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How Captain America Return Infinity Stones?

Since the Time of released Avengers Endgame in Theatre, Marvel fans have never stopped discussing Avengers Endgame. Fans discuss theories and details of the movie from Time to Time, and there are many questions and doubts, but no one is answering that so that fans develop their fan’s theory to full fil there answer.

So, there is one question by Marvel fans from Avengers Endgame is “How Captain America returned all of the Infinity stones?” Marvel studio hasn’t talked about this topic in public so much, but the director talked about in an interview that “It will interesting to see how Captain America retain all stones in past and on this story line we can make a separate movie or a web series” from that fans make its theories. On How Captain America Return Infinity Stones? There is one big fan make hole story on How Captain America Return Infinity Stones? with the proper script. The fan name is Marc Vun Kannon.

So, Hello, friends, welcome back to the website today. We are going to discuss How Captain America Return Infinity Stones?

The first question comes to mind. Is it necessary to return all the stones? The answer is straightforward. It’s yes because to reverse the snap and defeat Thanos, it is essential to go in the past and bring the rock in the present, and this alternate reality was created. The stone did not exist, and if avengers put stones at some time line, alternated branched facts will be erased. For this mission, the Avengers choose Captain America. He goes in the past put their all Infinity stone that there place.

Fan-made theory starts from the 2012 New York battle where Captain America reached Ancient One before hulk just took Time stone from her. That why she aware of what is happening and why Captain America is here. Give him Captain America give her Time stone, and like that he will retain all rocks, the movie will the End.

But there is a catch; Captain America has its stones in the row form it means that they are not in their containers for example – the Mind Stone in a wand, The space stone should be in a tesseract, Reality stone should be inside of Jane Forster, the Power Stone in the Orb, etc. So this problem will be solved by Ancient One; she will use a time stone for it.

For Mind stone, it is in Scepter now Captain Ameria will have to return it to Sitwell, but there is a big issue is, Sitwell considers Captain America as a member of Hydra. Even if he returns the Scepter, his past will still be considered a Hydra member, but Ancient one will have to solve this by freezing the Time. At the same time, Captain America erases its memory using mind stone and finally return the Scepter. This sounds too good, but this is a fan made story.

Reality stone needs to be injected in Jane Foster with the same device that the rocket used for Reality stone. Now, suppose Captain America is trying to inject Jane Foster in Asgard. In that case, it will not look good, so Captain America took help from Thor’s mother, Frigga, and Captain America proof this self by holding Mjolnir. After that, Frigga will help Captain America.

The story of four infinity stones will continue in the next part.

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