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How Do I Get Better at CoD: Modern Warfare 2?

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter installment released in October 2022 in the Call of Duty series. Having accumulated lots of attention since its launch, the game offers a total reboot of the original title, taking after only bits of previous installments. Let’s break down some useful tips below to get better at CoD: Modern Warfare 2!

Learn the Intricacies of Your Game Mode

The game modes are separated into two major categories: Core Map modes and Battle Map modes. Specifically, the Core Map features 6v6 combat, whereas the Battle Map offers a massive 32v32 ground war. Do some research before you begin playing any mode to gain knowledge of the map and objectives.

The complex system of game modes allows you to have diverse gaming experiences but requires some serious effort to learn the differences for improved gameplay.

The Core Map:

  • Free-for-All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Hardpoint
  • Control
  • Headquarters
  • Prisoner Rescue
  • Domination
  • Knock Out
  • Search & Destroy

The Battle Map:

  • Ground War
  • Ground War – Invasion
  • Featured
  • Quick Play
  • Tier 1
  • Third-Person Mode

Analyze Your Games

You should analyze your games by identifying mistakes and learning from failures. The first step is to download game capture software and record your match. Available features include automatic recording, comms capture, and highlights review.

Try studying critical moments of the match objectively. You may also search for VODs and see how pro players analyze their games. Most of the time, gameplay review greatly contributes to gaming experiences and match results.

Use Your Weapons To Your Advantage

Players with the best weapons always enjoy the most benefits from them. You should focus on your gunsmith to level up and unlock perks as soon as possible. A recommendation is participating in objective-based modes like Hardpoint to enhance ADS times and reduce recoils.

Modern Warfare 2

Don’t invest in every single weapon you have. Instead, pick a favorite one and customize it. You won’t use all your weapons anyway, so let’s not waste time on the ones you never touch.

Pick Your Perks To Suit The Class

There are eight perk packages: Vanguard, Commando, Specter, Recon, Warden, Scout, Sentinel, and Weapon Specialist. Each package offers a unique combination of perks for your loadout, including two basic perks, a bonus perk, and an ultimate perk. Pick the perk package that suits your class and see how it affects your gameplay. 

Know Your Enemy

Similar to other multiplayer combat, you’ll have a huge advantage if you know your enemy. This refers to any useful information, such as positions, weapons, and killstreaks. For example, you can employ special elements of the mini-map to find your enemy’s location using UAVs and Portable Radars. Sound is another feature that gives away locations, so get yourself a headset and listen to where the fires come from.

Be A Team Player and Communicate

To get better at this game, you must be a team player and maintain productive communication with your teammates. Switch between the Party chat and Lobby chat in the Options menu, where you see all connected channels. Start a voice chat and communicate with teammates in the Lobby chat, which is the channel of your current match. In addition, you may create up to five personal channels and talk to players in different games.

Don’t Trust Random Teammates

An uncommon tip for you is not to trust random teammates. How come? Most of the time, you won’t expect random teammates to play decently. That’s why if you rely too much on them, you may have the most frustrating match in your life.

Always Have An Escape Route

Prepare yourself for the worst situation by always having an escape route. The first thing is to search for an exit or cover upon entering a room. It will be helpful for you when your enemy appears suddenly, as you can get away through the exit or sneak under the cover.

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