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Gene of AI Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled + Release Date Predictions

Gene of AI Season 2, will it happen?

The advancement of technology has its moral challenges which impact mankind and AI.

If wars, corrupt leaders, or global warming haven’t got us, it won’t be surprising if humanity gets wiped out due to its creations in the form of AI.

Characterized as a simulation of human application done by machines, AI possesses the immense capacity to outdo any living thing.

One series that captures the essence of AI is the anime adaption of Kyuri Yamada s’ manga series, Gene of AI which hit the screens in summer 2023.

The series delves into a world of distant future wherein humanoids with advanced AI trAIts form the population.

These humanoids consist of 10% of society and can easily be distinguished through their sideways pupils.

The story follows Dr. Hikaru Sudo who specializes in treating humanoids and in the process engages in using unethical means to relieve them of their pain.

Humanoids begin to experience illness similar to humans which presents an even more moral conundrum for Hikaru.

The coexistence of AI and humans has put physicians like Hikaru in a complex situation.

As we continue to advance in the age of technology, concerns arise about the impact it may have on humanity. The central plot of the show “Gene of AI” revolves around the resolution of AIlment by Hikaru.

Although the introduction of AI has been met with mixed reactions, the show has garnered a significant following. Fans of the show have expressed their curiosity regarding the possibility of a second season.

Our team has compiled the latest news and updates on the production of “Gene of AI” Season 2 for your reference.

Gene of AI is rated 6.5/10 and ranked #6207 with 40k members on MyAnimeList 


Source by Madhouse

Gene of AI Season One AIred from 8th July 2023 to 30th September 2023 to 12 episodes.

As of the time of drafting this message, there has been no official communication from studio Madhouse regarding the potential renewal of Gene of AI Season 2.

Gene of AI Season 18th July 2023
Gene of AI Season 2Yet to be Announced

As mentioned earlier, Gene of AI Season One was an above-average sci-fi series that presents the boons and bane of artificial intelligence.

However, for non-sci-fi enthusiasts the anime could appear as slow-paced with substandard animation.

The reviews and ratings might warrant a renewal, the possibility of Gene of AI Season 2 happening also depends on the studio s’ production schedule and source material.

Currently the studio has listed two new projects as part of its production schedule however Madhouse has a poor renewal record.

It is worth noting that since the start of 2021, only one series, namely The Vampire Dies in No Time, has been officially renewed for a second season. This development may be disheartening for fans who were anticipating a second season of Gene of AI.

Additionally, the first season adapted the entire original manga but the good news is there are two sequel mangas available as source material.

Since, the series does not exactly follow a linear timeline with regards to plot, a completely new story can be presented in Gene of AI Season 2.

However, it is a big ask for creators to adapt a sequel manga into main series especially considering studio Madhouse prefers original source material.

All in All, the chance of Gene of AI Season 3 happening is at even odds.

If a sequel does get announced, we can expect the Gene of AI Season 2 trailer and Gene of AI Season 2 release date by Winter 2024.


Source by Madhouse

The manga series “AI no Idenshi” is authored and illustrated by Kyuri Yamada, and was first published in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine on November 5th, 2015.

The manga has been compiled into eight volumes, with the most recent issue released on November 8th, 2017.

A manga sequel titled “AI no Idenshi: Red Queen” was serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Champion on October 12th, 2017. The manga has been compiled into five volumes, with the latest volume being released on August 8th, 2019.

Another sequel manga titled AI no Idenshi: Blue Age was serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Champion from April 2018 to August 2019.


THE Gene of AI Season 2 PLOT
Source by Madhouse

In the finale of Gene of AI Season One, “Departure”, Sudo encounters Michi in a futuristic greenhouse.

Michi states that his mother s’ clone is in a war-torn country and will offer any military support if Sudo needs it.

After finding his mother, Sudo will be working with a team of advisors which will be helmed by Michi.

Sudo gives his clinic to Dr. Seto who refuses at first but accepts it later and considers himself foolish.

Sudo scars Risa by tagging her as an outsider but eventually makes it up to her with a hug and departs to go find his mother.

Since the first season covered the entire main manga Gene of AI Season 2 could begin by adapting AI no Idenshi: Red Queen.

In a futuristic world, where AI has integrated itself into society, Africa still struggles with humanoids which results in massive conflicts.

One day Hikaru finds out that an important thing he has been looking for is in the war-torn regions of Africa.

It is up to Hikaru now to trade his scalpel for a gun and seek out the thing in the red zone lands of Africa.

It’s the year 2175 and Hikaru treats cyborgs but a cyber virus has infected a child’s’ birth.

Meanwhile, another man hates the fact that AI is coming to him alive in a medical unit.

AI no Idenshi: Blue Age presents five stories of various patients who are in moral dilemmas with regards to Artificial Intelligence.

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Source by Madhouse

Gene of AI is directed by Yuzo Sato with series composition by Ryonuske Kingetsu.

Characters are designed by Kei Tsuchiya and the music is composed by Natsumi Tabuchi and Takashi Ohmama.

Animations is produced by studio Madhouse with art setting from Ryo Tanaka.

You can find the list of Gene of AI characters and voice cast below:

 Hikaru SudōTakeo Ōtsuka
 Risa HiguchiYume Miyamoto
 JayMutsuki Iwanaka
 KaoruNatsumi Takamori
 SasakuraAino Shimada
 Toshiki-kunAkari Yuino
 ShizukaAkiha Matsui
 SetoAtsushi Tamaru
 MarikoAyumi Yonemaru
 Rion GotoChiyuki Miura
 Ayaka SudoEri Saitō
 KinosakiFuminori Komatsu
 Leon MiyoshiHibiku Yamamura
 AritaHiroshi Shimozaki
 AbeHitomi Ueda
 KameiJunichi Yanagita
 CayoKana Matsumoto
 TaguchiKazuhiro Nakaya
 YukiKazuyuki Okitsu
 Satoshi GotoKenji Hamada
 JoeKensho Ono
 UtahMana Nakatomi
 Utako TeshigaharaMie Sonozaki
 RyoMitsutoshi Shundō
 PoppoRie Kugimiya


Conclusion -
Source by Madhouse

The prospect of Gene of AI Season 2 happening isn’t bright but with ample source material available for creators, it just might be enough.

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