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Developers of CS2 must take immediate action against cheaters

Counter-Strike has long been an esports legend. But behind all this fame has always lurked a problem – the presence of cheaters.

From the days of Counter-Strike 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO, to the latest version, CS2, cheaters have always been an issue. It not only spoils the gaming atmosphere but also undermines the trust of the community. With the launch of CS2, the community had hoped for an improved anti-cheat system from Valve, but this has yet to materialize. Cheaters continue to infiltrate the new game, and it’s becoming a growing concern.

It’s alarming that even before the official release of CS2, various cheats were already available online. It raises questions about Valve’s priorities, perhaps they are focusing more on game content than on protection.

In recent days, many posts have emerged on social media and forums like Reddit from players complaining about cheaters. Some cheaters aren’t even hiding, using their main Steam accounts and streaming their “unique” gameplay on streaming platforms. They believe that Valve won’t do anything to them.

Developers of CS2 must take immediate action against cheaters

The cheat issue in CS2 Premier Mode

The new CS2 Premier mode stands out for its intrigue and competitiveness. But this innovation has led many players to seek ways to “ease” their gameplay.

We’ve seen various cheats like WallHack, Aim, and others. What’s worse, some players use these cheats to climb the rankings in CS2 Premier mode. It seems Valve is paying little attention to this matter.

Earlier this autumn, ThourCS posted a tweet showing the global ranking for CS2 Premier Mode. He pointed out certain players with a 100% win rate, particularly a player named Rustic, who appears to be using cheats.

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Which cheats can you encounter in CS2?

Undoubtedly, many cheats from CS:GO do not work in the new CS2 version. However, it’s only a matter of time before new bypass tools appear in the game. Currently, there are already players who have resorted to using certain unauthorized software.

Before we delve into some of them, we want to emphasize — DO NOT USE CHEATS! Healthy competition is always better, and even if you see yourself as not the strongest player, don’t look for shortcuts. The fleeting satisfaction compared to the risk of losing an account and a lifelong stain on your reputation is not worth it.

Gamesense Cheat 

This cheat, popular in CSGO, has appeared in CS2. Gamesense has long been in use, so its activity in the new game seems logical. The worst part is that this is a full cheat package. 

It provides the player with certain advantages such as: 

  • Aimbot: Automatically aims and shoots at opponents. 
  • Wallhack: Allows you to see enemies through walls. 
  • ESP (Extra Sensory Perception): Provides information about health, weaponry, and distance to enemies. 
  • No Recoil/No Spread: Reduces weapon recoil and bullet spread.

Aim Cheat 

If you’ve seen a player continuously flying around the map, shooting everyone precisely in the head — that’s the Aim cheat for you.

Inuria and Nightfall 

“Nightfall” has a standard set of features: Aimbot, Wallhack (ESP), and Triggerbot. They allow for better aiming, obtaining information about opponents, and automatically firing. 

Additionally, “Nightfall” might have features like: 

  • Radar Hack: Allows you to see enemies on the mini-map. 
  • Skin Changer: Alters the appearance of weapons and characters. 
  • Bunny Hop: Automates jumps, making movement around the map easier. 
  • Sound ESP: Displays information about sounds, such as enemy footsteps.

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