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Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Reveals The Return of Hopper And A Captured Eleven

Netflix released a new Stranger Things season 4 trailer, revealing that the enemies had taken Eleven prisoners. The trailer also featured the return of Hopper with a flame thrower. Netflix’s Stranger things season 4’s arrival has been anticipated for a very long time now. The release of the show’s fourth installment has been pushed back multiple times due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Stranger things season 4 becomes one of the most anticipated seasons of this year.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date On S3 Anniversary
credit – Netflix

The production for season 4 of Stranger things started in early 2020 but got shut down after a month. However, it was picked up again in late September of the same year. Once the shooting for Stranger Things season 4 started, the cast and crew worked day and night for the long-awaited season. Also, the team has been teasing the fans about the upcoming season and what lays ahead for Eleven and her friends.

The last season of Stranger things climaxed in Summer 2019 with Eleven and her friends fighting against the Mind Flayer at the Starcourt Mall. David Harbour’s Hopper, who seemingly sacrificed himself and died during that battle, will be returning in the upcoming season. Hopper didn’t die at that time; he was taken captive in a Russian Prison camp.

On the other hand, Eleven, Will, and The Byers left the town and everyone they knew behind in hopes of forgetting everything that happened with them in the small town. However, their attempt to say goodbye to their pain and misery wasn’t successful.

Netflix surprises fans with new Stranger things season 4 trailer

Season 4 Stranger Things Set Photos Reveals an Injured Eleven Stranger Things

Recently, Netflix unveiled a new trailer for Stranger Things season 4, teasing fans about what’s to come. The footage features scenes from the previous seasons and then offers fans a brief glimpse of the upcoming adventures. An unknown enemy has taken Eleven prisoners, and it looks like Hopper is coming to her rescue with his flame thrower.

The trailer features Lucas, Steven, Dustin, Max, Robin, and Nancy exploring what looks like an abandoned house together. In the end, the footage shows a crashed car, cheerleaders, the gang heading to somewhere on their bikes, and at last, it shows that season 4 of Stranger Things will arrive in 2022.

Even though the trailer gave very brief glimpses into the upcoming season, it was quite exciting. So far, the plot of Stranger Things Season 4 has been under wraps. However, the trailer gave some interesting does clues for the fourth installment of the show. The main focus is still on how and why Eleven is captured and who Hopper is trying to save. Given their strong bond, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s looking for Eleven, but his surroundings look quite similar to the house where the rest of the group is.

Season 4 Stranger Things Set Photos Reveals an Injured Eleven Stranger Things

Also, the trailer featured an image of a grandfather clock from the abandoned house, and it looked quite mysterious. The house may be located somewhere in Hawkins. Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy teased fans about a secret location where something major of Stranger things season 4 will take place. The location can also be somewhere the fans won’t expect. After watching the new trailer, we’re sure that this season will be one of the biggest adventures for Eleven and her friends.

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