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Arknights Season 2: Release Date Predictions + Plot Spoilers 

Arknights Season 2, is there a reload?

Video games or online RPGs/ MOBAs are a readymade recipe, waiting to be translated into an anime series. A popular section in the gaming world is the Gacha mechanic, in which winning is promoted through in-game assets.  

Anime adaptions of Gacha games have only grown in number in recent times, with popular titles like Granblue Fantasy The Animation, Genshin Impact, and Fire Emblem Heroes all depicted on the small screen.

A popular Gacha game Arknights, developed by Chinese developer Hypergryph, is the latest title to receive an anime adaption by Yostar Pictures.

Arknights is set in a world where there are no ordinary humans, and most of the population are part animals with a mostly human appearance and their animal traits shown in some way this is what is referred to as a race.

Some of the races include Cats, people who are referred to as feline, Dogs are called Perro, Wolf is known as Lupo, and many more. All the races in Arknights are infected with a disease called Oripathy.

Oripathy is an incurable and infectious disease that causes black crystals to form on the patient’s body and will, in turn, lead to death how one is infected takes place in different ways while some are clearly shown to be infected, others might have internal infection.

Oripathy is spread through exposure to other Originium, a semi-transparent black Crystal essential to modern society. Originium powers most, if not all, of the technology in the world of Terra and allows the use of various forms of magic known as arts.

Originium can be found in the wake of catastrophes which is like a natural disaster, but like on crack from earthquakes to meteor showers, catastrophes are frequent and unpredictable. They can cause massive damage, and it is dangerous to be where one occurred due to the Originium left behind.

So how do the people of Terra survive within this doomsday environment? It is simple: get the whole city on wheels, ironically powered by Originium.

Catastrophe Messengers are like weathermen for catastrophes and will help predict them as best as possible to help with the moving of cities and avoid what is to come. 

The story follows the protagonist faction Rhode Island who helps the infected fight and find a possible cure for Oripathy.

Arknights Season one has been received with mixed reception, with the Gacha gaming fans enjoying the series while others are unimpressed by the blatant exposition and advertisement for the game.

Either way, Arknights has its taker, and fans of both the game and anime are wondering if there will be a second installment. Keep scrolling to find the answer as we bring you all the latest news and updates from Arknights Season 2.

Arknights is rated 7.5/10 and ranked #1387 with 60k members on MyAnimeList.


Source by Yostar Pictures

The Arknights series began with an OVA titled “Holy Knight Light,” which was released on 26th December 2020.

Arknights Season one premiered on 29th October 2022, and as of writing, seven out of the listed eight episodes have been aired. Additionally, 

Fans of the anime series were probably hoping for a return for a second season prior to the finale, but sadly, no such thing has come to pass as the creators are yet to announce a renewal for Arknights Season 2.

Arknights Season 129th October 2022
Arknights Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider various commercial and financial metrics before announcing a renewal. 

Mobile anime Gacha game Arknights celebrated its Japanese 2nd anniversary with a 204% increase in revenue, advancing the publisher Yostar 9 spots to No.12 with a 42% increase in revenue in February 2022.

Because of the revenue increase of the Japanese versions of Blue Archive and Arknights, Yostar Games’ revenue increased by 72% month-on-month, climbing eight ranks to 12th place.

The Arknights anime was created for the sole purpose of marketing the game, which was downloaded 30k times in November 2022 with an estimated revenue of $1 million.

Looking at the IMDB s’ user episode rating of Arknights Season 1 prior to the finale, it is evident the series performed relatively well as compared to other video games-based anime, check below:

Arknights Episode 17.7
Arknights Episode 28.6
Arknights Episode 39.1
Arknights Episode 48.6
Arknights Episode 58.3
Arknights Episode 68.0
Source: IMDB

A point of interest for creators would be the consistency in popularity, as most games do good in their first year and then face a steep decline in ratings and, consequently, revenue.

Source material should not be an issue as the anime is based on the game and not Arknights manga or light novel, which should provide sufficient time for pre-production.

Considering production begins in early 2023, we can expect both Arknights Season 2 trailer and Arknights Season 2 release date in late 2023 or early 2024.


Arknights Season 2 plot
Source by Yostar Pictures

Arknights Season one only covered the first story arc, Hour of an Awakening, which means Arknights Season 2 will begin by adapting the Arknights Game Episode 4: Burning Run with 70 main operations.

After the failed rescue mission, a recon team is sent by Rhode Island that includes Frostleaf into the city of Chernobog.

The Yeti squadron is ambushed by Mephisto and Sarkaz, along with Frostleaf, and faces an uphill task. A rescue mission is a setup comprised of LGD and Rhode Island to save the group before they meet their wintry death.



Arknights anime characters CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by Yostar Pictures

Arknights is directed by Yuki Watanabe, with Masataka Nishikawa as the assistant director. Music is composed by Yuki Hayashi, and characters are designed by Aya Takafuji.

You can find the list of Arknights anime characters and voice cast below:

 AceTakashi Matsuyama
 FrankaAi Kakuma
 DobermannAtsumi Tanezaki
 NearlAyane Sakura
 TexasAzusa Tadokoro
 GuardChiaki Kobayashi
 HoshigumaKiyono Yasuno
 MephistoKōhei Amasaki
 Wei YenwuKōichi Yamadera
 TalulahMaaya Sakamoto
 ExusiaiManaka Iwami
 MedicMomo Asakura
 MeteoriteRisa Taneda
 SkullshattererRisae Matsuda
 MishaSatsumi Matsuda
 CrownslayerSayaka Senbongi
 Ch’enShizuka Ishigami
 FaustShun Horie
 AmiyaTomoyo Kurosawa
 Kal’tsitYōko Hikasa
 LiskarmYui Ishikawa
 DoctorYuki Kaida
 FrostnovaAyahi Takagaki


Source by Yostar Pictures

The fate of Arknights season 2 depends on the game’s financial success, and only time will tell if the second installment will be on the cards or not.

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