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The Boys Season 3: Starr Talks about how Homelander is affected by Stormfront | SuperHero ERA

The Boys Season 3: Starr Talks about how Homelander is affected by Stormfront

Antony Starr, the Homelander, talks about how Stormfront’s suicide changes Homelander’s world-leading him on a different path in The Boys season 3. 

PS- The Boys Season 3 spoilers ahead!

Antony Starr, the actor who plays the Homelander, talks in an interview with The Screen Rant about how the suicide of Stormfront will affect his character in The Boys season 3. 

The Boys Season 3 released its first three episodes on Amazon Prime on June 3 2022, while the other five will be released weekly until July 8 2022. Some of the cast members of the Boys are- Antony Starr, Dominique McElligott, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Jensen Ackles and Karl Urban. 

The interview of Antony Starr

Interview of Antony Starr
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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant: Antony Starr talks about why Homelander changed and how Stormfront’s suicide will affect Homelander in The Boys Season 3. 

Stormfront’s death has made him question his entire existence and his way of life. He also says that now with Stormfront gone, he has lost his way in life; Homelander is alone now; the person he felt the connection of understanding with is gone too. 

Starr, in his talk, says:

Starr talks about Stormfront
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“What’s happened to him is he’s always been operating in the world according to external opinion and how he’s been marketed and packaged by the company. And I think Stormfront was always an extension of that.

“I think that’s the end of the road in terms of him dancing to the tune of other people. He’s really on his own now and trying to figure out what that means, and he’s really doing it on his own. He’s a big boy now; he’s leaving the nest – and that’s good and empowering in one way, and it’s really difficult because there’s no one there to help clean up your mess.

“If he could be even more ostracized from the world, it adds to this whole idea that he has that he’s a victim that everyone’s picking on him at all times. “Now look at what happened to Stormfront!” The world hates him, and it all just adds to his fear and loathing.”

Starr also mentions how his character, the Homelander, has a victim personality; that is, he thinks of himself as a prey to those who regularly push him around and mistreats him, which has only added to his deep-set self-loathing. 

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The Boys season 3 also shows his problems with Billy Butcher. Billy took Homelander’s son, Ryan, which only intensified Homelander’s sense of loneliness and how he thinks of himself as alone in the world. We know that Homelander was an experiment; he was ‘made’ and raised by scientists who were merely experimenting on him to make him ‘the best Superhero ever’.

Homelander’s childhood indicates why he has so many psychological issues as an adult and has problems settling in the real world. It has led him to isolate himself from people who have made him happy, but we cannot say that he does this intentionally; it is how he is wired.  

Introduction of The Boys until now?

The Boys series takes place in a world where superhumans are the celebrities in the public eye. This fame allows them to do unimaginable things, criminal things, and get away without any prosecution. The Homelander, played by Starr, is the most powerful and famous superhero, and he is a self-centred person with a God Complex.

In The Boys season 2, Homelander forms a friendship with ‘white supremacist’ Stormfront, played by Aya Cash. They continued to be friends till The Boys Season 3 even though Season 2 ended on Stormfront’s sizable maiming. 

In The Boys, season 3, episode 2, Stormfront commits suicide after she knows that Homelander doesn’t particularly think like her when it comes to race, which ultimately becomes a reason for Homelander to lose his mind. 


Conclusion The Boys Season 3
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Antony Starr explains how he has had problems justifying his character of Homelander. The Homelander has committed inhumane sins and felonies, but this is due to his God Complex, which also leads to self-destruction. The character demands that he act like the world revolves around him, and he plays it with perfection.  

Now that the Boys Season 3 is airing on Amazon Prime Video and the story is elevating, it is up to the show’s makers to make-or-break Homelander’s character, and the fans are sitting on the edge. Will the character of Homelander grow as a person in The Boys season 3, or will it break to the point that there is no coming back for him?

It might be the chance for Homelander to grow up and be an adult without anyone’s help. Now time will answer all our questions. 

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