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Scissor Seven Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Updates, And Everything We Know

Scissor Seven, a Chinese animated series known as Killer 7, gained global recognition on Netflix under its original title. Now fans are waiting for Scissor Seven season 5.

The story revolves around Seven, a 21-year-old amnesiac barber who, alongside his loyal companions Dai Bo and Xiao Fei, takes on assassination jobs to earn a living and recover his lost memories.

This show is a unique mix of genres, including wuxia, humor, and everyday life elements. Its impressive run includes four seasons with a total of 40 episodes.

The inaugural season premiered in China on April 25, 2018, and landed on Netflix on January 10, 2020.

The third season’s conclusion teased a forthcoming movie sequel, followed by the launch of the fourth season from January 18, 2023, to March 15, 2023. Once again, a movie sequel was hinted at as the fourth season wrapped up.

Now, genuine fans are eagerly waiting updates on Scissor Seven Season 5, and the pressing question on everyone’s minds is whether Netflix has officially renewed the series.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the latest upadtes and determine if Seven’s thrilling adventures are set to continue in yet another captivating season of this unforgettable series.

Scissor Seven Season 5 Release Date And Updates

Scissor Seven Season 5 Release Date And Updates
Scissor Seven Season 5 Release Date And Updates

The show’s fifth season has received the green signal, and reports indicate that the upcoming episodes are already in production.

Sharefun Studios and AHA Entertainment have commenced work on this next season, ensuring that Seven’s story will continue.

In an interview with Bilibili, confirmation of the fifth season was provided, and production for it was well underway. Xiaofeng stated, “Season five is already in production,” emphasizing their unwavering commitment to their work.

While fans are undoubtedly thrilled by this news, it’s important to note that an official release date has yet to be confirmed.

Some sources suggest a possible release in July 2024, but treating this as assumption is essential until further details updates.

Additionally, the series may premiere in China before it arrives on Netflix, potentially resulting in a longer wait for Season Five than expected.

In addition to the fifth season’s confirmation, there are indications of a feature-length movie in the works. Although specific details about the project remain vague, the movie will serve as a prequel to the series.

The final episode of season three, episode ten, when Uncle Chen sees an enigmatic man on a hillside and makes a reference to the impending film, indicated this interesting prospect.

Hello, are you new here, Uncle Chen enquires. You and I have never met before. After this sequence, we catch a glimpse of Mo Lang with purple hair and the silver-haired San before seeing a panel on the television that says, “Scissor Seven: The Movie Coming Soon!”

As new information becomes available, we will update you on the release date for the fifth season and the progress of the prequel film once we receive official confirmation.

Scissor Seven Season 5 cast

Scissor Seven Season 5 Cast
Scissor Seven Season 5 Cast

Ronny Chieng

  • Xe Xiaofeng
  • Jiang Guangtao
  • Duan Yixuan
  • Zhu Rongrong
  • Wen Sen
  • Jiang Guangtao
  • Ban Ma

What Is Scissor Seven All About?

What Is Scissor Seven All About
What Is Scissor Seven All About

Scissor Seven” is a Chinese animated series that centers around the protagonist Seven, an unassuming hairstylist harboring a unique secret.

Seven works as a hairdresser and is also a very proficient hired killer.

His life is further complicated by amnesia, which adds complexity as he juggles both his hairdressing business and his covert role as a deadly hitman.

The series seamlessly melds different genres, including wuxia, comedy, and everyday life elements.

Seven’s primary objective is to reclaim his missing memories, plunging him into a convoluted world of interesting and power struggles involving various factions.

Seven’s go-to weapon is his hairdressing scissors, and the episode features some amazing and creative weapon users. These scissors, initially intended for hairstyling, are repurposed for lethal combat.

Another Scissor Seven characters, Thirteen, wields a unique weapon—a spearhead intricately woven into her hair, which she employs in a manner reminiscent of a manikin-kumari, a traditional Japanese weapon.

Throughout the series, viewers embark on an action-packed, humorous, and character-driven journey as Seven navigates his dual existence, unearths mysteries from his past, and becomes entangled in various conflicts.

The movie “Scissor Seven” is known for its distinct visual aesthetic, creative storylines, and deft mix of lighthearted and serious action scenes.

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An Animated Scissor Seven Film Is In Production

An Animated Scissor Seven Film Is In Production
An Animated Scissor Seven Film Is In Production

In addition to confirming Season 5, there’s exciting news for fans of the Scissor Seven animated series—a full-length feature film is currently in the works!

Towards the end of Season 3, Episode 10, titled ‘Who Is the One You Want to Protect,’ there is an intriguing moment where Uncle Chen spots an unfamiliar individual standing on a mountainside, leading to an unexpected encounter.

He inquires, ‘Greetings, are you a newcomer here? I don’t recall having the pleasure of meeting you previously.’

The scene then shifts to introduce a male character with distinctive silver hair [San], followed by another character characterized by striking red eyes and purple hair [Mo Lang].

An on-screen message then emerges, announcing: “Coming Soon: Scissor Seven: The Movie!”

This forthcoming Scissor Seven movie is set to serve as a prequel to the main series.

Creator He Xiaofeng shared insights about its development, noting, “I’ve been frequently asked about the movie, but I’m hesitant to commit to a specific release timeframe.” This indicates that an exact release date has yet to be internally decided.

Xiaofeng explained, “The movie presents a new set of challenges for my team and me.

I don’t consider it merely a longer or more elaborate episode; it requires an entirely distinct creative approach, narrative styles, languages, and forms of expression. There’s a lot for me to relearn in this process.”

He also showed his desire for the movie to offer audiences a fresh and unique viewing experience, emphasizing his intention to distinguish it from regular episodes.

Interestingly, Xiaofeng mentioned that some production errors made during Season 4 were intended for use in the movie’s development.

He simplified that “certain scenes exhibited slightly different art styles because, during production, we occasionally employed different software.

Did this approach yield the desired results? I’m uncertain. However, experimentation is crucial.”

The viewing experience of animations generated with varying software might exhibit subtle differences. We’ve had failures, but when we explore in unfamiliar terrain, it sometimes requires more work at the expense of my peace of mind.

Both successes and setbacks mark this process. While a more conservative route was available, I’m not willing to forgo the opportunity for improvement without trying.

Scissor Seven Season 5 Trailer

A trailer for Season 5 of Scissor Seven is not released yet.

Fans may still view older Scissor Seven trailers on a variety of streaming services, though.

Once the Season 5 trailer for Scissor Seven becomes available, we will give the updates.

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