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Berserk Season 3: Release Date Predictions + Spoilers Revealed

Berserk Season 3 countdown has begun!

There’s no doubt that Berserk is easily one of the most influential stories ever told in fiction and the entire media industry.

While very dark and depressing, the story was also very reassuring and uplifting, as even in our darkest times and the lowest of our lows, there is always a reason to keep living, no matter how much pain we suffer.

The anime adaption of the late great Kentaro Miura s’ manga Berserk was and is to date a cult classic within the anime fandom. The 1997 release is by far the most popular version of Kentaro s’ works and remains a fan favorite for fans of all age groups.

Throughout the early 2010s came the Berserk golden age movie trilogy, a collection of animated films that adapted the manga’s most famous storyline, the golden age, and went up to its conclusion in the eclipse.

While these were more of a golden age greatest hits compilation, they seemed to be a pretty worthwhile adaptation of that arc with some neat animation while also covering some good ground with the story.

However, as the decade progressed and 2016 rolled on, a new adaption was announced by GEMBDA, which incorporated a subsidiary of Digital Frontier that specializes in 3D animation.

Along with them were Liden films, known for their work on Terra Formars, and Millepensee, another company that specialized in 3D production.

Berserk s’ 2016 version, in its 2 seasons run, received a lot of flak from the fandom for various reasons, which ranged from the shift to 3D to omitting plotlines and awful stoic animation.

Additionally, the remake didn’t provide a recap for newer fans who were confused from the beginning as the series jumped straight to the action. 

Regardless of the negativity surrounding the remake, fans, albeit through nostalgia, want to see the iconic series back on screen for the third season. 

Are you a fan of the Berserk series and wondering if and when the third season is likely to happen? If so, keep scrolling to find out all the latest news and updates about Berserk Season 3.

Berserk (2016) is rated 6.3/10 and ranked #7621 with 329k members on MyAnimeList.


Source by Liden Films

Berserk Season one aired from 1st July 2016 to 16th September 2016 for 12 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season which ran from 7th April 2017 to 23rd June 2017 for 12 episodes.

The second season’s conclusion left many fans fuming as Episode 24 ended with a title card featuring Guts and a text overlay stating, “The Story Continues.”

As of writing, there is no update from the creator or writer on the renewal of Berserk Season 3.

Berserk Season 11st July 2016
Berserk Season 27th April 2017
Berserk Season 3Yet to be Announced

The lack of renewal updates could be attributed to various factors, such as negative reviews and poor disc sales, leading to producers backing out of the project.

The major criticism seems to be a decision to remake a classic retro-style series using 3D animation. The CGI felt jarring, and the frequent switching to cell-shading was annoying, to say the least.

On a positive note, the series s’ official website has a countdown timer which began on October 2022 and is scheduled to end on 11th December 2022.

Above the timer is the words “あと” which can be translated as “after” or “another thing”, that could be a hint that it’s a Berserk season 3 renewal.

If the countdown is indeed a series renewal, then we can expect the Berserk Season 3 trailer and Berserk Season 3 release date to be scheduled for the Summer 23, June 2023 release.


Source by Liden Films

Berserk manga is written and illustrated by the late Kentaro Miura, who passed away on 6th May 2021 at age 54. It began publication in Seinen magazine from 1989 to 1992, following which Young Animal has been publishing since 1992.

The manga has been collected into 41 volumes, with the latest issue released on 24th December 2022.

As of May 2021, Berserk manga sold over 50 million copies, including digital versions, and was ranked the 4th best-selling franchise of 2021.

Berserk manga is rated 9.5/10 and ranked #1 with 583k members on MyAnimeList.


Berserk season 3 plot
Source by Liden Films

In the final episode of the Berserk season two, “City of Humans,” Isidro maddens Schierke about her witch s’ clothing. Schierke finds out that the enslaved people traded by Vritannis are hanged for being religious enemies of the Holy See.

She and Schierke remanence about the people who accepted in the form of Griffth and Guts. Isidro fights off the pirates using his new sword as Schierke protects the Kushan children.

Mule Wolflame and Isidro beat the pirate captain as the former searched for Sonia. A vision depicting the downfall of Vritannis is shown to Schierke as Sonia asks her to leave.

Schierke, albeit sad about the human companions, feels happy and glad to have them as friends.

Berserk season 2 ended on volume 22 from the manga and covered half of the Falcon of the Millenium Empire story arc. 

Berserk season 3 will begin by adapting the rest of the 57 chapters left in the Falcon of the Millenium Empire story arc and end most likely in Volume 37 with the defeat of the Sea God before the flashback arc.

The cure for Casca s’ dementia is available on an island that houses elves and mages, but there is no ship to ferry them across to the place. Farnese asks her family for a ship, but his father refuses her plea since she bought a bad reputation to the family s’ name.

But they give her a way out only if she marries Roderick of Ys, her childhood friend.

The ship acquiring squabble is bought to a half when Kushan Empire attacks the city and sets the harbor on fire.

Can they bring down the Kushan Empire and get hold of a ship? In the process will be a key plot point of Berserk season 3.



Source by Liden Films

Berserk 2016 anime is directed by Shin Itagaki and scripted by Makoto Fukami.

Characters are designed by Hisabe Abe, and music is composed by Shiro Sagisu. Animation studio Liden Films is producing the series with GEMBA and Millepensee, helming with the animation production.

You can find the list of Berserk characters and voice cast below:

 GutsHiroaki Iwanaga
 Skull KnightAkio Ohtsuka
 SchierkeChiwa Saito
 JeromeDaisuke Hirakawa
 IsidroHiro Shimono
 AzanHiroki Yasumoto
 PuckKaoru Mizuhara
 SerpicoKazuyuki Okitsu
 LucaMiyuki Sawashiro
 NinaNatsumi Takamori
 MozgusRikiya Koyama
 GriffithTakahiro Sakurai
 CascaToa Yukinari
 FarneseYōko Hikasa
 SilatYūichi Nakamura


Source by Liden Films

Berserk Season 3 might not happen anytime soon but the mysterious countdown could still bring about a massive surprise.

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