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Kizuna no allele Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates And Everything We Know

Kizuna no allele Season 2 greenlit with key visual!

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a significant impact on modern technology. One of the areas that have witnessed the influence of AI is the anime industry, where the concept of Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) has emerged as a new trend.

Vtubers are online live entertainers typically found on YouTube or Twitch who use avatars generated by graphics and engage in real-life activities through virtual reality.

One of the most popular Vtubers, Kizuna Ai, received an anime adaption by Wit Studio and Signal MD in the Spring 2023 slate.

The story follows AI Kizuna, who has disappeared from the virtual world after capturing the hearts of millions, including virtual artist Miracle.

Miracle attends the ADEN Academy for virtual artists and makes new friends while increasing her knowledge of dancing, performing, and streaming.

Miracle aims to achieve the highly esteemed Lapin D’or at the Virtual Grid Awards, an accolade that has been bestowed upon Kizuna for five consecutive years.

To achieve her dream, she works hard to improve her channel grinding through streams and trying to stand out from the rest of the academy students.

With her group, PathTLive, can the budding virtual artist full fill her dream like her idol is the central plot of the show.

Following the conclusion of Kizuna no allele Season One, fans were wondering if the series would be getting a second installment or not.

To obtain the sought-after information, kindly continue scrolling down, as we endeavor to provide you with the most recent news and updates regarding Kizuna no allele Season 2.

Kizuna no Allele is rated 5.3/10 and ranked #11776 with 14k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS The Kizuna no allele SEASON 2 release date
Source by Wit Studio and Signal MD

Kizuna no Allele Season One aired from 4th April 2023 to June 2023 for 12 episodes.

On 26th June 2023, the anime s’ official website announced the renewal of Kizuna no Allele Season 2 and confirmed the Kizuna no Allele Season 2 release date as October 2023.

The upcoming season of the series is scheduled to debut in October and will be available for streaming on various platforms such as Bandai Channel, ABEMA, d Anime Store, and DMM TV, among others.

Kizuna no allele Season 14th April 2023
Kizuna no allele Season 2Yet to be Announced

The first season was rebroadcasted on TV TOKYO starting on 4th July 2023, while a marathon of the first season’s episodes will premiere on Animax in Japan on 2nd July 2023.

A precise release date and Kizuna no allele Season 2 trailer is yet to be revealed. To celebrate the renewal for the sequel, a key visual was also revealed featuring the five PathTLive members, check out below.


_Kizuna no allele SEASON 2 PLOT
Source by Wit Studio and Signal MD

In the finale of Kizuna no allele Season One, the group entered the Shower of Sound Festival but received negative comments for their performance.

Miracle also reveals that Quan will be entering the race for the VGAs, wherein to enter the qualifiers, one needs to be placed in the top 15.

Other members have a decent ranking except for Miracle, who is placed at 43rd but reassures her to get to the top if she works hard.

Quan wonders what kind of streams they should do, to which Miracle suggests a Super Meeting discussing how she and Quan can get into the Top 15.

The idea is rebuked instantly, but Quan asks if they do another concert however, many other groups are doing the same, and if they fail, it would leave a bad impression.

The head of VGA tells Prince Auris about the problem of idols doing collabs which eliminates originality.

Principle wonders if she is asking her to ban collabs, to which the head of VGA simply states that the decision is up to her.

Miracle came up with a new name called PAthTLive which means the Path of the five members, once apart, came together.

Suddenly it’s announced that collabs won’t be rewarded, and Noelle slates Mircale to accept reality rather than living in clouds.

Quan backs Noelle and states that they have a better chance of making it to the top 15 if they go solo.

But when the performing time comes, Miracle asks again to perform with her, and the members comply,

They deliver an excellent performance which is also PAthTLive s first song that goes viral and receives positive feedback.

The following day, seedings are revealed, and Miracle just makes it to the top 15, which she celebrates with the group.

Since there is no Kizuna no Allele manga, the anime does not have a continued plotline to adapt however, the creators, in their announcement, revealed the possible happenings in Kizuna no Allele Season 2.

“PathTLive, a newly-formed team, comprising five members, namely Miracle, Quan, Noelle, Cris, and Riz, are all set to participate in the Virtual Grid Awards. The team members are now ready to showcase their skills and compete with other participants in the upcoming battle.”

In the upcoming second series, we are thrilled to announce that BRT5, VICONIC, and DM8 will be featured. We believe the audience will be delighted to watch the girls interact with each other and experience the unique dynamics that arise from these collaborations.

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_Kizuna no allele CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by Wit Studio and Signal MD

Kizuna no allele is directed by Kenichiro Komaya with series composition from Deko Akao.

Characters are designed by Niina Moria and Shiori Asaki, while Music is composed by Go Sakabe.

Prop and Colour are designed by Hoikei Tam and Mitsuko Sekimoto, respectively.

Animation is produced by Wit Studio and Signal MD, with Masakazu Miayuki serving as art director.

Sound effects and direction is handled by Yui Ando and Jin Aketagawa, respectively.  

The series is edited by Junichi Masunaga, Mayuko Koike is the cinematographer, and Ryo Sasaki serves as the CGI director.

The YouTube channel “A.I.Channel” featuring Kizuna Ai was inaugurated in the year 2016. Since its inception, Kizuna Ai has emerged as the most recognized virtual YouTuber globally and has secured a spot on the list of “globally respected Japanese people” published by Newsweek Japan.

The primary channel of the individual in question has amassed over three million subscribers, while their secondary channel, “A.I. Games,” has attracted over 1.51 million subscribers.

Subsequently, she has made appearances on various television programs and commercials, in addition to pursuing a career as a musical artist.

You can find the list of Kizuna no allele characters and voice cast below:

 Riz (PathTLive)Arisa Hanawa
 Miracle (PathTLive)Ayumi Hinohara
 Chris (PathTLive)Hikari Codama
 Quan (PathTLive)Rina Kawaguchi
 Noelle (PathTLive)Yuka Nukui
 Ellie (BRT5)Haruka Yoshiki
 Sarah (BRT5)Hina Natsume
 Halle (BRT5)Hinaki Yano
 AdaKana Ueda
 Kizuna AiKizuna Ai
 AurisMasumi Tazawa
 Zoe (3DM8)Nao Furuhata
 Jua (VICONIC)Nozomi Nagumo
 Jessie (BRT5)Randhi
 Ximena (3DM8)Ruri Arai
 Thea (VICONIC)Tsukino
 Sofia (3DM8)Yūna Kitahara
 Niska (BRT5)Yūri Matsuoka
 VanityMari Hino


Source by Wit Studio and Signal MD

The dancing and singing Vtubers will be back this fall as Kizuna no Allele Season 2 is scheduled to release on October 2023.

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