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Inspirational Math Movies for Students

Many films have strong mathematical aspects that can spark discussions and help students make connections with the math lessons they learn in the classroom. The lessons in these films on the surface area, volume, algebra, and trigonometry are endless. It makes you ponder and find out the easiest process to solve mathematical equations. 

A Brief History of Time 

It is hard to talk about math geniuses without conjuring up the image of Steven Hawkings confined in his wheelchair for a large part of his life. This late mathematician was also a physician, cosmologist, and author who was a hero in the science field. People from all over the world look up to him in awe. A brief history of time is a biopic about Stephen Hawking and is an Oscar-nominated movie released in 2014. The movie was named after a book he wrote by the same name that inspires every student who is interested in mathematics as a subject. It tells a fascinating story. 

Watching math movies can enhance the education of students. A math student will also be keen to know more about the lives of math pioneers. Movies about math brilliantly illustrate these life stories. However, in the academic world, writing college-level math assignments can be tough. Students working on tasks on how to do composite functions can use the precalculus problems and solutions on PlainMath. The composite function examples given in the platform can help you see the logic. With time, you will see great improvement in results. 

A Beautiful Mind 

A Beautiful mind is about John Nash, a world-famous American mathematician, played by Russell Crowe. He was focusing on his academic life but was simultaneously involved in working at the Pentagon. He finds the location through the clues implanted by the Soviet Union. 

The genius mind and the exciting events in the life of John Nash are on full display in A Beautiful Mind. This 2001 movie won four Academy awards and was nominated for four others. The brilliantly portrayed mind of John Nash is sure to captivate and inspire any math student who is struggling with their algebraic equations. 


Among the movies about great math scientists, Infinity has a special place because it deals with the genius mind of Richard Feynman, the greatest American mathematician. It may not solve your math problems, but it can certainly inspire you. The movie motivates you to tackle your mathematical problems in a better way. 

Richard Feynman developed the atomic bomb during World War II and investigated the disaster of the Space Challenger Shuttle. The film depicts his marital life and his work in the development of the nuclear bomb. If you see this film, you are bound to get the zeal needed to solve those complex mathematical problems. 

The Theory of Everything 

Unlike A Brief History Of Time, Stephen Hawking’s wife, Jane Hawkings, narrates the life of Stephen Hawkings from her perspective in The Theory of Everything. The movie, released in 2014, is based on a book she wrote, My Life With Stephen. Stephen Hawkings is played by Eddie Redmayne, and his performance is a masterclass act. 

The award-winning movie is a must-see for a math student as it shows us how we can be geniuses too, despite our share of difficulties and setbacks in life. It inspires math students to never stop until they have found the solutions to their problems. 


What makes Agora especially interesting is that it involves a female mathematician by the name of Hypatia. She is also a philosopher and astronomer who lived in Egypt during 400AD. She continued to teach and imparted her messages of wisdom to her disciples and followers during the religious persecution. 

Eventually, Hypatia was sentenced to death because she was convicted of social offense and blasphemy. It is a Spanish movie, and the role of the female mathematician was played by Rachel Weisz, a world-famous American actress. It got acknowledged by global critics and bagged many renowned awards and nominations. 

The Hill on The Dark Side of The Moon 

This Swedish movie was based on Sofia Kovalevskaya’s academic life. She was a famous Russian professor and mathematician. The part was played by Gunilla Nyroos, a Swedish actress, who won the best actress Guldbagge award for her role. The arena of mathematics has benefited greatly from her immense scholarly work. 

Sofia’s influences involve calculating algebra solutions, differential calculus, and algebraic analysis. Many scholars claim that she was the finest woman mathematician of the 19th century. The Hill On The Dark Side Of The Moon offers a few valuable differential equations remarks before transforming into romance. 

The Man Who Knew Infinity 

Hollywood initiated the portrayal of the most fascinating mathematician of India, who enriched the coursework of mathematics globally. The man is Srinivasa Ramanujan, who introduced Infinity to the field of math. Released in 2015, the film exposes the hardship this math genius had to go through and his life at the University of Cambridge. 

The crucial part of this film is that it successfully captured Ramanujan’s contributions to mathematics. However, unfortunately, this man died when he was only 32 years old. Despite his untimely death, his theories inspire math scholars all around the world. The part of Ramanujan in the movie was played by Dev Patel. 


The math movies have a knack to touch and invigorate the right nerve that lies dormant and stimulates a student to act upon them. And if you are already a math enthusiast, they will inspire you to aim higher to achieve academic excellence. The lives of the mathematicians depicted in the movies add a human touch to the intellectual rigor. Add these classic movies to your bucket list of things to do. Who knows? It might touch the genius inside you. 

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