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Stranger Things 4: What Is The Upside Down Plot Hole In The Fate Of Eddie Munson?

The death of Eddie Munson is a very emotional scene in Stranger Things Season 4 Finale, but there is a huge plot hole in his fate in Upside Down. 


Eddie Munson, the newly introduced character of season 4, was killed off in the same season, a heroic death. Even though he selflessly sacrificed himself for the good of the people of Hawkins, who hated him, there is a significant plot hole in the finale of Stranger Things Season 4. 

Joseph Quinn was recently introduced as Eddie Munson; he won the hearts of fans worldwide with his witty nature and spotless acting even though he was portrayed as a freak who has the shell of a Rockstar but is a soft-hearted person. 

Unfortunately, a Stranger Things fate tradition is that they kill off a character loved by the audience, and this time it was Eddie Munson’s turn. Even during his few last scenes, he was seen putting a rock show on with his guitar in the Upside Down. 

What Is The Story Of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4? 

What Is The Story Of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4? 
Source Netflix

Eddie Munson was accused of murdering a High School cheerleader Chrissy, because of which he had to run for his life and therefore was declared a fugitive from the law. To his luck, Max, Dustin, Steve, Nancy, and Robin came to his rescue because Dustin believed in his innocence. 

But as Eddie Munson was hiding, more teenagers from Hawkins High died in town, due to which Eddie Munson had a target on his back. But it was later discovered that Vecna, a creature from Upside Down, was murdering teenagers like satanic rituals to gain more power. 

Eddie Munson was the first surviving person who saw what Vecna does to his victims, as he saw Crissy dying at the hands of Vecna’s curse. Besides that, he also saw Upside Down from inside when he went there to rescue Steve from the demo bats. At last, he helped the gang carry out an elaborate plan to take out Vecna and save Max from being his next victim. 

Eddie Munson and Dustin were out being the bait and distracting the Demo Bats in the final episode of season 4, “The Piggyback.” To distract the bats from their position and to keep them away from Vecna so they can not help him, he grabbed his guitar from his trailer in Upside Down and played “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. 

Eddie Munson played the song Master of Puppets on the rooftop of his trailer. It grabbed the bats’ attention, and he successfully distracted them. Eddie’s guitar was connected to amps powered by extension cords in the sequence. However, there is a plot hole in this story. 

How is there electricity in the Upside Down? The amp is powered by electricity in a different realm is confusing. 

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How Did Eddie Use Amp And His Guitar In The Upside Down?

How Did Eddie Use Amp And His Guitar In The Upside Down?
Source Netflix

For Eddie Munson to play “Master of Puppets” on his electric guitar, Dustin was connecting an extension cord to the amp on the trailer’s roof. Now, that extension cord needs to be connected to a source of electricity, but this does not make sense. Upside Down does not have electricity, or does it?

The cord must be connected to a source in the trailer, but how did the trailer get the electricity supply in Upside Down? 

Aside from street lights in Vecna’s realm, the only thing that seems to be working is a few signage, like one of the arcades from season 2 and the other of the Starcourt Mall from Season 3. 

Even these were connected to Mind Flayer’s presence. So, it is highly improbable that there was electricity running Upside Down without the presence. 

Eddie Munson, Nancy, Steve, and Robin witnessed a broken electricity line in Upside Down volume 1 of season 4. Even when they tried turning on lights in the Upside Down version of the Wheeler family house, they found there was no light. Hence, Viewers could deduce that no other houses had electricity either. 

One final guess as to how Eddie Munson plugged in his guitar is that Dustin’s extension cord ran down to the original world trailer through the portal, and there it might be connected to a power outlet. 

The rope the gang from Hawkins used as a pathway to the Upside Down could also carry an extension cord wire. It would allow the flow of electricity and travel through the Gate, generating power for the amps of Eddie Munson’s guitar. 

But here’s the plot hole to this theory as well, the sheet rope and the Gate were seen throughout the final episode until Eddie’s death, but no power outlet was shown on-screen. But In Stranger Things Season 4, it was shown Upside Down can affect the flow of electricity in the original dimension. Even then, the rules and the story around it remain unclear.


Source Netflix

Netflix released Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 on 1st July this year, and in a short period, the original series has managed to make many records. There is no doubt that Stranger Things has a huge fan base. Hence, the show’s makers remain extra cautious about everything, but Maybe the makers of Stranger Things missed out on this Eddie Munson plot hole. 

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