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Iron Man is not Chosen for Guardians of the Multiverse By the Watcher.

Iron Man, an evergreen internet sensation, has not been selected as a guardian of the multiverse in marvel’s renowned series “what if.”


The second installment of the Iron Man franchise sees Tony Stark return to action as he teams up with Rhodey to battle Dr. Abrahamux. However, without him, the “what if” series is still incomplete.

As in the first film, Dr. Abrahamux wants to cure a deadly disease using a chemical known as Chitin, but in the movie, he instead hopes to use the power of the serum for his plan.

Whole Concept

Iron Man is not Chosen for Guardians of the Multiverse By the Watcher
Iron Man is not Chosen for Guardians of the Multiverse By the Watcher

It is here that the franchise expands as the character must fight not only Rhodey but also Dr. Abrahamux himself, played by Guy Pierce (I hate to call him Guy), and ends up going after the heart of the American government, the US President.

If you have never watched the original Iron Man or any of the following tie-ins, you owe it to yourself to do so. The cast is excellent, the story is fantastic, and the visual elements are stunning.

The Iron Man cast sets itself apart from the other comics-based franchise with every minute worth of film. For this reason, some potential viewers are put off from the entire franchise at the start.

That is a shame because the original Iron Man film is a damn great introduction into the world of high-stakes adventure, where super-powered beings from around the world fight for control.

Without too much detail, it is hard to appreciate the story or why it works so well.

Why is Iron Man not taken?

What If Is Ruining The MCU's Multiverse Opportunity After Loki
What If Is Ruining The MCU’s Multiverse Opportunity After Loki

The movie is filled with visual grandeur and high-level production values. It is a pure-grade action-adventure, which is quite rare these days.

Nevertheless, it is only for die-hard Marvel Comics fanatics who can stomach vast amounts of violence and foul language like all pure-grade action adventures.

The fight is won by the hero’s at the end, and the fans of the comics very much anticipate it but luckily live up to the fans’ expectations and general audience.

It may seem like the most incredible series ever, but the suspense is still unfolded in many instances. You may be scratching your heads now that what is left now?

The main suspense is the real iron man, i.e., Tony Stark, who was supposed to be there, is not there marking his presence, and as a woke actor, they have taken Mike Wingert, someone new to the team.

However, the series of suspense has not ended yet. Another dramatic tension is the watcher turning down the substitute iron man, i.e., Mike Wingert.

Notably, many spectators believe that the watcher’s decision could be failed and he can soon feel disheartened. However, the truth can be a different story for you all.

What If
What If

Marvel’s what if series is a grand project for all of us, for both team and the viewers, but soon he realized that this project would be dull and unsuccessful without the relevant support of the previous team members.

Some recruited people were Captain Carter, T’Challa’s Star-Lord, King Killmonger Party Thor, a variant of Gamora, and Doctor Strange Supreme. It is even said that the original iron man is avoided by the watcher intentionally.

When asked about this setback emerging as enormous suspense for the viewers, he said that “we needed some combination of skills which could be enough for the triumph.”

The suspense and secret are now folded that original iron man, i.e., Tony Stark, is also avoided at large as he could reportedly cause nuisance or problems for the team.

It is still unclear how rightly all these things have been executed in terms of eradicating confusion from the minds of people and the target audience.

Generally Speaking

I will say that without the original films and those excellent comic book tie-ins, the modern version of the Original Iron Man cast, i.e., Tony Stark, would be incredibly dull and quite dull.

The Iron Man movies’ second movie, Iron Man 3 starring, is probably the series finale, if not the series.

It picks up shortly after the first film’s events and sees Tony Stark – now known as billionaire playboy – dealing with the consequences of his actions.


Overall, Original Iron Man is without a doubt one of the best films in the Marvel franchise. However, Marvel’s “what if” series can be a significant project for the iron man character.

As a fan of the comics myself, I was very excited to watch the film – and I have to say that seeing how the comic books are depicted in complete 3D animation form makes the whole thing a lot more involving and fun to read.

The decision of the watcher not to take iron man’s lead in this game could be a brief introduction of his personality, which says, “He is particularly not the man of words” and even “fond of making last-minute changes.”

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