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Blue Period Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed It? + Spoilers Revealed

Blue Period Season 2, has the paint gone dry?

Why do we create art? Is it so we can better understand the world, connect with others so we can feel alive, or bring the wildest figments of our imagination to life?

Well, depending on who you ask, that answer will vary, and Blue Period by Tsubasa Yamaguchi seeks to give various art club students answers to that question. 

The story follows Yatora, a third-year high school student who, despite his perfect grades and having many friends, still can’t shake the terrible emptiness he feels inside. 

But one day, he walks by a school’s art room, and a beautiful painting catches his eye and finally ignites a passion. He’s mesmerized by the colors, composition, and beauty it seems to emit leaves as he stands speechlessly staring at the work.

He had never noticed how much went into making a painting with the subtle colorings and brushstrokes which have left a bold impression in his mind.

This inspires Yatora to try and take his art class a little more seriously, so when he’s assigned to paint his favorite scenery, Yatora thinks back to his early morning walks through Shibuya and how for some reason, they feel blue.

Yatora finally finds himself able to pour his heart out through his art, and he’s able to appreciate the world around him more deeply and see it in a whole new light.

Now inspired, he decides to take his skills to the highest level as he enters the highly competitive Tokyo University of the Arts—a school that only accepts one in every two hundred applicants.

Can Yatora secure one of the spots at University by competing against the best fine artist is the central plot of the show.

Yamaguchi perfectly encapsulates the struggles of being an artist–all the self-doubt, comparing yourself to others, and wondering if what you’re doing is a waste of time or worth anything. 

However, despite all the hardship, Blue Period also captures the joys of being an artist.

Blue Period is an ode to art and those who make it, it’s a poignant and emotionally driven coming-of-age story about high schoolers finding and pursuing their dreams.

Season one was a massive success within the fandom, and immediately after its conclusion began wondering if a second installment was on the cards or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Blue Period Season 2.

Blue Period is rated 7.8/10 and ranked #849 with 396k members on MyAnimeList


Blue Period Season 2 reNEWAL STATUS
Source by Seven Arcs

Blue Period season one aired from 2nd October 2021 to 18th December 2021 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from either Netflix or studio Seven Arcs on the renewal of Blue Period season 2.

Blue Period Season 12nd October 2021
Blue Period Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios factor in financial and consumer metrics such as streaming numbers, international revenue, and source material before considering a series for renewal.

The critical point is that Netflix doesn’t hold the renewal rights as it’s only licensed for streaming. Studio Seven Arcs will make the actual renewal decision.

Blue Period season one was received with positive reception, which is further evidenced by its IMDB user episode rating, check below:

Blue Period Episode 17.6
Blue Period Episode 27.8
Blue Period Episode 37.6
Blue Period Episode 48.1
Blue Period Episode 58.2
Blue Period Episode 67.9
Blue Period Episode 78.2
Blue Period Episode 88.3
Blue Period Episode 98.4
Blue Period Episode 108.6
Blue Period Episode 118.4
Blue Period Episode 128.6
Source: IMDB

Despite the positive reviews and ratings, Blue Period season one could not feature in the Top 10 Netflix Anime in Japan 2021.

But the popularity of the first season should be enough to convince both the studio and Netflix to announce a renewal. Speaking of studios, Seven Arcs are not the biggest production studios which are further attested by the fact that they only release one project a year.

Unfortunately, 2023 looks already occupied as the anime adaption of Takhiro s’ dark fantasy manga series, Chained Soldier, is set to premiere later this year.

Therefore, the likelihood of Blue Period Season 2 happening any time soon is a big question.

If the series gets renewed by the end of 2023, we can expect Blue Period Season 2 trailer and Blue Period Season 2 release date by winter 2024.


Blue Period manga CATCHUP
Source by Seven Arcs

Blue Period manga is written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. It began serialization in Monthly Afternoon magazine on 24th June 2017.

The manga has been collected into 13 volumes, with the latest issue released on 22nd November 2022.

As of November 20221, Blue manga has sold 4.5 million copies for volumes 1 to 11.

Volume 12 was ranked #2 in the Oricon Weekly Manga Sales Chart from 23rd May to 29th May 2022, with 87,794 copies 

Blue Period manga is rated 8.6/10 and ranked #60 with 105k members on MyAnimeList


_Blue Period Season 2 PLOT
Source by Seven Arcs

In the final episode of Blue Period titled, “When I started to be Dyed in Colour,” Yatora makes the page translucent by pouring oil on it and starts to trace over the painting.

He finishes most of his work before lunch, during which Yotasuke guesses his art s’ theme. He also praises him, which makes Yatora emotional as he starts to cry and promises to get even better.

The exam is over, and Yatora and his friends discuss Koi, who is enrolling in pastry school. The results of TUA exams are announced wherein Yatora and Yotasuke are selected while Kuwana, along with Hashida, are rejected.

Yatora begins painting his design which he made for the second exam in art club school. His teachers inform him to get his certificate as Mori admires his painting.

The first season covered Volume 6: Chapter 25, ‘No Regrets’ of the manga, which means Blue Period season 2 will pick up from Volume 7: Chapter 27, ‘Gedai Life Day One.’

University life begins for Yatora, a big surprise for him as the president becomes half-naked during a painting demonstration at the entrance ceremony.

He meets an older woman Hanakge Maria who took multiple years to get into the University and also has a taste for drinking wine.

Getting into the University opens his eyes as everyone sees the opportunity as a stepping stone rather than prestige.

The shocks keep on coming for Yatora as Maria isn’t a student but, in fact, a teacher at the University who was pranking him and clearing his misconception.

Yatora is asked to explain his previous works, but it doesn’t go according to his plan, which makes him realize where he wants his art from hereon.

Will Yatora find his new self-amidst the cauldron of an exceptionally talented artist? We‘ll have to wait for Blue Period Season 2 to find the answers.

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Source by Seven Arcs

Blue Period anime is directed by Koji Masunari and Ktasuya Asano. Reiko Yoshi does series composition and scripting. Characters are designed by Tomoyuki Shitaya, and the music is composed by Ippei Inoue. 

You can find the list of Blue Period anime characters and voice cast below:

 Yatora YaguchiHiromu Mineta
 YamamotoAoi Koga
 Yotasuke TakahashiDaiki Yamashita
 Masako SaekiFumi Hirano
 ShiraiIkumi Hasegawa
 Haruka HashidaKengo Kawanishi
 SumidaMasaya Fukunishi
 Maru MoriMayu Aoyagi
 UminoMiku Hiratsuka
 KoigakuboShin’ichirō Kamio
 Takuro IshiiTaishi Murata
 UtashimaTatsumaru Tachibana
 Maki KuwanaYume Miyamoto
 Ryuji AyukawaYumiri Hanamori
 ShirotaYuna Nemoto


Source by Seven Arcs

Will the canvas be painted with Blue Period season 2; only time will tell.

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