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Why Roach Needed to Die in The Witcher Season 2? [Spoiler]

The Showrunner, Lauren S. Hissrich, explained the reason why she had to kill off a favorite character, Roach, the horse of Geralt, in the Witcher Season 2.

The Witcher Season 2 was released recently in December 2021, which showed many changes from season 1. The characters like Geralt of Rivia and Princess Cirilla (Ciri) were changed in season 2. Apart from the changes in the characters’ lives, many traumatic incidents happened, which made many of the viewers downhearted.

In episode 6, witcher season 2, the favorite animal actor, Geralt’s horse named Roach, dies in the starting. Another fellow of Geralt dies in season 2, which is Eskel Witcher. Many of the fans were disheartened by the events of the brutal murder of Witcher Eskel.

Why Roach Needed to Die in The Witcher Season 2 [Spoiler]
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The deaths of both the characters, Roach and Eskel, were equally dreadful. However, many viewers think Roach’s death was unfair for various reasons.

In the Witcher Season 2, the center of attention was Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri realizing her powers and potential inside her alongside Geralt, her destiny, giving her training in Kaer Morhen to control those powers keeping her safe.

In the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, Witcher fellow of Geralt in Kaer Morhen, Eskel Witcher conducts Ciri’s training. However, in the series on Netflix, it is not shown as the books and included other comrades of Geralt the Witcher, along with Eskel.

Death of Geralt Witcher’s Roach

The central focus is Geralt’s inclination towards protecting Ciri from the dangers around her and Ciri’s desire to get stronger. During an argument between Ciri and Geralt, where Ciri wants more power, and Geralt states that apart from the protection, he doesn’t care how far she goes, Roach, the horse, was suddenly killed by Chernabog.

Chernabog, a beast, brutally wounded Roach with its hands, and it was upto Geralt to put Roach out of his misery. The Showrunner, Lauren S. Hissrich, states that this moment had to happen, as it serves as a solution to the argument between Ciri and Geralt Witcher.

Why Roach Needed to Die in The Witcher Season 2 Spoiler 1

The Witcher is known as a cold mutant with no feelings at all; however, the death of Roach showed a caring side of Geralt Witcher. And earlier, as mentioned by Geralt that he doesn’t care apart from the protection of Ciri; it results that he does.

Roach, the Horse, was not just transportation to Geralt of Rivia, but much more. The way Geralt faced emotions when Roach died showed that he was much more than just a mode of travel.

However, the death of Roach was important for the perspective that Geralt’s journey is going to take another path which will be filled with difficulties and the togetherness of Ciri and Geralt.

A few moments before Roach’s death in the witcher season 2, Ciri shouted to Geralt, “All you care about is your damn duty.” But during the final moments, Ciri witnessed the caring side of Geralt, who is a witcher, rumored to have no human feelings or emotions.

Roach’s death was a sudden and shocking event that was unpredictable. However, the twist comes with many surprises in the former seasons. The incident was tragic, yet Geralt’s change was needed for future endeavors with Ciri.

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