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Science and Superheroes: Using Role Playing Games as a Teaching Tool

Science and Superheroes: Using Role Playing Games as a Teaching Tool

In any class, role play has a lot of advantages that cannot be ignored. It enables the tutor to add variety to the lesson. And this will not only be fun but also motivating to learners. It increases the chances of language production by helping students go beyond their experiences in life. It also improves group dynamics where quiet or introverted students can take the roles of forthright individuals. This will encourage them to communicate effectively with their counterparts. It is especially important to students who are learning Science, Math, Writing, and Creativity.

Benefits of role-playing

Role-playing offers a wide range of benefits when used in class. They include:

  1. Introducing problems gradually

Using the teaching tool in a class can help students learn about various situations in a dramatic and relatable way. This will enable them to remember the situation and link them to hypothetical theories. It enables students to play roles of various characters in varying situations to see things from a different perspective. Empathy for others can increase when learners are allowed to look at situations from other people’s points of view. They’ll easily understand why people disagree on various topics.

  1. Chance to improve skills

Role play allows college students to develop and improve skills that they might not use regularly. Skills like reasoning, debating, and negotiating can be developed in hypothetical situations that are not normally present in the classroom environment. Reading well-written essays and examples about heroes will help learners easily adapt to any situation that they find themselves in thus forcing them to be more creative. It also improves verbal communication and interpersonal skills thus in turn improving self-esteem. You can find free essay samples on heroes online. 

  1. Opportunity for observation

When students engage in role-play, the tutor and their peers can easily assess their thinking process and how they act out. To improve in any area of your life, you need feedback. Feedback from both the tutor and peers can help the learner develop other essential skills and grasp important concepts in the long run.

Guidelines when using this teaching method

Using these guidelines that we are about to discuss here will not only improve your productivity and performance but also the thinking process of your students.

  • You need to introduce role plays early during the semester if you want to use role-playing as a form of teaching. This will enable students to prepare for their respective roles.
  • You should know how roles will be assessed.
  • Remind students that they should focus on communicating a particular message more than being the actual person acting
  • Link role plays to learning objectives so that learners can see their relevance
  • Give your students ample time to practice role-play so that they can think about it deeply and present it meaningfully.

How to Get Started

  1. Ensure that all students are comfortable

The success of role play will largely depend on how comfortable students are. If learners are performing well, progress to the following chapter. On the other hand, if they are struggling, address their mistakes in the next lesson. In most instances, giving positive feedback to students and other ways to improve will build their confidence.

  1. Put students in groups

Role-playing games are ideal in groups in groups of three or four participants. Structure activities and give your students guidelines that they need to follow. You can also prepare learners by explaining activities towards the end of class and asking them to think about what they want to do. If your learners are eager to perform, you should ensure that all groups have digital learning tools and a chance to role-play even if that means performing in the next lesson.


Role plays are educational tools that can be time-consuming. Therefore, you need to plan your lessons accordingly for students to enjoy the benefits. Students struggling with Science exams will get a chance to shine while those who pass their exams will get an opportunity to improve their grades. Role play is less stressful than tests and more enjoyable to both students and tutors. Which tips are you going to start using today to help your students improve their performance in Science or any other related field?

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