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Requiem of the Rose King Season 2: Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions

Requiem of the Rose King Season 2, will it happen?

Animes are often centered around Japanese culture, but from time-to-time creators would draw inspiration from the West or other nations.

These stories become part of genres such as Historical drama and are coupled with subgenres like Dark fantasy to create intriguing plotlines.

One such series was released in the Winter 2022 slate as the anime adaption of Aya Kanno s’ manga series, Requiem of the Rose King, hit the small screens.

The premise is set in the Kingdom of England, wherein the house of York and Lancaster are torn to choose the next heir as each claims their candidate to be the right choice.

The plot follows Richard Plantagenet, who is the intersex son of the Duke of York and has been preparing to become the next since his childhood.

Along with his father, a war has been waged to reclaim the throne; however, the young Richard hides a secret for which he gets constantly rebuked by his mother.

Due to his intersexuality, Richard is constantly confused about who he is, as both men and women are attracted to him.

 His mother s’ treatment has led Richard to believe he is a demon child and no one loves him.

Despite his mother s’ hatred, he finds solace in his father s’ love as the cruel voices in his head keep reminding him of his true nature.

Can Richard inherit the throne amidst the personal and political turmoil is the central plot of the show.

Requiem of the Rose season one was received with mixed reviews. However, fans who enjoyed the first season are wondering if there will be a second installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Requiem of the Rose Season 2.

Requiem of the Rose is rated 6.3/10 and ranked #7227 with 56k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE Requiem of the Rose King SEASON 2 RELEASE DATE
Source by J.C. Staff

Requiem of the Rose King Season One aired from 9th January 2022 to 26th June 2022 for 24 episodes. 

As of writing, there is no update from studio J.C. Staff on the renewal of Requiem of the Rose King Season 2.

Requiem of the Rose King Season 19th January 2022
Requiem of the Rose King Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

Financially, the anime could not provide a massive boost, with only 1.8 million copies sold for the first 15 volumes.

Also, the manga has ended with Volume 17 hence producing a second season isn’t lucrative for the creators from a profit point of view.

As mentioned earlier, the reviews and ratings for Requiem of the Rose King Season One were below average, however, the anime was the best out of a bad bunch in the supernatural genre of the Winter 2022 slate.

Furthermore, Requiem of the Rose King Season One finale was a bittersweet ending as Richard appears to have died.

Besides, a requiem is usually a mass for the dead. There was not much left for Richard anymore, and there was not much left for Richard.

Keeping aside the reviews and ratings, a crucial factor will be the availability of the studio.

Studio J.C. Staff is one of the best production studios and can work at multiple animes in a year.

Currently, the studio has a stacked production schedule, as seven projects have been listed for 2023.Hence, it is unlikely that Requiem of the Rose King Season 2 will happen anytime soon.

If the studio does renew for a sequel, we can expect some updates on the Requiem of the Rose King Season 2 trailer and the Requiem of the Rose King Season 2 release date by Summer 2024.


Requiem of the Rose King manga CATCHUP
Source by J.C. Staff

Baraou no Souretsu manga is written by and illustrated vt Aya Kanno. It began serialization in Akita Shoten’s shōjo (girls’) manga magazine Monthly Princess, starting in the magazine’s November 2013 issue on 4th October 2013.

The manga has been collected into 17 volumes, with the latest issue released on 16th June 2022.

As of October 2021, Requiem of the Rose King manga series has sold 1.8 million copies for volume 1-15.

Baraou no Souretsu manga is rated 8/10 and ranked #637 with 16k members on MyAnimeList


Requiem of the Rose King Season 2 PLOT
Source by J.C. Staff

Buckingham surrendered to Richard instead of escaping like he was supposed to do. So now he is imprisoned and on death row. 

Anne is very sick and does not have much to live as she asks Richard to give up the throne and go live a peaceful life.

Anne is about to die and does not want her son to be consumed or harmed because of the throne. So along with Richard, they decide to fake his death and give him up to Jane (the witch) to be raised away from the throne. 

Baraou no Souretsu Season 2 characters will see a new enemy in Richmond ashe is rallying supporters to overthrow Richard.

Buckingham is executed by the executioner for treason, and at the last moment, it is shown that the executioner is Richard. 

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_Requiem of the Rose King CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by J.C. Staff

Requiem of the Rose King is directed by Kentaro Suzuki and scripted by Hiroki Uchida. Characters are designed by Chikara Hashizume.

Kentaro Izumi designs the art while Yoshikazu Iwanami serves as the sound director, and Animation is produced by studio J.C. Staff.

You can find the list of Requiem of the Rose King characters and voice cast below:

 HenryHikaru Midorikawa
 RichardMitsuki Saiga
 Duke of RichmondAkira Ishida
 Joan of ArcAoi Yūki
 Thomas GreyAtsushi Tamaru
 Cecily NevilleAya Hisakawa
 Lady Isabel NevilleAyumi Mano
 Anthony WoodvilleHaruki Ishiya
 Sir James TyrellHikaru Midorikawa
 Edward of WestminsterKōhei Amasaki
 EdwardKousuke Toriumi
 Henry StaffordRiho Sugiyama
 William CatesbySatoshi Hino
 the Earl of WarwickSatoshi Mikami
 Queen MargaretSayaka Ohara
 Lady Anne NevilleSayumi Suzushiro
 Queen ElizabethShizuka Itou
 RichardSho Hayami
 Sir Richard GreyShunichi Toki


Source by J.C. Staff

Considering the busy schedule of J.C. Staff and the manga ending, the chances of Requiem of the Rose King Season 2 appear bleak.

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