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Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 Announced + Release Date Confirmed

Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 greenlit with a premiere date!

Traditional isekai has continued to awe and amaze fans for a long time; however, quite often, reverse isekai which takes center stage with its interesting take on the fantasy world.

Reverse isekai is essentially characters from another world transported to Earth, wherein they must adjust and adapt to humanity s’ ways.

While reverse isekai isn’t as prevalent as regular isekai, Spring 2023 was privy to one such series as the anime adaption of Ryohgo Narita s’ manga series, Dead Mount Death Play, hit the small screens.

The story initially takes place in another world wherein Shagrua Lugrid, the “Calamity Crusher,” leads a band of heroes into the lair of the evil necromancer known as the Corpse God for a final showdown to bring peace to the land.

However, before Shagrua can land the killing blow, the Corpse God casts a magic spell and reincarnates himself into modern-day Shinjuku inside the body of a 16-year-old boy named Polka Shinoyama.

In the new body, the Corpse God soon finds himself as a target of Misaki Sakimiya, a high school girl who can see spirits and is out for his blood.

Polka eventually allies with Takumi Kuruya, a contractor skilled in surveillance and hacking, and Lisa Kuraki, a crime boss operating out of Shinjuku, as he tries to make sense of why certain people want him dead.

Can the Corpse God, aka Polka, survive the tribulations of earthlings while maintaining his guise is the central plot of the show?

Dead Mount Death Play Part One was a relative success, and after its conclusion, fans were wondering if there would be a second installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Dead Mount Death Play Part 2.

Dead Mount Death Play is rated 7.3/10 and ranked #2434 with 149k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 release date
Source by Studio Geek Toys

Dead Mount Death Play Part 1 aired from 11th April 2023 to 27th June 2023 for 12 episodes.

Prior to the pilot of season one, it was already announced that the anime would air in two cours, and the Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 release date was announced as October 2023.

Unfortunately, an exact release date and Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 trailer is yet to be revealed. 

Dead Mount Death Play Part 111th April 2023
Dead Mount Death Play Part 2October 2023

The only other announcement was regarding the new theme song artists for Dead Mount Death Play Part 2.

 Inori Minase will perform the anime’s new opening theme song, “Scrap Art,” while Yūma Uchida will perform the anime’s new ending theme song, Hope.”

Similar to the first part, Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 will comprise of 12 episodes.


_ Dead Mount Death Play manga CATCHUP
Source by Studio Geek Toys

Dead Mount Death Play manga is written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Shinta Fujimoto; the series began serialization in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine on 20th October 2017.

As of writing, the manga has been collected into 11 volumes, with the latest issue released on 25th April 2023.

In the 2020 Next Manga Award, the series ranked 20th in the print manga category.

Dead Mount Death Play manga 7.5/10 and ranked #2767 with 13k members on MyAnimeList


_ Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 PLOT
Source by Studio Geek Toys

In the finale of Dead Mount Death Play Part 2, “Corpse God wearily deconstructs the Temple and tells Polka that the two rooftop intruders escaped but not the girl in the raincoat, who has been caught by the spirit of the Shinoyama maid killed by Know.

Meanwhile, a confident man views tweets about the flock of hands and the Shakuzawa skeletons concurrently with incoming posts on the Bastards’ anonymous message board. 

The Bastards seem generally convinced that this is otherworldly power (some suggest necromancy, others elementalism, others sacred arts) that is their right and duty to claim for themselves.

The man agrees that they must search for this power with every tool at their disposal, adding that they can “kill multiple birds with one stone” while sacrificing them as well. 

He remarks on the irony of the inheritors of Hosorogi’s will gathering in the building where the Bastards disposed of Hosorogi.

Iwanome, in his apartment and pajamas, instructs Yatsu to secure the scene. The blonde female bouncer returns to Youtoukorou and informs Lisa Kuraki that the police are on the move. 

Lisa supposes that Shinjuku is due for another commotion.Misaki Sakimiya sits up in bed, briefly awoken, then falls back asleep.

In a living room, an abnormally tall young man checks his phone and tells his sister, the one sitting on the loveseat, not the one gazing out the window, that “things are getting interesting.” 

The television switches on, displaying video footage of a distant flock of massive hands undulating in a city. The sister’s slow smile reveals a set of fangs.

Dead Mount Death Play Part 1 covered the first 33 chapters of manga, which means Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 will begin by adapting 34.

In a flashback to the Corpse God’s childhood, a young Corpse God wearing a skull mask receives a basic necromancy lesson from Easlies Swordfrail on “netherworld overflow” and constructing a temple.

A process of calling forth air from “the other side” to recreate an invisible, tangible ‘presence’ that even those without the Evil Eye can sense.

If a necromancer devotes enough time to the ritual, they can even use this process over a magic spell to disorient others.

The Corpse God calls forth as much air as he can and appears disappointed that he could not produce more, but his master assures him there is no need to rush: if he continues honing his skills, he should someday be able to envelop an entire castle with this ability.

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_ Dead Mount Death Play CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by Studio Geek Toys

Dead Mount Death Play is directed by Manabu Ono with series composition from Manabu Ono.

Characters are designed by Hisashi Abe, and the music is composed by Eba, Kana Utatane, and Yuki Nara. Animations are produced by Studio Geek Toys.

You can find the list of Dead Mount Death Play characters and voice cast below:

 Misaki SakimiyaInori Minase
 Polka ShinoyamaYuki Sakakihara
 Takumi KuruyaYūma Uchida
 Shizuki ShinoyamaAoi Ichikawa
 Lisa KurakiAtsumi Tanezaki
 Saki AikawaHaruka Shiraishi
 SolitaireHiroki Takahashi
 Furuto IchinoseIkumi Hasegawa
 Takeru ShinoyamaKatsuyuki Konishi
 Rozan ShinoyamaKazuhiro Yamaji
 Izliz SwordflailMegumi Toyoguchi
 Koyū AzumaMisato Fukuen
 Gōzaburō AraseNobuhiko Okamoto
 Izuna AjishiroRumi Okubo
 Tsubaki IwanomeTakuya Eguchi
 Saya ShinoyamaYō Taichi
Kazuki ShinoyamaYū Serizawa


Source by Studio Geek Toys

Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 is all set to premiere in October 2023.

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