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How Much Multiverse Can Fans Take?

Marvel and DC are going all-in in their multiverses, making multiple series and movies, which focus on the “what if” scenarios and on all the consequences that come with having superpowers. For DC, the multiverse journey started with the Flash and for Marvel, it was all about Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.  Through these characters, the two biggest superhero studios have opened the door to the next phases of their business plans, as everything viewers will see and hear from now on is the word Multiverse. In ten years from now, fans may even get to see the two studios working together on a Marvel vs DC franchise, which will be exactly like the concept that was created by Ron Marz and Peter David back in 1996.

Who Is Winning the Multiverse Race?

DC may have been the first studio to gradually push the idea of the Multiverse through its superhero series, but right now, it feels like Marvel has taken the lead. After all, Disney has the resources to promote its products better than any other conglomerate on the planet and when one owns the rights to features like the Avengers, Star Wars or even the Simpsons, then promoting something becomes a lot easier. However, the multiverse race is just in its early stages and if DC plays its cards right, it might be able to take back the lead. One would wonder how DC can compete with Marvel when Marvel is owned by Disney and they would not be wrong, having seen what we have seen up to now. The answer to how this can happen is because of the lack of creativity observed in certain recent features, such as Thor: Love and Thunder. DC movies have flopped time and time again, so the only way the studio can go is up. The same does not apply to Marvel.

Do Viewers Have the Patience to Wait for the Whole Multiverse Phase to Unfold?

It is hard for superhero fans to sit and wait for years until each phase reaches its conclusion and it is even harder to find something to do while you are waiting for the next feature of your favourite movie or series to be released. Some resort to books, others to console games and others to fun casino alternatives such as the Ruler of the Dead, which, perhaps ironically, is part of its own multiverse as part of Playtech’s Age of the Gods games. 

How Much Multiverse Can Fans

At the end of the day, there is no better option than video games when one tries to beat boredom. Most modern superhero movies are multi-million-dollar productions and most of them generate around one billion dollars at the box office. What this means is that these movies become blockbusters and blockbuster movies normally take really long to create and in the case of Marvel and DC, every movie generates a series of other movies. For example, Iron-Man and Captain America unfolded the entire Avengers series and those who have watched every Avengers-related movie understand what this means in terms of time.

DC Is Bringing Back the Big Guns

The DC movie multiverse begins with the Flash, but in the upcoming Flash movie, nobody will care about the fastest man alive. In this movie, there will be two versions of Batman, there will be a Supergirl, viewers will get to see Wonder Woman and last but not least people will get to see Michael Shannon play General Zod one more time. The Flash movie was pretty close to being cancelled, but somehow, DC found a way to produce it and to make people want to watch it, even if the Flash is not the most important character in the movie.

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