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Primal season 2 is coming soon, so sharpen your Spear and get ready with your dinosaur as we head back to the pre-historic age.

Imagine having a dinosaur as your friend while you traverse the pre-historic era with nothing but a spear. If that’s what rocks your boat, we won’t be surprised that Primal was on your must-watch list.

Primal is an adventure-fantasy animated television series created and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. The plot is set in the premise of pre-historic and anachronistic age, and it follows the journey of a caveman called Spear and his Tyrannosaurus companion, Fang.

After returning from a fishing trip, Spear finds his family and friends killed by three Tyrannosauroidea. Brewing with a vengeance. Spear follows the dinosaur who killed his family but found a T-rex(Fang) to protect her two children.

The T-rex is attacked by the same three Tyrannosauroidea as Spear helps the mother and his babies. Unfortunately, before getting killed, the alpha Tyrannosauroidea eats Fang s’ babies as the mother is left devasted

Initially, Spear leaves Fang alone to mourn the death of her offspring but is later joined by the T-rex. The central plot of the show is the journey of a Neanderthal and dinosaur encompassed by their friendship. Primal season 1 was a massive hit and was well received with an overwhelmingly positive response and reviews.

The show is rated 8.7/10 on IMBD and is a whopping 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since the successful first season, fans have been asking about Primal Season 2, and after two years, the wait is finally over. Find out more on the latest information on Primal season 2.


Source by HBO

Primal season one aired in two parts, with a total of 10 episodes released in 5 episodes per part. The show’s first half ran from 8th October 2019 to 12th October 2019, and the second half was televised from 4th October to 1st November 2020.

Primal season one: Part 1  8th October 2019 – 12th October 2019
Primal season one: Part 24th October – 1st November 2020.  

On 6th July 2022, the official YouTube channel of Adult Swim released a trailer for the second season, which mentioned the Primal Season 2 release date as 21st July 2022.Primal season 2 will follow suit with the first season and will contain 10 episodes. The titles and synopsis for the first three episodes are out.

In a recent interview, Tartakovsky was asked why there was a long delay between the release of episodes. He said:

I did most of the storyboards, so that took time. It’s such a small team. You have shown that you have 45 people. Just on our side, preproduction, I think we had maybe 6. It’s shocking how we do it, but this is what we’re used to.

Entertainment Weekly

You can check out the below table for the release schedule for Primal Season 2: –

111Sea of DespairJuly 21, 2022
Synopsis: Spear and Fang venture into the unknown to rescue Mira from her captors.
212Shadow of FateJuly 21, 2022
Synopsis: Spear and Fang get separated in a strange new land.
313Dawn of ManJuly 28, 2022
Synopsis: The quest to find Mira leads Spear and Fang to the village of fearsome warriors.
414TBAAugust 4, 2022
515TBAAugust 11, 2022
616TBAAugust 18, 2022
717TBAAugust 25, 2022
818TBASeptember 1, 2022
919TBASeptember 8, 2022
1020TBASeptember 15, 2022

Looking at the release schedule for Primal Season 2, fans will be glad to know that the second season will be released in one go rather than in parts like season one.

Genndy Tartakovsky s’ Instagram post on 29th October 2021 that story of the last episode of Primal season 2 has been completed. Hence it’s no surprise the second season will come out together.

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Source by HBO

Genndy Tartakovsky is a massive name in the cartoon animation scene, having written and directed beloved shows like Dexter s’ Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: Clone Wars. He also co-directed Hotel Transylvania, Powerpuff Girls, and Batman: Animated Series. Unsurprisingly, another hit show in Primal was also his creation.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Emmy award-winning director, Genndy, was asked about the animation style, which is different from other series.Genndy replied,

I think what you’re speaking about is the process of sending something overseas. We were using a Korean studio on Dexter, Powerpuff, Samurai Jack, Clone Wars, and Sym-Bionic Titan. They did a great job, and we had amazing people there. But it is very inconsistent because it’s a big studio, and they have to do a lot. The whole structure of an overseas studio is built on mass, quantity, and speed.

Entertainment Weekly

Following his Emmy win for Primal, on 15th June 2022, Deadline revealed that Genndy Tartakovsky had signed an exclusive multiyear cross-studio overall deal with Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros Animation.

Genndy said,

My time at Cartoon Network Studios, since its inception, has been the most creatively formative and fulfilling years of my career. I am now continuing that amazing relationship and bringing in Warner Bros.



Source by HBO

In the final episode of Primal season 2, “Slave of the Scorpion,” Fang and Spear meet Mira, a bald woman with a scorpion tattoo. The duo saves her from a Liopleurodon as she informs how her people slaved and she escaped.

Mira is kidnapped by a caveman who is later killed as she is taken away on a boat bearing the same scorpion tattoo on her head. The episode ends with Spear taking Mira s’ name as she is taken away.

Primal Season 2 will have a much more explorative theme, as cited by director Genndy, who says,

The introduction of Mira gives light that there is more civilization out there that’s more advanced. Once you get to ancient civilizations, you go instantly to, like, ‘Pharaohs,’ ‘Stargate,’ ‘10,0000 BC’, all those movies. I realized everything we were talking about felt too cliché to be done. So we broke everything down and restarted, and came up with a unique direction. It’s going to keep you on your toes, and basically, from [episode] 11 to 20, it’s one story. That’s the big difference from the first season.

Entertainment Weekly

Primal s’ biggest strength apart from the violence is the relationship between Fang and Spear. We expect the Man-Dino duo to have more tearjerker moments for the fans. Genndy Tartakovsky primal season 2 will undoubtedly delve into these two s relationships further.

Genndy also mentioned the new season would have moments that will have the fans either hate or love him. Genndy said,

It’s [Season 2] even more emotionally complex. The action is on a scale beyond what we’ve done, and it keeps getting excited as we go deeper and deeper into the season. There’s a shock in it. There’s a big surprise that will get people to hate me or enjoy it, but as a storyteller, this is me having fun. It’s super Heavy Metal–ish. It’s still pulpy, but at its core, the character story between Fang and Spear — goes bonkers. That was the best surprise of the first season. It wasn’t the violence — it was their relationship that people picked up on. As a filmmaker and storyteller, that’s what you’re most excited about.

Entertainment Weekly

Having a glance at the trailer also gives us some interesting insights into what can happen in Primal season 2. We see Spear and Fang on a raft chasing Mira kidnappers.

Exploring new land will most likely bring in new enemies for Spear and Fang. The trailer reveals a demon sitting on a throne which we haven’t seen before. Mira,  also draws the same demon on the sand,

The stakes will be higher as Spear and Fang duo will face much stronger, smarter, and bigger enemies.



Source by HBO

Primal was created and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky as the series was released on the Adult Swim network. The show is produced by Shareena Carlson and animated by Studio La Cachette.

The Primal cast isn’t the biggest, but it has some talented voice actors. You can find them below: –

SpearAaron LaPlante
MiraLaetitia Eido-Mollon
KrogJon Olson
SheltonSebastian Vazquez


Source by HBO

Despite the simple premise and unfancy animation, Primal keeps the viewers hooked with its character and story; roll on 21st July.

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