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Is there any difference between the Internet and Wi-Fi?

Most of the time we are using the terms Wi-Fi and internet interchangeably. Normally it is often taken in the same context but confusion arises when something goes wrong with your connection. Knowing the difference between the internet and Wi-Fi can be helpful to identify the problem. Both are indeed different terms. Internet is a broader term also known as WAN or Wide Area Network. While Wi-Fi refers to the wireless networks that allow you to connect one device to another without the need for any cables. You usually receive a router from your internet service provider that allows the wireless devices to connect to the Wi-Fi network. 

To connect to the internet, an internet source like a broadband modem might be required. Many renowned internet providers excel in offering blazing internet speeds and seamless Wi-Fi networks nowadays. In fact, to your convenience, the rising trend of bundle deals has further boosted the demand for cable internet. Who would not want to enjoy an extensive channel lineup along with rocket internet speed like the one offered by Spectrum Internet? So finding a reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury. There are plenty of fast and trustworthy internet service providers available in your area who offer a robust internet and Wi-Fi network like Spectrum. 

Now let us dive deeper into what is the difference between the internet and Wi-Fi:

What is Internet?

It will not be wrong to say that internet is a language in which computers communicate with one another. It is generally referred to as the internet protocol. It allows computers to send or receive knowledge. In the absence of this protocol, the computers might not be able to communicate with each other even if they are connected via cable. 

Moreover, the internet also provides a medium through which data is transferred from one place to another. For instance, when we send an email, we make use of the internet to move the shared file, photo, or any data from one computer to another. It involves a server that pushes the information being sent, towards the recipient computer. 

A server can be regarded as a computer that provides a link between your computer and the other recipient computer where information is being sent for instance. Every server has a unique address on the internet.

So technically speaking, it can be said that the internet is what survives your computer, the server, and the other computer. 

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi or the wireless network is a way of connecting the devices wirelessly through radio signals. To access the Wi-Fi network, you need to have a modem. A stronger Wi-Fi network might not necessarily speed up your internet. To get a faster internet connection, you have to subscribe to high-tier plans. The more devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, the slower it might get. In case you are suffering any issues regarding your Wi-Fi connection, chances are that there might be something wrong with your router or modem. Your internet might be working fine but your Wi-Fi signals might be lagging. In that case, you can:

  • Try rebooting your router.
  • Then try rebooting your modem.
  • Check if your router is positioned properly at a preferably central location so that the signal strength is good throughout the house. 
  • Check for any physical obstruction that might be hindering the Wi-Fi signals. For instance furniture or any electrical appliance near your router. 
  • Make sure you use a good quality router. In case your router is outdated, you can replace it with a better model. That instantly boosts your Wi-Fi signal strength. 

At times people confuse the internet and Wi-Fi. We have explained everything that you need to learn to be aware of the difference between the two. So, when you have to make a choice about internet connection or a Wi-Fi, you will know what are the differences and how you can ask about your internet requirement. 

Wrapping Up,

The aforementioned discussion describes the main differences between the quite interchangeably used terminologies-internet and Wi-Fi. By the internet, we usually mean internet protocol or the language through which computers interact and communicate via servers. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, refers to a radio signal-based wireless network that allows your devices to pick signals and get connected to the internet. You need to have a router, modem, an internet connection, and a Wi-Fi-enabled device to access the Wi-Fi network. You might have internet but not a Wi-Fi connection. Your internet speed depends on the internet plan and the provider you have subscribed to. Your Wi-Fi strength is dependent on your internet speed. 


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