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Attack On Titan Season 5 Hinted by Post Credit Scene: Is it Happening?

Attack On Titan Season 5 could be on the cards, after all!

Attack on Titans is one of the greatest shonen animes of all time, and after four gruesome seasons, it has ended.

Since its premiere in 2013, the anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has become a global sensation.

But its conclusion hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst fans as the finale of the final season had a massive surprise.

While the main story might be over with regards to the anime, the post-credit scene has hinted at a possible fifth season.

So, what is the truth behind the prospect of a new season? Keep scrolling to find out more on the latest updates on Attack On Titan Season 5.



As Armin and Eren are locked in Battle, Levi tells Peak and Mikasa to get on Falco and fly out of there.

Since the Ackerman and Titan shifters are not affected by any of this, hearing this for the first time, Peak is at her wit’s end.

She can transform hundreds of times in a row, live inside her Titan for months, and infiltrate the Jagerists, but this is one step too far.

Under the pressure of seeing her family die before her and all of her friends’ family, simply put, this is too much.

Levi tells Peak that they both know what they need to do better than anyone. 

This refers to the theme throughout Attack on Titan of Levi being forced to kill his friends or see them die.

Just like Levi, Peak knows what they need to do because while Peak is similar to Levi, Pea believes that she fights for her comrades and friends first.

The hallucigenia activates the transformation of what is left of Marley’s civilians into pure Titans, along with Connie and John, as they reminisce about the day they burned the bodies.

Mikasa awakes from a different timeline; she tells Levi and Armen that the place where Eren is located is inside the Colossal Titan s’ head.

So, Levi launches the thunder spear using Hange’s’ own invention to make a way for Mikasa to rush in and, in a split second, cut off Eren’s’ head.

Mikasa and Eren s’ final moments together are back at the cabin where Mikasa says her famous line, “see you later,” Eren.

She states this because this is not a goodbye, as she plans to see him again when their time ends.

Holding the severed head of Eren as Ymir looks upon them with a smile, Mikasa and Eren get their kiss as Mikasa breaks the generational long cycle of hatred between Marley and Elida.


Source by MAPPA

As credits roll on, we see Paradis make significant progress in rebuilding with no more walls.

Mikasa says that she’ll miss Aaron, and just as she starts to cry, a bird flies down and wraps the scarf back around her, symbolizing that they are now free from war and hatred.

Mikasa, remembering all he did for her, remembers the most important memory of them all the time that Aaron wrapped the scarf around her to protect and keep her warm.

As time passes, Mikasa grows old, unable to walk and only uses a wheelchair to get around surrounded by her family.

She visits his grave one more time, seeing that Paradis has heavily industrialized with cars and giant buildings. 

The trees have grown even more since that day, she shows her grandchild the grave of Aaron. 

Mikasa herself, at the end of her life, puts the last flower she’ll ever give to Eren on his gravestone.

Mikasa then dies from old age and lying in her grave, she the scarf wrapped around symbolizing the bond with Eren.

In the post-credit scene, we see the tree keeps growing but humanity as once again sunken in war.

Decades go by with cities turned in rubble as the only surviving thing is Eren s’ final resting place.

A girl along with her dog come across the tree which started it all indicating that cycle keeps continuing as the new generation learns from the past.

Humanity’s need to war and conflict will always drive them back into the line of war.

Eren could not stop the conflict as there were too many violent parties involved. The only thing he could do was to protect his friends and let them die in peace.

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Source by MAPPA

After the post credit scene, many Attack on Titans were excited that a new season could be a real possibility.

Unfortunately, MAPPA studios had already confirmed that there won’t be any Attack On Titan Season 5 as the fourth was the final season.

Additionally, the manga had already concluded in June 2021; thus, there is no source material left for creators to produce Attack On Titan Season 5.

Thus, expecting any updates on Attack On Titan Season 5 trailer or Attack On Titan Season 5 release date could be a pointless wait.

However, Attack on Titans is a massive cash cow, and it will not make any sense to completely abandon the universe.

Thus, it is expected a new series or a spin-off based on Isayama’s’ special 18-page volume, Bad Boy or Akudo, could be in line for an adaption.

The new art book contains 18 pages of new manga material, which will be released on 30th April 2024 to celebrate the manga’s’ 13-year legacy.

Isayama states the manga includes a bonus Attack on Titan Volume 35 which all fans should look forward to. Also, Levi s’ childhood will be featuring in the Bad Boy manga.

The anime had a controversial ending with many fans upset at the death of Eren hence it could be a motivating factor for creators to produce a new series.


Source by MAPPA

Attack On Titan Season 5 could be a farfetched dream, but considering the immense popularity of the series, it would surely return in some capacity in the future.

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