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Marvel Quiz

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What “one thing on Earth” is pepper potts allergic to?

Marvel quiz

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How does Yondu control the Yaka Arrow?

Marvel quiz

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What is the name of the villain in Ant-Man 1?

Marvel quiz

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Bridger Walker, father asked him why he jumped in between what was his replay?

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Who stops the punch of Bucky in Captain America: Civil war?

Marvel quiz

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Chris Evans promised to gift the real Captain America shield to whom?

Marvel quiz superheroera .com blackpanther movie WHERE IS WAKANDA LOCATED3 chris evans promised to gift real captain america shield to whom

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THOR(movie): What does Thor want "another" of when he's in the diner?

Marvel quiz

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When the little avengers ( Bridger Walker) save his sister?

Top Secret Facts About Thor from MCU

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