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Real-life venues that feature in Marvel films | SuperHero ERA

Real-life venues that feature in Marvel films

There are so many locations required to keep creating the Marvel universe (or should that be multiverse?)

In this guide, we’re diving into the real-life venues that you can see on screen when watching Marvel movies. If you are really into the films or happen to live nearby, why not take the time out to visit some of these spots? They make a great Insta photo opportunity for the marvel community.

Caesar’s Palace

Iron Man, one of the key starting points to the MCU we know and love today, featured Caesar’s Palace. When Tony Stark was awarded an Apogee Award he was meant to attend the ceremony at Caesar’s Palace to accept. Obadiah went to accept it on his behalf, however.

People visiting Caesar’s Palace in real life will probably recognize it from many different movies, as it is so iconic. This is one of the original driving factors in the huge popularity of online casinos and even online slot games that so many people take part in. At Caesar’s Palace, you can try it in person. The venue is also known for featuring lots of events, and it has been featured in a lot of Hollywood movies. Vegas, the gambling capital of the world,has been featured in numerous Marvel films.

Randy’s Donuts

Another Iron Man reference, this time from Iron Man 2. Remember Tony Stark going off the rails and ending up inside the donut? Well, this is from California, a store called Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, but the interior was actually shot in a different donut joint, Yum Yum Donuts in a place called Playa del Ray, also in Cali.

The authentic Randy’s Donuts has also been seen in movies such as Get Shorty and Earth Girls Are Easy.

The Old Royal Naval College

This is one of multiple locations from London, you could even do a tour of England’s capital city and find a few different spots that you recognize from your favorite Marvel films. The Old Royal Naval College was used in Thor: The Dark World, during the battle between the protagonist and Malekith. Thor gets transported away after and is seen referencing the location, in Greenwich, by asking a Tube passenger how to get to Greenwich. The college is known for looking incredible in historical movies and has been used in The King’s Speech and even The Crown, as well as Skyfall.

Xandar Plaza

Okay, this is undeniably one of the spots that you will realise a lot of CGI has transformed for the movies, but Guardians of the Galaxy’s Xandar Plaza is based on a real place that you can visit.

The Liége-Guillemins Railway Station in Belgium is one of a few different real-life locations that was used in the filming to create the composite feel of the plaza in one of the early scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy, and when you visit you can definitely see the likeness.

Forest of Asgard

It’s going to be harder to find a specific spot if you want to visit this location, but in Ragnarok, a group of refugees leave Asgard to try and find safety, and the locations used include Cedar Creek Falls in Queensland which has a number of waterfalls and forest scenery. Locals in Australia might just be able to see a sight they find familiar from the movies.

Stark Industries HQ

What? You can really visit Stark Industries HQ?

When Tony Stark returns to the US to give his press conference, it is filmed at a company called Masimo, which is actually a company that makes tech products for the medical industry. It’s based in Irvine, but has become known as something of a popular movie location as you can see it in multiple films, such as Transformers.

Exeter College

In Doctor Strange, when Kaecilius casts a spell and has to contact the Dark Dimension, he can be seen inside the historic and eye-catching chapel in the historic Exeter College in Oxford. This is one of the many examples of areas in the UK being used for the films that need a more historic feel to them.

Camden Lock

In recent Marvel release Eternals, there are a lot of London locations used. Sersi and Dane Whitman, along with Sprite, can be seen walking alongside Camden Lock in the early parts of the movie, which was also filmed in Germany and the Canary Islands.


How many of these real-life venues do you recognize from your favorite Marvel films? There are hundreds of locations scattered across the MCU that have been used to create a fictional universe, and these are just a handful of cool examples.

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