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Frame by frame analysis of The Witcher Season 2’s brief new teaser

Netflix presented numerous photos of the second season of The Witcher (The Witcher Season 2) in their presentation of Geeked Week. Maybe it was a shorter teaser, but in its 12 seconds, it still packed several fresh pictures. Unfortunately, Yennefer of Anya Chalotra and Geralt of Henry Cavill is missing here. However, we can see quite some Ciri of Freya Allan.

Here’s the whole teaser before we get into it.

Focus on Ciri in the teaser

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Credit : Netflix

We can see Ciri witcher standing in the snow with a concerned look in the above screen picture. However, we assume the location is Kaer Morhen’s hitcher stronghold, where Geralt and Ciri will spend the first few episodes of Witcher Season 2.

Credit : Netflix

Season two begins precisely where the previous season left off, which means Geralt has only recently met Ciri. It was just a few days after the fall Cintra lost all her loved ones and house during which Ciri lost. Ciri’s relation with Cintra seems significant for a new house and family in season two.

Introduction to Kaer Morhen

Credit : Netflix

Ciri witcher is seen in front of a pair of swords in the pic above. There’s still more swords behind her stand — you guessed it. We spotted this one last year in a snapshot and it seems like it’s in the Kaer Morhen armory.

Credit : Netflix

The blade on top is engraved in Elder Speech, and it looks to be an entirely different weapon from the one Geralt used in season one. Can this sword be Vesemir’s, or would one of Kaer Morhen’s other witchers meet? We’re not sure what the above weapon is, but it might be part of the Kaer Morhen armoury. It may be. The same applies to the several subsequent frames with plates and tools.

Credit : Netflix

Finally, we take a look at Ciri’s training for the first time. Fans of news and play know that Ciri witcher will finally be a skilled swordswoman, but she will receive a lot of training at Kaer Morhen before she goes on.

Nilfgaards are back

Credit : Netflix

The Nilfgardian armour is the second season of the Witcher goodbye to the season, as we’ve already said. We’ll see the old armor at the beginning of the season for continuity, but at some point, the armor will be replaced with the armor spotted in the picture above. See the article listed below for a more comprehensive examination of the new armor, including the appearance of Eamon Farren’s Cahir.

Ciri will visit some stunning sites.

Credit : Netflix

There are several pictures of Ciri witcher traveling among the various blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments in the teaser. Some of the stunning new locales from Witcher Season 2 may be seen in these frames. In the above screenshot Ciri is sprinting, which appears like Gordale Scar is recording. In addition to Freya Allan (who plays Ciri), Henry Cavill’s Geralt was spotted filming at this site.

We notice a boat on the side of the river (possibly Ciri’s). The Witcher team was on the High Force and Low Force waterfalls in Yorkshire for a few days during the second season. If it’s genuinely a photo in this sequence, Yennefer of Vengerberg of Anya Chalotra should be out of the picture. Just like Netflix’s harsh!

Credit : Netflix

The last screenshot show Ciri witcher in a snow-covered wilderness. They may be from the same or entirely separate sequences in the second season. Ciri witcher uses a fur coat in the last image, so one probably doesn’t connect to the previous two. When you’re wondering who Ciri is in the forest, Anna Schaffer’s Triss Merigold is our first choice because, in novels, a similar encounter takes place in the forests outside Kaer Morhen.

Look at the complex set and props of season two.

Credit : Netflix

In the second season, the Wichter has also been recorded in different venues in the crew’s offices in Arborfield Studios, apart from numerous lovely places in the English countryside. The screenshot above depicts a nicely lighted sewer, which somebody explores with a flashlight in his hand just beyond the frame. We’re interested in seeing who this person is.

Credit : Netflix

We can see what looks to be wall art depicting a man fighting a griffin here. If that’s what we’re seeing, this may be a new look at Kaer Morhen.

Credit : Netflix

The shadow of two toy figurines dancing. The lady looks to be wearing a sword around her waist.

Credit : Netflix

As shown in contrast below, elven sorceress Francesca Findabair (Mecia Simson) wore some unusual jewelry.


We are not exactly sure what we are looking at here, but the red colors imply that this becomes part of the dream sequence in season two. Ciri’s dreams feature a red theme, like in the first season. In season two, we saw a couple of photographs of a nightmare scenario, including a strange individual behind the scenes. See the article linked below for further information.

Well, it’s a little teaser! Fortunately, for the next peek at season two, we won’t have to wait too long as we will see something at the recently announced WitcherCon, which will take place on the 9th of July. Hopefully, we’re going to see the first correct trailer during the season.

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