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Solving Various Social Problems Through Their Disclosure in Comics | SuperHero ERA

Solving Various Social Problems Through Their Disclosure in Comics

The world is changing at a fast pace. Technology is evolving, offering humanity the tools they need to advance and make the world a better place. However, even though we can easily see the advancement of the internet and technology, but of societies too, a few problems remain today. 

There are social problems that should be talked about more and raising awareness of them should be mandatory. But there are so many social issues that we should talk about. And many of them are disclosed in comics, which have offered a playful environment and strategy to discuss and draw attention to some of the most pressing social problems in our societies. 

Organ Donation 

Even though we now have the technology and means necessary for organ donation and transplants, a lot of people see it with bad eyes. Only if there were a close family member would they consider doing it. It is one of the problems in the world that if solved, a lot of lives would be saved. 

This is one of the social issues that are discussed in “The Gift” a comic that tells the stories of many patients and their families who benefited from organ donations and transplants. It is difficult to do this, especially when a dear one of you has died. But this comic talks about life after death too. A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to organ donation after the death of someone, but they can continue to live on forever by helping others survive. 

“The Gift” is one of the comics that should make people talk and think more about organ donation and how many lives would be saved. You can continue reading social issues essay examples from a free online service. This way, you can find out more about other pressing social issues in our society and how each student approached the subject. There are essay examples you can continue reading and, if you need, get online help with discovering more of them.

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Mental Health Problems 

There are a lot of social issues that have existed in our societies for quite a long time. However, mental health problems are on the rise and this could be due to the latest global events that took place. For example, there was a global pandemic that dominated the headlines for about two years. And when people thought that it might be over, a war in Ukraine started and a lot of sanctions were given. All these events, together with the slow return of the pandemic, make people feel insecure, unsafe, confused and overwhelmed. 

And a lot of mental health problems have their debut during these times, and some social issues becoming more pressing than ever. For example, suicide awareness is one of the subjects approached and disclosed in comics. A lot of them have characters that go through different events and might develop some mental health conditions that affect the quality of their lives. 

Raising awareness about suicide, and other mental health disorders as well in comics will help people understand them better. Some comics even present some strategies on how to help someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety, or even suicide ideation. 

Hate Crimes 

There are many social problems examples and hate crimes are one of them. Hate crimes have been happening on this Earth for quite some time. But in recent years, terrorist attacks and hate crimes have been on the rise. 

We could easily see the hate crimes against Asian people in the USA during the coronavirus pandemic. It is one of the social issues that should be solved and a topic presented in comics. By disclosing it in comics, the subject becomes more available to the general public and comics fans. 

Final Thoughts 

Disclosing various social problems in comics comes with food for thought for those who read them. They can also represent a starting point for many challenging discussions that should happen on these subjects. 

Organ donation, suicide attempts, mental health problems, hate crimes, corruption, or healthcare are just a few of the social issues disclosed in comics. Talking about them is a good first step that may trigger other changes in society as well. 

Bio lines: Helen Birk is a content writer and blogger. She loves writing on topics such as healthcare, corruption, gun control, and many other social problems. Helen loves reading a good book with a cup of raspberry tea.

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