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MF Ghost Season 2 Release Date Confirmed in Mid 2024

MF Ghost Season 2 first look with premier window!

In recent times, racing has become prevalent in the sports genre with the likes of Overtake and Hi-Drivers releasing this year.

While its not the most popular sport like football, boxing or basketball, there is still enough takers for racing-based series.

As part of the Fall 2023 slate, the anime adaptation of Shuichi Shigeno’s magna, MF Ghost, aired on small screens with great success.

The premise is set in the early 2020s wherein self-driving electric cars have replaced gas engines but in Japan, a racing circuit known as MFG hosts races using combustion engine cars.

The story follows a Japanese Brit rookie called Kanata Rivington who under the moniker of Kanata Katagiri is the new kid on the block.

Kanata is garnering worldwide popularity and after graduating he decides to take part in the MFG.

Driving just his Toyota 86, Kanata has beaten top tier European racers with sports cars which includes the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

He is trained by the legendary rally racer Takumi Fujiwara who is also a former Formula 4 champion.

But Kanata s’ real motive is not be the best racer instead find his long-lost father.

Can Kanata amidst his growing fame fulfil is motive and find his father is the central plot of the show.

MF Ghost Season One was a massive success and after its conclusion many were questioning if there will be a second installment or not.

Get ready for the latest news and updates on MF Ghost Season 2! We have the answer to that burning question, so keep scrolling to find out more. You won’t want to miss the exciting details!

MF Ghost is an anime that has garnered a rating of 7.6 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, a popular anime database platform. As per the platform’s ranking system, MF Ghost currently holds the 1225th spot and has a growing community of 48,000 members.


Source by Felix Film

MG Ghost Season One aired from 2nd October 2023 to 18th October 2023 for 12 episodes.

On 17th December 2023, the show s’ official X account announced the renewal of MF Ghost Season 2 and confirmed the sequel will release window as 2024.

A small MF Ghost Season 2 trailer was revealed which featured Katana s’ Toyota 86 speeding in rain on the highway.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not confirm the precise MF Ghost Season 2 release date.

MF Ghost Season 12nd October 2023
MF Ghost Season 2Yet to be Announced

Check out the announcement of MF Ghost season 2 below:

If a renewal is announced we can expect, MF Ghost Season 2 trailer and MF Ghost Season 2 release date by Fall Mid 2024.


MF Ghost manga CATCHUP
Source by Felix Film

Shuichi Shiegeno’s masterpiece, the MF Ghost manga, kickstarted its serialization on September 4th, 201, and has since then been compiled into eighteen volumes.

The latest issue, which was officially released on October 5th, 2023, is a testament to the manga’s incredible success and popularity.

The manga’s circulation surpassed 1 million copies in January 2019. As of January 2022, the number soared to over 3.2 million, and by January 2023, the manga’s circulation had further increased to over 4 million copies.

MF Ghost manga is rated 7.3/10 and ranked #4014 with 7k members on MyAnimeList


MF Ghost Season 2 plot
Source by Felix Film

In the final episode of MF Ghost Season One, “Inherited Perception”, Aiba tries to best Kuoki but fumbles along the way.

Kyoko interrogates Ren on who he likes but to no avail but later we see Ren s’ mother sees Kanata writing his name without hesitation.

Yosuke followed by Kakeru do their run as Ren s’ mother invites him to his class someday.

The rain plays spoilsport and Kanata s’ race gets postponed and Ren gets a scolding from his mother for getting wet.

Hannine begins his race but Koki s’ record is unbeatable while Kanata witnesses Akaba s’ race in his Ferrari.

Meanwhile, the same day Jackson excels in his race while Ogata is surprised to see Kanata so calm.

At home Kanta is seen visualizing the race and its demo run as he prepares mentally for the upcoming challenge.

Aiba comes for his support and discover his secret. Ren finds out Mami is violating rules by blowing kisses to Kanata.

The episode ends with Kanata starting his race in brilliant fashion without any engine modifications.

MF Ghost Season One covered till Chapter 55 which means MF Ghost Season 2 will begin by adapting Chapter 56.

Kanata qualifies for the second race at Lake Ashinoko and his performances are gaining further traction.

But the rain strikes again and Kanata got a new challenge in the skiddy track.

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Source by Felix Film

Tomohito Nake has been appointed as the director for the upcoming series MF Ghost, and the series composition will be handled by Kenichi, who is known for his exceptional talent in this area.

Naoyuki Onda, a highly skilled character designer, has been brought on board to design the characters, while the music will be composed by Akio Dobashi, who is renowned in the industry for his musical prowess.

The animation has been expertly produced by the highly acclaimed Felix Film studio, with the project’s art direction skillfully handled by the renowned Seiko Akashi.

You can find the list of MF Ghost characters and voice cast below:

 Ren SaionjiAyane Sakura
  KatagiriYūma Uchida
 Mami SatōCoco Hayashi
 Daigo ŌishiDaisuke Namikawa
 Shun AibaDaisuke Ono
 Fūjin IshigamiHiroki Yasumoto
 Michael BeckenbauerHiroshi Kamiya
 Kaito AkabaJunichi Suwabe
 Yōsuke ŌtaniKaito Ishikawa
 E. HanninenKenta Miyake
 Kakeru YashioKohsuke Tanabe
 Kōki SawatariRyota Ohsaka
 Takuya YanagidaShōgo Sakata
 Sena MoroboshiTaku Yashiro
 Kazuhiro MaezonoTakumu Miyazono
 OgataTasuku Hatanaka
 Yōji TanakaTatsuki Kobe
 Yūdai SakamotoTooru Sakurai
 Nozomi KitaharaYū Serizawa
 Jackson TaylorYūichi Nakamura
 Kyōko KuriharaYuko Iida
 Moe HamazakiChina Kitahara
 WakanaMariko Nagai
 Agnes BeckenbauerMarina Inoue


  1. When will expected MF Ghost Season 2 release date?

    An official release date is yet to be confirmed but we can expect MF Ghost Season 2 to premier sometime around Summer 2024.

  2. Has there been any official announcement regarding the release of MF Ghost Season 2?

    Yes, Studio Felix Films have announced the renewal for MF Ghost Season 2 and confirmed the release window as 2024.

  3. Are there any changes in the main cast or staff for the second season, if it has been confirmed?

    No changes have been made to the old cast, and most of the voice actors shall reprise their roles.

  4. What is the anticipated release date for MF Ghost Season 2?

    An official release date is yet to be confirmed but we can expect MF Ghost Season 2 to premier sometime around Summer 2024.

  5. Are there plans for the release of English subtitles or dubbed versions of MF Ghost Season 2?

    Yes, similar to the first season, MF Ghost Season 2 english dub will be added after the broadcast of the original version.


Source by Felix Film

MF Ghost Season 2 is all set for GET, SET and GO in 2024.

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