The best sports movies that didn’t come out of Hollywood

If you are a lover of sports movies, you’ve no doubt seen many movies that have come out of Hollywood. However, if you have only ever watched Hollywood movies, you could be missing out. This is because there are many excellent sports movies that have no links to Hollywood at all.

Let’s take a look at some of the very best sports movies that you may not have heard of:

Chariots of Fire (Great Britain)

This well-known British movie is one that has inspired a lot of people. Displaying sport’s competitive nature, it focuses on a number of people from very different backgrounds. Through their trials and tribulations, the characters do what they can to cross the finish line first. This movie focuses on the race’s British competitors and is a celebration of Great Britain. It also brings with it a lot of passion and is a must-see for any sports movie fan.

Some people watch this movie for the music, others for the scenery. Whatever your reason, you’re likely to enjoy it.

Selänne (Finland)

If you’re not familiar with Finnish movies, this is one that is well worth watching. Ice hockey is one of Finland’s biggest sports, and drives huge numbers of passionate Finns to games. It’s no surprise then that this documentary-style film about Teemu Selänne is a particularly special creation. The former winger is the recipient of numerous awards, and a spot in the ice hockey Hall of Fame.

The films also delves into his personal life, with plenty of emotional moments and a full tell-all of the personal struggles involved in professional sports. Though the documentary was released in 2013, Selänne’s life has become no less interesting since retirement. In 2016 he took the opportunity when visiting Casino Helsinki to announce his new role as presenter of a Superstars show – an announcement that many local online casino enthusiasts were especially keen on, combining their love of sports with one of Finland’s best venues.

Take Off (Korea)

South Korea produced this hilarious masterpiece back in 2009. Concentrating on the country’s national ski jump team, the movie is a giggle-fest. The 2002 Winter Olympics is the backdrop for Take Off and sees the IOC judges question the country – with no ski jump team, it is assumed that South Korea cannot host the Olympics.

In a haphazard but charming way, a ski team is formed. Needless to say, they’re not the best group of individuals odds systemer, but they are all willing to try, even if their willingness isn’t always apparent. This movie is one of South Korea’s lesser-known masterpieces, but a masterpiece it is, if you like gentle comedy with a good feel.

Chak De! India (India)

You simply cannot talk about movies without mentioning at least one Bollywood movie. This particular movie sees the coach of the country’s hockey team surprisingly emerge victorious. This is a feel-good movie and a half. You don’t even need to know much about hockey to know this is a good movie. Winning 33 awards and grossing more than $1 million, this is a movie that will have you smiling, crying and generally feeling quite good. Bollywood can certainly produce good movies that appeal to the rest of the world, and Chak De! India is, without a doubt, one of them.

BMX Bandits (Australia)

Starring a very young Nicole Kidman, BMX Bandits is a movie that you just have to see. Made to show off the beautiful city of Sydney, or so it seems, cars and BMXs make their way through the city and its water parks. Full to the brim of cheesiness and very strong Australian accents, this is a movie that is nothing short of fun. Rumour has it that it’s the Australian equivalent of The Goonies. While this might not seem likely to everyone, it is a nice comparison. It also gives you an indication as to the type of movie that it is.

With the very young Nicole Kidman having badly sprained her ankle, all of her stunts were performed by a male stunt double. The only problem with this is that the wig and the camera angles aren’t hugely convincing. However, this movie is a classic and well worth watching.

There are some great sports movies out there, many of which did not come out of Hollywood. If you only ever watch movies that are made in and created by Hollywood, you will be missing out. Why not watch the movies discussed above and enjoy all that they have to offer? You’ll be in for a real treat!

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