Movies and games are both great ways of relaxation and unwinding. Though due to individual differences some people might prefer one to the other. Most times these games are a graphical adaptation of great movies. The reason for this is that most game enthusiasts and movie lovers would want to also experience the drill of participating in these blockbuster movies. To help them achieve this dream, game developers create games that are tailored to these movies.


In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the best movies that are based on video games. But before we go into the full details of that, it is pertinent we address some issues you might experience when you want to download these and play games or even watch the movies. Due to governmental restrictions depending on your region, you might not be able to access some of these movies and video games, which is why a VPN is highly recommended as it can be used to unblock hidden and restricted contents, change your current location, while also keeping your mobile devices secure as you play these games online. VPN can be used on any browser and browser extension. If you use Mozilla Firefox extensions, you can click on the rooted link VPN extension Firefox for a free VPN trial. Having said that, let’s turn our attention back to the discussion. These movies which are based on video games include:

  • Mortal kombat: This movie upon its release became a box office hit it was subsequently made into a sequel. Because of the popularity of the movie, it was made into a game, which also gained world recognition as many gaming enthusiasts and lovers of the movie all wanted to get the drill of the action by playing the game. The game can be played on your smartphones, laptops, and traditional gaming sets such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.
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  • Mission Impossible: Mission Impossible is a movie installment by popular actor and producer Tom Cruise. Just like the name of the movie, the movie is centered on Missions. The game adaptation is the same thing. The game adaptation is interesting and intriguing at the same time. The developers ensured that what was watched in the movie is obtainable in the game. This made it one of the best movie-licensed games to be released.
  • Warcraft: One of the significant things in the game is the stature of the Warcrafts. It is a movie-licensed game with lots of fighting and killing. So if you love getting your hands bloody in a game and also checking your killing prowess then this is the game you need to play.
  • Tomb Raider: Tomb Raider has Lara Croft living an adventurous life and in the last installment she has to go to an unknown island in order to obtain a precious treasure. It is an adventurous game to play and is also empowering in a  way to women because the main character is a woman. So it is expected that most female game enthusiasts will love it.
  • Resident evil: Resident evil is another movie-licensed game with a lead female character. The movie is all about a zombie invasion and the rigorous search for a cure. The cure will be released into the air and anyone who inhales it becomes cured. It is an interesting game to play and can also be played online.
  • A good day to die hard: A good day to die hard is an action-packed thriller movie that has a video game adaptation called die hard. Die-hard is a single and multiple-player game with lots of action and adventure. 


 The first ever movie-licensed game was called “Raiders of the lost ark” which was released in 1982, and since then there has been an upward surge of movie-licensed games. This particular niche of video games are lucrative as many movie-licensed games have grossed millions at the video games box office. Video games such as Warcraft, Rampage, based on movies have grossed more than 400 million dollars combined.



Video game adaptation of movies allows both movie and game lovers to also participate in the movie and have a drill of actions. Most of these movies that are made into games are action-thriller movies with lots of excitement. The drill of participating in such movies by playing your favorite roles is what makes people want to play such games. Playing the role of a superhero gives some people a certain level of sense of belonging, especially children, and these movie-licensed games afford them such opportunity and privilege.

In conclusion, games and movies have always been good methods of relaxation, though sometimes having access to them can be difficult due to restrictions and hidden contents. That is why a VPN is highly recommended for changing location and unlocking hidden content.

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