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Sukuna Smiles In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 14- Lets Capture Full Story

Sukuna Smiles in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 141 and we have all got our heads scratching. Let us know the full story.


The king of curses- Sukana. He has swept not just the world of jujutsu, but the fandom by storm. Sukuna is the embodiment the pure devil and is a sly enough villain to murder for fun.

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Sukuna Smiles In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 14- Lets Capture Full Story
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 The massacre at Shibuya was just a fraction of the true power of Sukuna.

When Itadori was made a vehicle for this terrifying organization, the result was certain to create troubles. 

This was the case as the jujutsu police began following him through Okkotsu Yuta. Actually any Shaman (like Naoya) coming across Naoya would be tempted to kill him.

Although Yuji was determined to be alive, the slain man was unable to overcome Yuta’s attacks. However, as Sukuna cannot let Yuji go to the grave, it was apparent that he would like to swap locations with Yuji following the incident in which Yuta attacked him with a knife. 

The panel that follows his furious appearance shows Sukuna smiling. 

 Based on the mangaka Sukuna was “a catastrophe” in his time alive. The story hasn’t revealed what the real motives of Sukuna are, and he also has the unidentified binding agreement in a relationship with Yuji . 

Sukuna Smiles In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 14- Lets Capture Full Story
Source By Anime

In addition, he’s got the ability to use 15 fingers at present. He was even a maniac at Shibuya and is believed to have dark motives regarding Megumi.

This smile was highly suspect. We believed that he smiled in recognition of Megumi’s presence. But this was not the case. The chapter 143 shared the real motive behind Sukuna smiling! Let’s find out what it was.

Sukuna smiled as if Yuta didn’t really intend to kill Yuji.

It appeared that Yuta was engaged in a fight with Yuji. He had even threatened to take out those who cut off the arm of Inumaki in the beginning. We also are aware of the seriousness Yuta is in protecting his family members. It was a tough battle for Yuji.

We know that since Yuji serves as Sukuna’s host The King of Curses cannot let him die. If Yuji dies, Sukuna dies too. As soon as Yuta attacked him, Sukuna was close to changing bodies with Yuji and not letting him die. 

He even jumped off the chair ( probably thinking this brat isn’t capable of doing something).

It is possible that Sukuna was also aware that something was not right with Yuta’s attacks. So, he decided to not change his mind with Yuji. The realization was real and he was right. The moment Yuji awakeed, Yuta revealed his entire plan to Yuji.

He was cautious and took the right steps after he took over the Yuji-hunting task as he was determined to help him. Yuta was by Yuji’s side.

Yuta said that he embarked on this hunt to ensure that to protect himself according to what Gojo claimed. Because the superiors were not awed by them, they placed the binding Vow upon him in order to take down Yuji. 

Sukuna Smiles In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 14- Lets Capture Full Story
Source by Anime

So, he was forced be able to “kill” Yuji once. Yuta adds that not many people are aware that he could harness positive energy and produce it.

The Jujutsu masters did not realize that Yuta could help Yuji as well. Yuta employed an energy that reversed the curse to bring back Yuji immediately after his heart had stopped.

 In this way it was possible for him to complete both the Binding Vow and Gojo’s wishes. Sukuna could have seen the reversed cursed energy technique of Yuta to heal Yuji’s heart.

Key Takeaways

So, it was obvious why Sukuna was smiling on the scene! He was aware that Yuta was returning Yuji with reversed cursed energy right after Yuji had “killed” Yuji. Sukuna was not compelled to change body with Yuji and battle Yuta to help himself. 

Megumi wasn’t the sole reason to smile at Sukuna because the way we saw it in Chapter 143 of the manga, he arrived on the scene quite late. 

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