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Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 9: Muichiro Kills Gyokko + Kanroji Saves Tanjiro

Demon Slayer season 3 Episode 9, was all about the Hashiras!

This week s’ episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, titled “Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito,” was action-packed, with both Mist and Love Hashira showing their strength.

Unlike the past couple of episodes, wherein most of it was filled with flashbacks, Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9 was the payoff and had us gripped from start to finish.

Before we begin this Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 9 review, here is a spoiler warning for those who have not seen the episode.

Now with all that out of the way, what went down in Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 9? Let us find out.


Source by Ufotable

Gyokko hides behind the trees and tells Muichiro not to underestimate him. But the Hashira states he won’t, but confidently replies that he will behead him.

Feeling annoyed by the Hashira s’ tone, Gyokko reminds how Muichiro is only ten years old to even think about killing him.

As Gyokko makes his way underground, Muichiro states that he can’t respect a single thing about his existence which includes his looks and talks.

Appearing from the ground, Gyokko calls Muichiro uncultured and poor to understand his beauty, grace, and elegance.

Gyokko mocks him for having a short blade, but the latter replies that the katana almost sliced his neck, but it did not due to his short arms.

Not falling for cheap insults, Gyokko laughs and wonders if Muichiro is desperate to win. 

Writer s’ Notes: Gyokko has been an intriguing antagonist, especially how he breaks serious situations with comedy. 


Source by Ufotable

Muichiro looks at the vase and remarks it as being unsymmetrical and calls it poor workmanship. This time Gyokko bites the insult and is enraged by the taunt. 

The demon manifests ten vases in his arms and uses Blood Demon Art: Ten Thousand Gliding Slime-Fish attack, which sends out numerous fishes at him.

Muichiro dodges the attack and uses a tree to launch himself before using Mist Breathing, Sixth Form: Lunar Dispersing Mist, to slice all the fishes.

Gyokko is amazed by the Hashira s’ speed, wondering how he managed to recover so quickly from the paralytic poison.

The demon notices that slicing the fish will only release a poison which should be enough to kill the Hashira.

However, using Mist Breathing, Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash, Muichiro deflects the poison and redirects it away from him.

In a flash, Muichiro thrusts himself and attempts to behead the demon, but Gyokko sheds his skin and escapes back to the tree.

Writer s’ Notes: undoubtedly the best action scene of Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9.


Source by Ufotable

Annoyed by the constant escape, Muichiro demands the demon stay put so he can behead him.

Gyokko laughs off the request and claims he is going to reveal his true form, which he will be the third person to witness it.

Gyokko appears in his new form from the shadows of the trees, which bears a heavy resemblance to that of a merman.

His transparent scales are stronger than diamonds as he refined this form in his vase.

After transforming, the demon asks the Hashira to kneel before his new body, but Muichiro has a blank unimpressive look, which further irate the demon.

Gyokko demands Muichiro to give some reaction, but the Hashira reminds him that he is only told to be quiet.

The demon attacks Muichiro with his fist, but the Hashira evades the attack and escapes to the trees.

He notes that a portion of his cloth has turned into fish which is the impact point of the demon s’ fist.

Gyokko rebukes Muichiro for hiding in the tree, to which Hashira states that he is just getting far away from his smell.

The demon questions if he is now afraid, but Muichiro, with a condescending smile on his face, only replies that even strong attacks are pointless when they fail to make contact.

Writer s’ Notes: Muichiro maintains his unwavering resolve in front of adversity despite the newfound confidence.


Source by Ufotable

Another piece of Muichiro’s past flashes as he recalls how he held his brother s’ hand while maggots crawled into both their wounds.

He remembers waiting for death and closing his eyes to die, but when he regains his conscience, he sees Amane Ubuyashiki treating his wounds along with her daughter.

She asks her other daughter about Yuichiro s’ condition to which she replies that he is on his last breath.

Amane is shocked to see Muichiro still grasping his brother s’ hand as the latter recalls that he would have died had it not been Amane.

A patched-up Muichiro begins training in the Demon Slayer headquarters, and even with his injuries, he keeps slashing a wooden blade at a tree.

Muichiro recalls that although his memories are vague, he still has a boiling rage that will not leave him till the day he dies.

Despite the rain and his vomiting blood, Muichiro continues training with pent-up anger inside.

 Writer s’ Notes: So Yuichiro s’ death turned his twin into a child prodigy, interesting! 


Source by Ufotable

After the flashback, Gyokko attacks with Blood Demon Art: Killer Fish Scales and begins encircling Muichiro.

He asks the Hashira if he enjoys his rapid, flexible movement before claiming that he will kill him and replace his head with that of a fish.

As Gyokko closes in with a punch, Muichiro uses Mist Breathing, Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds, and evades the demon s’ attack.

Gyokko keeps throwing more punches but keeps missing as his vision starts to blank out, and he gets shrouded by a thick mist.

Writer s’ Notes: Gyokko tries to surround Muichiro but falls into his own trap.


Source by Ufotable

Suddenly, Muichiro, amidst the mist, appears and severs the Demon s’ neck, thus beheading the Upper Five Gyokko.

As the demon falls, Gyokko is oblivious that he has been beheaded and remembers that he must kill the Hashira and report back to Muzan.

But when his decapitated head hits the ground, Gyokko is enraged by the revelation that a kid has defeated him.

Muichiro bids the demon farewell and remarks that he should never be reborn again.

Gyokko starts berating the Hashira for his superiority and for how humans worthless lives are turned into magnificent art by him.

