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Update & Character breakdown for Netflix’s Witcher prequel ‘Blood Origin.’

We felt it may be a nice chance for the post today to provide a brief overview of the people we meet in ‘Blood Origin’ including several interesting new characters we have only just found out about.

There might be the description of characters that provide clues about the tale. Naturally, no significant spoilers like character deaths. So it’s going to go here.

Fjall’ Stoneheart’ (Lead, male)

Credit : Netflix

Fjall is a competitor of Eile’s tribe, according to The Illuminerdi. He is characterized as “physically powerful, crude, sticky and visceral,” a difference to the delicate and graceful Eile. His casting announcement reads: “Born to a tribe of warriors who swear the protection of the king, the death of the man who perished in the battle to defend him has been a profound heart in Fjall’s heart. A scar not allowing him to settle or the world around him. Fjall will battle with the most improbable of the friends in his quest for atonement as he carves a path of retribution through a troubled continent.”

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Irish actor Laurence O’Fuarain will play Fjall (Rebellion, Vikings).

Eile’ The Lark’ Lithe (Lead, female)

Credit : Netflix

Eile is an eleven guerrilla who is a clan that uses knives as its primary weapons. The cast announcement describes her as: ‘A warrior elite endowed with the voice of a goddess who has abandoned her tribe as a protector of the Queen’s heart as a traveling singer. A great calculation on the continent drives her to return to the sword in search of revenge and redemption.’

Jodie Turner-Smith (Nightflyers, Queen & Slim) played Eile before, but he needed to step down because of planning problems.

Netflix has not named a replacement as of this writing, but we suspect Sophia Monique Brown, who is nearly as tall as Jodie and a talented vocalist, which is necessary for Eile’s part. Brown is a prominent theatrical actor who has performed in Clique, The Capture, and Giri/Haji.

We couldn’t confirm Sophia Brown definitely as Eile, but there are many things with cast-crew links that probably do.

Princess Merwyn (Lead, female)

The ‘flower behind its thorns that no one recognised contained poisonous blooms,’ according to the description. Smart and sharp-minded yet hidden beneath a girl’s disguise. She was brought up as a chess piece in a patriarchal environment, wedded and forgotten. She is offering time to look placid, to hide her actual cleverness and the tactician’s mind to attack if nobody would anticipate it. It is shown in six episodes.

Captain Eredin Bréacc Glas (Lead, male)

Credit : Netflix

Eredin is recognized for his videos, notably The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He’s featured in the video games in books and (more significantly). In his novels and the games, he is King of the Wild Hunt, a phantom gang of horsemen occasionally materializing in the skies. He is a member of the Aen Elle, an elf species from another Earth. His part in “Blood Origin” is still unknown. But, since there are 1,200 years between us and our novels, we are likely to watch a very different Eredin.

As we discovered in May, Eredin is played in The Witcher: Blood Origin by Jacob Collins-Levy (The White Princess). Interestingly, in the next second season of the main program Witcher, we’ll also watch actor (Sam Hazeldine) portray Eredin.

Chief Druid Balor (Lead, male)

Credit : Netflix

We know very little about this job, but Netflix seems to be searching for a prolific performer. Pierce Brosnan, Djimon Hounsou, and Hiroyuki Sanada have previous offers, but they all passed and will not be included. In six episodes, Balor appears.

Kaleb (Recurring)

A physically powerful clan warrior battling on one of the pistes with axes and his elder brother. It is shown in 2 episodes.

We presumably safely exclude Eile’s clans of knifers since we do not know which clans utilize axes as their principal combat weapon. Because Kaleb is a brother of one of the commanders, it is probably the clan of Fjall, and they would use the axes.

Salliche (Recurring, male)

A kind of elf ‘Da Vinci’ as a many gifted genius. He strolls through experiments to investigate the limitations of magic, mathematics, and science. This is shown in five episodes.

Kaali (Recurring, female)

The spouse of a young genius (note: Salliche most likely) and a maid to a royalty member. She’s a lovely and energetic character, according to a casting call. Kind, faithful, and sympathetic to her spouse and his distress.

Eades (Recurring, male)

A top leader from the military family. He is a commander. Described as powerful, chilly, reckoning, and capable of taking several shapes. Such an emotional bond might be used against him. He hides from the court his male lovers. This is shown in five episodes.

Baalke (Recurring, male)

A lovely strategic trader with a guy lover (note: quite possibly Eades). While he is devoted, he fears their connection for the future. It is shown in three episodes.

Atar (Recurring, male)

A young druid novice. Faithful but nervous. After saving the monarch’s life, he finds himself the guardian of a king. It’s in four episodes.

Raskane (Recurring, female)

A youthful, struggle-scarred, highly talented warrior, ready to risk his life to defend. It is shown in 2 episodes.

Gwyn (Guest Star, female)

A sharp, clever, limited-growth assassin. A ‘real wildcard’ that reveals devastation, bloodshed, and mayhem.

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