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Spriggan Season 2:Release Date Predictions + Renewal Status

Spriggan Season 2, has Netflix renewed it?

Remakes and reboots are controversial topics within the anime fandom. Some enjoy the occasional trip back memory lane while others prefer the old classics remain untouched.

Either way, modernizing old popular series for the newer audience using cutting-edge animation technology continues to be a trend in recent times.

Summer 2022 followed suit as the original net animation based on the Hiroshi Takashige manga series, Spriggan hit the screens of Netflix.

The premise of Spriggan is about a great civilization that possesses knowledge and scientific prowess far exceeding that of modern men.

Despite the incredible power, the amazing civilization was destroyed through its misuse. 

To preserve the secret strength, the inhabitants of the civilization left messages for later generations in the form of indestructible message plates written in ancient Hebrew. 

The power of this ancient civilization was hidden in relics worldwide as high-speed communication networks began to cover the globe’s satellites. 

The lure of the power began to expose all, leading the armies of great nations to clash as they sought to uncover and research these artifacts and claim the unfathomable power.

A company known as ARCAM corporation is founded alongside its agents called Spriggan, who are responsible for securing the ancient artifacts and preventing the enemies from exploiting them for their strength. 

The story follows Spriggan Yu Ominae, who is one of the strongest and youngest agents and utilizes a mechanized exoskeleton suit that gives him enhanced abilities.

Yu, along with a French Spriggan Jean Jacques Mondo, are tasked to stop the U.S. Marine Corps led by Col. 

MacDougall is looking to take over the world for global supremacy.

Spriggan season one received mixed reviews as complaints regarding the animation, CGI, and plot holes were prevalent.

Nevertheless, fans who enjoyed the reboot wonder if and when there will be a second installment.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Spriggan season 2.

Spriggan is rated 6.8/10 and ranked #4571 with 36k members on MyAnimeList


what is THE Spriggan Season 2 release date
Source by David Productions

Spriggan Season one aired on 18th July 2022 for six episodes on the streaming site Netflix.

As of writing, there is no update from the creator studio, David Production or Netflix on the renewal of Spriggan season 2.

Spriggan Season 118th July 2022
Spriggan Season 2Yet to be Announced

Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned previously, Spriggan had its fair share of fan criticism. Despite highlighting action sequences, most episodes felt flat without any overarching narrative.

The series on Netflix does feature blood, gore, and brutality however, the poor CGI coupled with 2D to 3D transition was above average at best, which is further evidenced by its IMDB user episode rating.

Spriggan Episode 17.2
Spriggan Episode 27.5
Spriggan Episode 37.1
Spriggan Episode 46.9
Spriggan Episode 57.1
Spriggan Episode 67.2
Source: IMDB

Despite the reviews and ratings, On June 23, 2022, Netflix Japan reported that the Spriggan ONA was ranked first on their Today’s Top 10 TV Shows.

Furthermore, the first season’s end credits introduced the next villain named Sho Kanaya, who is known to be the most dangerous villain in the universe of Spriggan.

All in All, Spriggan will most likely be renewed for a second season, but the question is when will it release?

An important factor to consider when it comes to renewal is the availability of the studio.

As of writing, David Production has only one anime scheduled to release later this year; however, the studio could add more projects in the coming months.

Hence, if the series does get renewed for a sequel, we can expect Spriggan Season 2 trailer and Spriggan Season 2 release date by the Summer of 2024.


Source by David Productions

Spriggan manga is Written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryōji Minagawa. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 22nd February to 6th December 1989 and was later transferred to Shonen Sunday Zokan on August 1992.

The manga has been collected in 12 volumes, with the latest issue released on 17th June 2022. Spriggan took the 90s by storm and sold over 10 million copies.

Spriggan manga is rated 7.1/10 and ranked #6474 with 3.2k members on MyAnimeList


_Spriggan Season 2 plot
Source by David Productions

In the final episode of Spriggan season one, “The Forgotten Kingdom,” ARCAM gets information on an island that shows up and vanishes after a specific time span. Yu calls the most significant level exceptional consultant to the ARCAM Sea Improvement Group, Skipper Cultivate.

