his abilities. However, he wasn’t born like that.

Aragorn used to be a perfectly normal horse until Dr. Dane Whitman decided to experiment as his steed. Whitman was the nephew of Nathan Garret, who Marvel fans know very well as a super-villain known as the Black Knight. 

He experimented on DNA that allowed the horse to mutate and transformed him into Elendil the Hellhorse. This means that Aragorn started as a horse for super-villains and was used for evil.

But after Garrett passed his research to Whitman, he began to use the technology and his scientific knowledge for something good.

He managed to successfully back-engineer the process Garrett used on the horse that had given Elendil his wings and managed to transform him into a modern Pegasus. Quickly after his discovery, Dane Whitman became the new heroic Black Knight, and he was using Aragorn as his mount, accompanying his debut at the Avengers’ side against the Masters of Evil.

Aragorn is a winged stallion like the ones used in legends and myths. The horse is a product of modern science, mystery, and magic. Whitman’s experiments mutated his entire body giving him superpowers. He managed to mutate his bones and muscles, respiratory system, enchanted his senses and sight, and reprogrammed them to allow him to fly.

He also gave the horse the ability to reach incredible speed both on the ground and flying, to a point where if we put Aragorn in the TwinSpires Kentucky Derby, he would leave his competitors in the dust.

Aragorn also proved to be very useful in battle, accompanying the Black Knight and his allies. He shared close relations with Dr.Strange against enemies like Surtur, Yimir, Ares, and the Enchantress.

Aragorn became a fearless horse that was the main focus on important missions like flying on top of the Olympus and going into the depths of Hell.

During his encounter with the Enchantress, the Black Knight was turned into stone. Since then Dr.Strange has been looking for a spell that can turn him back into human form. After the battle, Aragorn was left with no master, which led to choosing a new companion.

Aragorn was entrusted to another Defender, the Valkyrie, and a new friendship was born between the two.

After the Dark Knight returned to human form, Aragorn came back to his master, but the relationship didn’t last long. The Dark Knight followed an excursion with time travel and decided to stay awhile in the XII Century. During this time, Aragorn was once again entrusted to the Valkyrie. The two formed an unbreakable relationship which is proven by their many successful battles.

Final Words

This mythical creature coming from Marvel’s comic is a great addition to the series and there is a good chance that we will see Aragorn in new Marvel movies. 

Since the horse shared a close relationship with Dr. Strange, it wouldn’t surprise us if we see him in the latest movie from the time stone keeper. We actually already saw a brief glimpse of Aragorn in Avengers Endgame, when Valkyrie appears in the final battle riding a winged horse.

Aragorn is a horse that helped many heroes win their battles and deserves more attention. This majestic and beautiful beast also plays an important role in the development of the Marvel Story, and yet most people have never heard about him.

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