Annoyed by the demon s’ rant, Muichiro lifts his blades and cuts his decapitated head into pieces demanding it to go to hell, thus silencing the demon once and for all.

Writer s’ Notes: a decent end to the chatty-patty Gyokko, who ironically got served up as a fish


Source by Ufotable

As Gyokko s’ body burns away, Muichiro recalls the words of Kagaya, who told him not to have a rigid perception of the world.

Kagaya tells him that to become stronger, he must first abandon his old ways and find his true self.

Muichiro realizes that the leader s’ words were indeed correct as he finally knows who he is and he has the strength to act on it.

He feels all his doubts, hesitation, and frustrations can disappear, and no demon can escape his blade.

Writer s’ Notes: these flashbacks in between scenes can be annoying for a few; perhaps something Ufotable can improve with future episodes.


Source by Ufotable

After Gyokko s’ death, Kozo appears and thanks the Hashira for saving their lives and asks if he is alright.

Muichiro claims he is doing well, and now he should help Tanjiro and his sister. However, his skin turns pale, and he starts having breathing problems.

The Hashira asks Kozo to check Kotetsu, but suddenly, he collapses and falls face-first to the ground. Kozo is shocked and calls for Hotaru to help, who unnervingly keeps polishing the blade.

Kozo tries to help Muichiro, but the Hashira chokes on the foam coming from his mouth.

Kotetsu arrives at the scene and suggests to lay Muichiro on his side. Kozo is horrified seeing Kotetsu wondering if he is a ghost, but the young sword smith states he is not dead.

As Muichiro wakes up, he asks Kotetsu how he is still alive after being stabbed. Kotetsu reveals that he was saved by the sword guard of Rengoku, which Tanjiro had entrusted to him.

Muichiro reminisces about the time when Rengoku encouraged him to become a Hashira.

Writer s’ Notes: Rengoku is like a brother to the young Hashiras.


Source by Ufotable

Muichiro, still lying on the ground, feels two hands touching him, which are revealed to be his father and mother. 

He also sees Yuichiro looking at him as his father states how trusting in others has come back, thus turning out well.

Muichiro is emotional as he sees the faces of his parents once again. Yuichiro kneels clutches his hands, and praises his brother for his work which drives Muichiro to tears.

Writer s’ Notes: hopefully, this was the last family flashback, and Muichiro has found himself ultimately.


Source by Ufotable

We cut back to the Zohakuten fight and see one of the five wooden dragons hurl Tanjiro in the sky.

Tanjiro avoids getting crushed and notices that the five heads can only travel 66 shaku in length.

The demon slayer tries to use Hinokami Kagura: Clear Blue Sky, but the demon beats a drum, causing a dragon to then blast Tanjiro with Urogi’s sonic shriek, knocking him into the trees.

Nezuko tries to help his brother but cannot reach him and gets surrounded by two wooded dragons’ heads.

Genya keeps shooting at demons but sees one of the heads approaching and is forced to grab it. He then breaks its jaws using his bare hands to prevent it from biting.

Writer s’ Notes: the wood dragons taking on the demon slayers is a good setup for the final showdown with Zohakuten. 


Source by Ufotable

After facing the supersonic shriek head-on, Tanjiro vomits on the ground and realizes his dreams have been busted, which causes dizziness.

The demon beats two drums and crushes Tanjiro s’ left leg with a powerful gust of wind. Tanjiro starts running as the demon once again beats two more drums, and this time, he summons Sekido s’ lightning.

Tanjiro realizes the new demon has the powers of all the past four manifestations of Hantengu, which are more boosted than before.

Meanwhile, Nezuko is bitten on the arm while the wooden dragon heads strangle Genya in a coil.

Tanjiro runs away, and after reaching a safe distance, he takes a breather knowing the heads cannot reach this far.

However, the demon forms a chain of wooden dragon heads, which release from the mouth and grab Tanjiro.

Tanjiro tries to slash it, but due to weakness, he cannot and gets swallowed by one of the bigger heads.

Inside, Tanjiro is hopeless and knows death is imminent as he slowly gets crushed as the demon states that his struggle is over.

Writer s’ Notes: a good teaser of Zohakuten s’ powers. It will be interesting to see how he fares in close combat.


Source by Ufotable

Suddenly, the love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, appears out of nowhere and, using her whip-like katana, slashes the dragon s’ neck, thus freeing Tanjiro.

Mitsuri grabs Tanjiro on his back and escapes from the falling dragon as the demon realizes his new opponent is a Hashira.

She safely lands Tanjiro into the woods and tells him he did well and can rest now. However, due to his ruptured ear drums, the demon slayer cannot hear anything.

Picking up her katana, Mitsuri claims that she will rescue Genya and Nezuko as the demon looks down, feeling annoyed by the interference.

Tanjiro reminds her that the demon is an Upper Rank, but she rushes forward to fight and is faced by three dragon heads.

She wraps one of them by the neck and slams it on the other two dragons as he makes her way to face Zohakuten.

Writer s’ Notes: Mitsuri s’ blade is a thing of beauty, and seeing it in action against Zohakuten is a mouth-watering prospect.

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Source by Ufotable

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 9, was indicative of the true powers of the Hashiras. 

Muichiro, albeit the youngest Hashira, effortlessly slays Gyokko, and then Mitsuri Kanroji, the love Hashira, oozing confidence against Upper-Rank Four.

Who will come out victorious? We shall find out next week.

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