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For Stranger Things Lovers: Movies Which Are Very Similar

Season four of the film was recently released on the streaming platform Netflix. It was released in two volumes. The first contained seven episodes and the other one had two. It was produced by creators Shawn Levy, the Duffer Brothers, Curtis Gwinn, Dan Cohen, and LainPaterson.

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What Movie Is Stranger Things Like?

It is an 80’s themed sci-fi adventure on the lives of 11 friends battling impostors from the upside-down alternate dimension. It is a hit because it captivates viewers and reminds them of things they have never seen before. Movies like Stand By Me, ET, and The Goonies resemble Stranger Things.

What Is Stranger Things Compared To?


Glow is an 80’s themed comedy-drama about a bunch of wrestling ladies. It is not sci-fi, but it is a show with the resembling 80’s theme.

I Am Not Okay With This

It is produced by the same director as Stranger Things and has a plot revolving around a heroine with telekinetic abilities.


The only difference in this one is that the kid has gloves. It is like a British version of Stranger Things but couldn’t have been more similar than that; you may even think it was the original. Silverpoint is among the shows similar to Stranger Things.

What Web Series Should I Watch If I Like Stranger Things?

Fans often wonder if there are similar movies or shows to what they are watching or closely following. You might be asking yourself what to watch after Stranger Things? 


 It is a film suited for all the numerous Stranger Things fans out there. It is among the first German drama series to be on Netflix. The plot is set in a small town. It is of residents of the town being led by Jonas Kahnwald to uncover a conspiracy of time travel going back over a decade. He discovers this after the mysterious disappearance of a young boy. Like Stranger Things, when you dive deeper into the series, you will encounter subject matters on topics such as the implications of time travel on society in general and suicide. Dark has received various praises, from its amazing cast down to its ambitious narrative and amazing visuals.


Is There A Movie Based On Stranger Things?


It is about a haunted house. At first, the spirits haunting the house are playful; you may even say benign. The spirits go on and become more sinister until a point where the young daughter of the family living in the house is kidnapped by the poltergeist. The family has no clue what it has done with her.


It is the story of a child who mysteriously disappears. A group of other kids decides to look for answers. It brings them head to head against a supernatural enemy in their calm little Midwestern town.

The Goonies

It is based on the adventure of a couple of nerdy boys. The boys want to stop developers from laying waste and destroying their neighborhood. In the midst, they find a treasure map that leads them through an underground cave, where they come face to face with deadly obstacles and enemies.

Stand By Me

The plot is of four friends setting on an adventure that changes the nature of their friendship and lives forever. They hear of a body near the railroad tracks in Oregon in 1950. They head out in hopes of catching a glimpse of the corpse.


List Of Movies Similar To Stranger Things

  1. Extra-Terrestrial
  2. Fringe
  3. Fire Starter
  4. Super 8
  5. The X Files


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