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What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality

What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality

What if in an alternate universe with different Thanos’ quest, Loki could’ve taken over the Earth in Avengers?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the recent biggest event was Thanos’ Plan of wiping out half of the world’s population for solving the scarce resources problem, and for five years, it did happen. But this plan would’ve been different if Loki did take over the Earth in the Avengers, released in 2012.

Loki, the God of Mischief, brother of Thor, God of Thunder and adopted son of Odin, is loved by the fans and because of which his own series was created. Created by Michael Waldron, the American fictional series Loki was released on the platform Disney+ in the year 2021.

Loki’s series takes place after the premiere of Avengers: Endgame in 2019, in which Loki was shown in a new timeline. There was a character in the series, Miss Minutes, an animated anthropomorphic clock that was shown as a mascot of TVA (The Time Variance Authority).

In the series finale, Miss Minutes suggested that in a different timeline, if Loki had taken over the Earth during The Avengers, Thanos’ plan would have been different. In the first film of the Avengers coming together, forming a team to save the Earth from Alien invasion, Loki planned everything as he was leading the Alien army.

What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality
Source by Marvel

The reason behind Loki unleashing the army of aliens on the planet Earth was because of the mistreatment he experienced on Asgard, and by doing this, he is taking revenge for the happenings. In the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, during the conversation between Loki and Thanos, it was revealed that Loki had a different purpose in mind earlier. Well, fortunately, Avengers defeated Loki, and the tesseract was taken back to where it belonged, Asgard.

In the recent event of MCU, phase 4, the multiverses opened up and released the series of What if..? and Loki establishing that there are infinite universes with wide variations of MCU events. Hence, the possibility of Loki defeating Avengers and claiming Earth on his own is confirmed in the finale of the Loki series.

If that would’ve happened in the main timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fundaments of Thanos’ plan would’ve been changed, and Thanos would have acquired all the six infinity stones, which got delayed because of Avengers in Avengers: Infinity War and the events of Avengers: Endgame would be different.

What Would Happen After Loki’s Earth Invasion?

What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality
Source by Marvel

Many of people would assume that Loki would’ve helped Thanos in fulfilling his plan, but his history in MCU says otherwise, and he would never have given any stones to Thanos. If Loki had successfully invaded the Earth, the Earth would become unknown as the way how MCU depicts everything today.

The Avengers premiere of 2012 included some hints of Loki as a ruler. The God of Mischief, in one scene, explained his intentions that humans are meant to kneel in front of those with power, and he would squish humans as an ant. This shows how Loki has treated humans as a disastrous dictatorship.

The premiere Thor: Ragnarok, released in 2017, states otherwise. In the film, it was shown when Thor came back to Asgard after defeating fire demon Surtur single-handedly; he saw that Loki was sitting in the disguise of Odin and enjoying a play eating fruits. Loki was the ruler of Asgard, and a few of the scenes portray Loki as a benevolent yet egoistical ruler. The reason behind a nice ruler was his maturity and the event of not ruling Earth the way he planned.

However, in the alternate universe where Loki successfully defeats Avengers and rules the Earth. Loki would have been a used monarchy as ruling Earth was his revenge plan, and he would’ve set a dark example out of it.

Would Loki has Defied Thanos like Ronan?

What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality
Source by Marvel

In the Avengers movie of 2012, Loki entered the Earth as ordered by Thanos to get his hands on Space Stone, as the iconic sceptre Loki used was given by Thanos. Thanos planned a risky gamble of leaving one stone on Earth and then hoping for receiving two in return later.

However, if Loki did win over the Avengers in the Battle of New York, there is no doubt that he would have defied Thanos and used the stone for his own advantage, similarly as Ronan did in the premiere of Guardians of Galaxy, 2014.

The God of Mischief entered the Earth with the intention to rule Earth as a King, and the plan of Thanos to kill half the population will go against Loki’s plan, and Loki will go against Thanos. And at that point, Loki would’ve been the holder of two infinity stones where Thanos had none. Loki would have overpowered Thanos and might have defeated him by using the stones.

In the Avengers: Infinity War, it was indicated that Loki went against him eventually as he attempted to kill Thanos when the whole Asgard and his brother Thor was at stake. Loki became loyal to Thor and did well at the end of the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Loki helped Thor in defeating Hella, their sister and saving the people of Asgard.

Why Thanos’ Earth Battle Would Have Been Hard Against Loki?

What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality
Source by Marvel

Thanos’ in Avengers: Infinity War was able to get all the stones almost easily from Avengers, but if Loki had ruled the Earth, the battle would have been difficult for Thanos. The army Loki was leading in the Avengers movie was of Thanos, and if Thanos had called upon his army, they definitely would have left Loki’s side. However, Loki would still be powerful as he had two infinity stones. Loki, along with two infinity stones, could’ve called upon his own army from Asgard for help.

During the fight between Thanos’ army and Avengers in Wakanda, the Earth got defeated by Thanos because he had five infinity stones. They couldn’t match his power which ultimately resulted in Thanos’ win. But with Loki being the ruler of Earth, would’ve used the power of the two infinity stones against Thanos. Loki and Thanos would have had an equal fight, and Loki would be a formidable foe of Thanos as compared to the divided Avengers team.

Why Would Loki Fail?

What Could Loki Have Done With Thanos in Alternate Reality
Source by Marvel

Loki would have given Thanos an equal fight, but ultimately, even with two infinity stones, Loki would probably have failed. There were six infinity stones spread across the universe, and Thanos’ knowing Loki had two infinity stones, would have planned everything and secured the four remaining stones.

Loki, with two powerful infinity stones, won’t be a match with Thanos and his four infinity stones; Thanos will always be more powerful at the end. And at that point, when Loki had defeated Avengers earlier, he had no one to call and help him defeat Thanos.

The idea of Loki winning over Avengers and ruling Earth has been considered for the premise of What if..? season 2. But in the end, Loki would have failed the fight against Thanos, and the viewers won’t be able to see Loki ruling the Earth. However, a throwaway line at the end of the Loki series might hint at an alternate reality that could be explored in the confirmed season 2.

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