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Joey Batey Talks About Jaskier And Radovid’s Romance In The Witcher

Joey Batey hints at an exciting development in The Witcher season 3 that promises to transform Jaskier’s romantic storyline, presenting a fresh and captivating challenge for his character.

Jaskier (played by Joey Batey), the beloved minstrel and occasional source of trouble for Geralt of Rivia, will return in the third season of Netflix’s fantasy show, The Witcher. In the official trailer for the upcoming season, the Continent is filled with danger at every turn.

However, Jaskier, known far and wide for his catchy tunes like “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” and “Call of the White Wolf,” will have to add a touch of romance to his songs as he finds himself unexpectedly immersed in love.

Discussions regarding Jaskier’s sexuality and his potential love interest have been circulating. In an interview with SFX Magazine (via SlashFilm), Joey Batey sheds light on how the romantic aspect unfolds in the upcoming season. Batey reveals that showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich approached him early, even before they received the scripts, with the idea of taking Jaskier in a specific direction.

According to the actor, including a romance subplot is a “more modern interpretation of the books.” In the new season, Jaskier’s romantic interest will be Radovid of Redania. In The Witcher video game, Radovid is known as the paranoid and ruthless king of Redania. However, in the show, portrayed by Hugh Skinner, the character is depicted as a passionate and carefree prince of Redania.

In the video games, Radovid is portrayed as a knowledgeable individual who skillfully outmaneuvers rival kings, despite his paranoid nature. This aspect of his character will be retained in the on-screen adaptation. In discussing Jaskier’s perspective, Joey Batey mentions that the bard doesn’t consider gender when forming connections.

However, upon meeting Radovid, Jaskier is intrigued and unsettled by the brilliance and aura of the character from their very first encounter. Batey explains that when Radovid arrives, Jaskier cannot comprehend him, which piques his interest fully.

Jaskier is known for his ability to conceal his genuine emotions, sometimes even fooling his close friend Geralt. This ability is something he shares with Radovid, and it further fascinates him. Batey expresses this curiosity: “You wear just as much of a mask as I do. I want to see who is going to lower their mask first.”

In The Witcher Season 3, Jaskier Is Finally Getting the Romance He Deserves

In The Witcher Season 3, Jaskier Is Finally Getting the Romance He Deserves
In The Witcher Season 3, Jaskier Is Finally Getting the Romance He Deserves

Prepare yourself! The third season of The Witcher, which also marks Henry Cavill’s final appearance as the gruff protagonist Geralt, is scheduled to release its first five episodes on Netflix by the end of this month.

This also means that we will have the opportunity to spend more time with the beloved bard, Jaskier, portrayed by Joey Batey. Judging from the information available, it appears that Jaskier will engage in a romantic relationship with a prince in the upcoming episodes.

In an interview featured in the latest edition of SFX Magazine (via /Film), Batey confirmed what had been hinted at leading up to the third season: Jaskier’s anticipated “hot girl summer” (as referred to by the actor in a previous interview with Netflix’s Tudum) is likely to involve Radovid, the playboy prince of Redania portrayed by Hugh Skinner, known for his role in Fleabag.

It’s worth noting that this version of Radovid differs significantly from the portrayal of the character in The Witcher video games, so any preconceptions from the games should be set aside.

During his interview with SFX, Batey confirms that Jaskier’s romantic connections are not influenced by gender, and his love storyline will offer “a more contemporary interpretation of the books.”

Within this discussion, Batey also discusses Jaskier’s evolving relationship with Radovid. He mentions that, unlike his usual ability to understand people, Jaskier finds Radovid puzzling, which is an immensely intriguing prospect for him.

If that hint wasn’t enough, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich adds in the same SFX article: “When we began crafting the season in the writers’ room, we had an intriguing question about Jaskier: Who is he when he’s away from Geralt, Yen, and Ciri?” Hissrich continues, “This led us to explore Jaskier’s first truly significant relationship.

We introduced a character from the books, Vespula—Jaskier’s on-again-off-again lover—. Still, we utilized that dynamic to contrast what happens when Jaskier begins to develop deeper feelings for someone.”

The Introduction Of New Love Interests In The Witcher Season 3 Is A Turning Point For Joey Batey’s Character Jaskier

The Introduction Of New Love Interests In The Witcher Season 3 Is A Turning Point For Joey Batey Character Jaskier
The Introduction Of New Love Interests In The Witcher Season 3 Is A Turning Point For Joey Batey Character Jaskier

Regarding romantic relationships, Jaskier from The Witcher has yet to be exceptionally fortunate. Despite his claim of having numerous passionate encounters, Jaskier has yet to experience a meaningful, long-term connection. In the first season, he even required Geralt’s protection to avoid potential harm from jealous lovers or vengeful relatives due to his numerous affairs.

While Jaskier’s musical talent has brought him fame on the Continent, and his friendships with Geralt and Yennefer have endured many challenges, the romantic subplots in season 3 are set to push him in unprecedented ways, introducing new tests and experiences for the bard in the Netflix series.

With Joey Batey teasing the introduction of love interests Radovin and Vespula in The Witcher season 3, Jaskier’s love life is set to undergo a transformative shift. Vespula, one of Jaskier’s past lovers, holds a deep grudge against the bard for his past actions, creating a potent reminder of the consequences of his behavior.

On the other hand, Netflix’s version of Radovin is portrayed as a charming and flirtatious young prince. Radovin’s playboy persona may serve as a mirror for Jaskier, prompting him to explore his motivations and how they might impact him.

The inclusion of these new love interests for Jaskier represents a departure from the source material of The Witcher. While Batey’s musical performances have been widely praised in the series, Jaskier has often played a supporting role in Geralt and his companions’ adventures.

Therefore, Jaskier’s evolving feelings towards Radovin could give the character a standalone storyline in the upcoming season.

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In The Witcher Season 3, Lauren Hissrich elaborates on Jaskier’s love life

In The Witcher Season 3, Lauren Hissrich elaborates on Jaskier's love life
In The Witcher Season 3, Lauren Hissrich elaborates on Jaskier’s love life

During the SFX interview, showrunner Lauren Hissrich provides additional insight into Jaskier’s romantic storyline and unveils another familiar character who will be involved. In The Witcher Season 3, alongside Radovid, we will also encounter Vespula, a name well-known to readers and gamers.

Beau Holland portrays Vespula in the upcoming season, and fans of the books and games will recognize her character, as she has made brief appearances in both mediums.

As we crafted this season in the writers’ room, we delved into an intriguing question regarding Jaskier: Who is he when he is separated from Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri? This exploration led us to delve into Jaskier’s first genuinely significant romantic relationship.

We introduced a character from the books, Vespula, who has had an on-again-off-again romantic involvement with Jaskier. However, we utilized this dynamic to create a contrast and explore what happens when Jaskier develops profound emotions for someone.

In the Tudum piece mentioned earlier, Hissrich also addressed Jaskier’s experience of falling in love. She hinted that Jaskier’s romantic interest is a character well-known to fans who continue to appear in the books.

The events surrounding their relationship in this season will have significant and far-reaching consequences that will endure for a considerable period.

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