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Land Of The Lustrous Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled? 

Land Of The Lustrous Season 2, will it happen?

You can hardly go wrong with post-apocalyptic animes as often these series feature humanity trying to survive in a dangerous world which is itself an exciting premise.

Numerous creators have been inspired by this setting, leading to iconic animes like Attack on Titans, Dr. Stone, Fist of the North Star, and many more.

Similarly, Fall 2017 was privy to one such series as the anime adaption of Haruko Ichikawa s’ manga series, Land Of The Lustrous, hit the small screens.

The premise is set in a distant future where Earth has been destroyed by six meteorites and crystalline organisms called Lustrous inhabit the world.

Led by their teacher Kongo, each Lustrous is tasked to fight against Lunarians who attack them and use their body as decorations. 

The story follows the youngest Lustrous, called Phosphophyllite, aka Phos, who is only 300 years and, due to brittleness and is unable to fight.

Although he dreams of fighting with his friends, the fragile gems are told by Kongo to collect data on the natural history of their delicate condition.

While collecting data, Phos meets Cinnabar, an aloof jewel carrying a powerful poison. As a result, Cinnabar is kept at night watch.

Saddened by Cinnabar s situation, Phos decides to find a new role that both the feeble gems can enjoy.

Can Phos become useful and protect the fellow gems while uncovering mysterious information is the central plot of the show.

Land Of The Lustrous season one was a massive success; however, six years after its finale, fans are wondering if there will be a second season or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Land of the Lustrous Season 2.

Land of the Lustrous is rated 8.3/10 and ranked #183 with 432k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 RELEASE DATE
Source by Orange

Land of the Lustrous Season One aired from 7th October 2017 to 23rd December 2017 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from Studio Orange on the renewal of Land of the Lustrous Season 2.

Land of the Lustrous Season 17th October 2017
Land of the Lustrous Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

Financially, Houseki no Kuni manga volume 10 sold 125,00 copies while Volume 11 sold 110,000. On average, 6,000 Blu- ray sold per disk, which for 2017 is good numbers.

As mentioned earlier, Land Of The Lustrous season one was received with positive reviews and consequently was ranked one of the top-rated anime 2017.

The series won the 2nd Crunchyroll Anime Awards in the “Best CGI” category in 2017 and was nominated for their “Anime of the Year,” “Best Action,” “Best Animation,” and “Best Score” categories.

The ending theme, “Kirameku Hamabe,” was also nominated for their “Best Ending” category.

Fans enjoyed the post-apocalyptic action series, which is further evidenced by its IMDB user episode rating.

Land of the Lustrous Episode 17.8
Land of the Lustrous Episode 28.1
Land of the Lustrous Episode 38.0
Land of the Lustrous Episode 48.5
Land of the Lustrous Episode 58.3
Land of the Lustrous Episode 68.3
Land of the Lustrous Episode 78.2
Land of the Lustrous Episode 89.0
Land of the Lustrous Episode 98.3
Land of the Lustrous Episode 109.0
Land of the Lustrous Episode 118.6
Land of the Lustrous Episode 128.5
Source: IMDB

While the reviews, ratings, and profits are favorable, a crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

The good news is that source material should not be a problem as more than six volumes are available to produce Land Of The Lustrous Season 2.

Currently, studio Orange has Beastars: Final Season scheduled for 2024 and has been partnering with Netflix for new series since releasing Land Of The Lustrous in 2017.

Thus, It’s apparent that Studio Orange has moved on to new and much more lucrative projects with the streaming platform. 

All in All, it is highly unlikely that Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 will be renewed and can be considered canceled at this point.

The only hope for Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 is for a new studio to pick it up or possibly for Netflix to take an interest in a sequel due to its popularity and demand.

Either way, expecting any updates on the Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 trailer and the Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 release date will just be another waiting game.


Land Of The Lustrous manga CATCHUP
Source by Orange

Houseki no Kuni manga Is written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine on 25th October 2012.

The manga has been collected into 12 volumes, with the latest issue released on 22nd November 2022.

Land of the Lustrous manga was number 10 on the Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! list of top 20 Manga for Male Readers survey in 2014.

It was #48 on the 15th Book of the Year list by Da Vinci magazine in 2014 and #46 on the 20th edition in 2020.

As of Houseki, no Kuni manga has sold 1.4 million copies, and the series was ranked 19th in the first Next Manga Award in the print manga category.

Houseki no Kuni manga is rated 8.9/10 and ranked #12 with 114k members on MyAnimeList


Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 PLOT
Source by Orange

In the finale of Land Of The Lustrous Season One, “New Work.,” Having gotten some information about how to converse with the Lunarians, Padparadscha offers Phos enigmatic guidance prior to falling into sleep once more. 

The following day, Bort tests Zircon as their next accomplice while Phos advances more about Lunarians from Alexandrite, who holds their own plan against them.

At the point when Lunarians show up, Phos endeavors to examine one of them, yet can’t receive anything valuable in return before Cinnabar appears to annihilate them. 

Recollecting their guarantee to get Cinnabar another line of work, Phos requests their assistance in figuring out the reality concerning Kongō and the Lunarians.

Land Of The Lustrous Season One adapted till chapter 36 of the manga, which means Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 will begin from Chapter 37.

Houseki no Kuni season 2 characters and plotlines will be centered around casualties of war.

Phosphophyllite continues their search for the truth about the Lunarians by putting themselves in danger.  

During a risky encounter with the Lunarians, Phos is disabled and unable to move, with the only nearby gem able to back them up being Ghost Quartz. 

Will Ghost be able to save Phos, and will they risk everything to do it?

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Source by Orange

Land Of The Lustrous is directed by Takahiko Kyōgoku with series composition by Toshiya Ona.

Characters are designed by Asako Nishida, and the music is composed by Yoshiaki Fujisawa.

Animation is produced by Studio Orange with Nao Otsu as the animation director.

You can find the list of Land Of The Lustrous characters and voice cast below:

 CinnabarMikako Komatsu
 PhosphophylliteTomoyo Kurosawa
 DiamondAi Kayano
 BenitoiteAri Ozawa
 NeptuniteAtsumi Tanezaki
 JadeAyahi Takagaki
 BortAyane Sakura
 ZirconHimika Akaneya
 SpheneHitomi Nabatame
 PeridotHouko Kuwashima
 Kongō-senseiJōji Nakata
 Yellow DiamondJunko Minagawa
 AmethystKanae Itō
 Red BerylMaaya Uchida
 EuclaseMamiko Noto
 AntarcticiteMariya Ise
 MorganiteMutsumi Tamura
 HemimorphiteReina Ueda
 AlexandriteRie Kugimiya
 ObsidianRyou Hirohashi
 GosheniteSaori Hayami
 Watermelon TourmalineSayaka Harada
 RutileYumi Uchiyama
 VentricosusChiwa Saito
 PadparadschaRomi Park
 AculeatusYuko Sanpei


Source by Orange

Despite the popularity of the manga and season one, the prospect of Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 happening appears bleak.

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