Yu needs the cutting-edge review transport he has under his order to arrive at the island, particularly with the Spear looking for the island too.

Space-twisting innovation from old civilizations causes the island to vanish into an alternate aspect. Yushino crashes their central goal, and Cultivate permits her to go with them.

During their excursion, a Spear transport goes after their review transport, the Rosinante, with rockets; however, its lasers block them. As the circumstance gets trickier, they are just saved by Yu’s fast reasoning.

They, at last, arrive at the distorting island. Spear sends a secretive specialist with one sole mission, to recover something on the island.

When they enter, they track down boats and planes from across history on the island, making sense of their vanishings.

The island’s gatekeepers assault them, yet Yu figures out how to obliterate them. Once more, yushino slips away.

As she scours the island, she finds a corpse. With him, there’s a necklace she finds valuable. When she wears it, she is shown a vision of its technology.

Yu is attacked by the Trident agent, who has a tone of familiarity. He reminds him of the past lessons.

Yu thinks back to when Bowman was all the while working for ARCAM and the examples he imparted to him.

Prior to letting Yushino go, Bowman takes her jewelry. Yu advises her to leave and break with the commander in the event that he doesn’t return before the blast. Yushino calls him a jerk for putting his life in extreme danger for certain relics and leaves.

Yu and Bowman have their last battle. He keeps criticizing Yu for credulous and allowing his confidants to kick the bucket along these lines.

In a last conflict, Yu reluctantly puts Bowman near the precarious edge of death, who is pleased with how far his previous understudy has come. 

He inquires why Bowman changed his faithfulness from ARCAM to Harpoon, and he essentially states Yu will acknowledge it without anyone else soon.

He proposes that ARCAM is not generally correct and Yu should act as indicated by his thought process is correct. His last words are that he finds a sense of contentment taking a gander at Yu now as he surrenders to his wounds.

Yu lets out a shout, inferable from his dismay at killing his previous instructor. Yushino persuades the chief to sit tight for Yu, and he gets back.

The bomb detonates, halting the danger of the island. Cultivate attempts to comfort Yu that Bowman needed this, as he recollects his words against ARCAM.

Toward the finish of season one, Yu, Yushino, Skipper Encourage, and the group take a gander at the delightful sky that was made by the evaporating of the island.

In a post-credit scene, an anonymous officer is doled out with the mission to kill Yu by taking on the appearance of his classmate.

Spriggan Season 2 will begin, where the first season ended with introducing the villain Sho Kanaya.

Sho is known to be the most dangerous villain in the universe of Spriggans. She is enrolled in the same school as Yu, tasked to infiltrate and murder the former COSMOS soldier.

Sho is empowered with the same ability as the ARCAM soldiers and will be a force to be reckoned with for all the Spriggan Season 2 characters.

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Source by David Productions

Spriggan anime is directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi and scripted by Hiroshi Seko. Characters are designed by Shuhei Handa, and the music is composed by Taisei Iwasaki.

Animation is produced by studio David Production with Norihuto Ishi as the CGI director. The opening theme is “Seeking the Truth feat. YAHZARAH”, while the ending theme is “Ancient Creations feat. Shing02”, both by Taisei Iwasaki.

You can find the list of Spriggan characters and voice cast below:

 Yū OminaeChiaki Kobayashi
 Steve H. FosterAkio Ohtsuka
 Colonel McDougalAyumu Murase
 Suzuko KawaharaChinatsu Akasaki
 Kōichi MorohaKen Narita
 Chief YamamotoKenji Hamada
 Hatsuho SasaharaMaki Kawase
 Yoshino SomeiMariya Ise
 Rie YamabishiMitsuho Kambe
 Larry MarksonRyōta Takeuchi
 MargaretSanae Kobayashi
 Maria ClementeSaori Hayami
 Kagaho SasaharaSayumi Watabe
 BowmanTakayuki Sugo
 MirageTakehito Koyasu
 Bo BrantzTetsu Inada
 MayzelTomohisa Asou
 Jean JacquemondeYōhei Azakami
 Iwao AkatsukiYoshimasa Hosoya


Source by David Productions

Spriggan Season 2 looks to be a certainty, but the ball is in the creator’s court to announce its return.

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