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Choosing between free spins and no deposit bonuses.

Free Spins vs No Deposit Bonuses: Which Is Better for Online Casino Gaming in Canada

Casino bonuses are part of the perks at most online casinos in Canada. The main bonus features come in the form of free spins and no deposit bonuses. A typical example is the 25 free spins no deposit Canada bonus feature and others when playing at reputable casino sites.

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However, you may not know how these two bonus packages differ and which one is best for Canadian players. This article breaks down how these bonuses work so you can have better gambling experience in Canada.

First, What Are Free Spins?

Before understanding their differences, we must first understand what free spins are. This is necessary since many players only know how to use them, not what they are meant for.

A free spin is a bonus round on casino games like slots. They are meant to increase your chances of winning while spending less on wagers. In essence, and as the name implies, no wager fees are charged for a free spin. So depending on how many spins you get, your chances of winning real money with little or no wager increase.

In summary, free spins allow you to play top-rated online slots without wagers. Also, online casinos usually limit free spins to only certain slot games.

And What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

Just as the caption implies, a no-deposit bonus requires no cash deposit. In other words, they are bonus features that an online casino grants you without a cash deposit. So in most cases, all you need to secure no-deposit bonuses is to register at an online casino. Also, in some cases, you may need to perform specific tasks. There are four main types of no deposit bonus including:

  • Free spin
  • Non-cashable bonuses
  • Cashable bonuses
  • Standard no deposit bonus

However, no deposit bonuses mostly take the form of free spins and little cash tokens.

Understand the Difference

To deduce which bonus feature is best for playing casino games, you’ll need to know what ways they differ. Also, it is in understanding their differences that you can decide which one to use per time. So let’s get right into the major differences under the following points:

Cash Deposit

Free spins are usually awarded as part of a welcome package at an online casino. Hence, you typically need a cash deposit to access most free spin packages. The opposite is the case for no deposit bonuses. So how exactly are no deposit bonuses awarded? By simply signing up. And in some cases, by completing a straightforward task.

Wagering Requirements

Promotion bonuses at most Canadian casinos come with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are just the number of times you need to wager your winnings before you can withdraw them.

Coming to the bonuses, both free spins and no deposit bonuses come with these wagering requirements. That is even at the best casinos. However, the terms on no-deposit offers are usually heavier. So you’ll likely cash them out at a slower rate. This makes it easier to deal with deposit-free spins than their counterpart.

Game Options

Another major difference between the two bonus packages is the games in which they function. This is because not all bonuses are suited to a particular game variety. As such, free spins are only used on recommended online slots.

And on the other hand, no deposit bonuses include match money that applies to a wider range of games. And the following consists of some casino games categories where you can explore the no-deposit bonuses.

  • Table games
  • Live casino
  • Scratch cards
  • Slot games


Free spins only come into play at the reels, which limits its gameplay features. At the same time, no deposit bonuses allow gamblers to participate in a more rounded gaming experience. This is because no deposit bonus offers can be used on numerous casino game types. So you are sure to get more excitement playing with no-deposit offers.

What’s Best for Real Money Gambling?

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Once you have an understanding of how these bonuses work, it’s pretty easy to determine what’s best for you per time. And concerning real money gambling, no deposit bonuses serve better. This is because you do not have to risk any of your own money to win with no deposit offers.

Although you’ll have to deal with pretty high wagering terms, you still have a slight advantage when playing for money with no-deposit bonus offers.

On the other hand, free spins also allow players to win real money without risking much. But, ultimately, no deposit bonuses bring you closer to a neat payout.

What Is Best for Leisure Gamers

For customers who gamble for fun, no deposit bonus offers are the deal. And again, it is only ideal if you’re playing only for fun, not to hit the jackpot. The reasons are obvious, as you won’t need any money to play for fun. So you can avoid the risk of real money gambling while having fun at an online casino.

What Is Best for New Players?

For players relatively new to the gambling industry, it is deemed proper to explore games and casino bonuses with free spins. And that is because free spins are easier to use on all sides. First, you can learn the basics of wagers using free spins. Second, you may not have to deal with outrageous wagering terms, which may prove difficult for beginners.

So while no deposit bonus options offer a slight cash-out advantage, it is advised to start your casino journey by using free spins. For better illustration, the following table shows the overall pros and cons of free spins and no deposit bonuses in online gambling:

Free Spins (Pros)Free Spins (Cons)No Deposit (Pros)No Deposit (Cons)
Usually comes in vast numberUsually requires a cash depositNo cash deposit neededUsually comes with high wager requirements
Less wagering requirementsCan be retrieved by the casino if left unusedOffers a no-risk gambling type
Best for beginners


To conclude, free spins and no-deposit bonuses are both useful in casino gambling. And that is because they are used in different ways. So far, this article has captured the various ways in which you can utilise both bonus offers. So which of them is better for gaming in Canadian casinos? Well, the answer is entirely relative and depends on your gambling approach at the time.


How Do I Get Free Spins at a Casino?

By registering and making your first deposit. Since free spins are usually part of a welcome offer, most casinos will offer you free spins just from your first deposit

How Do I Know About the Wagering Requirements at a Casino?

You can learn about the wagering requirements at a casino by visiting its terms and conditions page on its website.

Do I Have to Start Playing at a Casino to Access No-Deposit Bonus Offers?

No, most times, you’ll only have to register an account with a Canadian casino to get no-deposit offers.

Can I Trust Any Casino That Offers a No-Deposit Bonus?

No, you shouldn’t trust any casino based on their generous bonuses. You can only trust licensed and regulated providers.

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