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The most innovative superhero-themed slots

We are in the middle of a superhero renaissance. Not since the early days of Marvel and DC comics in the 1940s-50s have we seen so much love for superheroes. They are on television shows and movies, they are popular toys and of course we still have the comic books.

Superheroes are also a popular theme for slot machine games. The comic book origins of most superheroes means that they are a perfect choice for slot games. They already have great graphics, a cool backstory and tons of fans who love content featuring their favorite superheroes.

With so many slots available, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you can’t scan through all the game libraries as quickly as The Flash does! A casino guide is a resource that can help. These directories have reviews of major online casinos and can help you find the right one for you.

The other super thing about using a guide like is that you can find out what bonuses are offered by the top online casinos before deciding where to make an account.

No matter where you end up playing, here are some of our picks for the most innovative superhero-themed slots:

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern isn’t quite as popular as some of the other names on this list, but that doesn’t mean the game inspired by this character isn’t great. Maybe if the Green Lantern movie hadn’t been such a dud, he’d have become a more regular feature in the franchise, but for now, fans can enjoy playing this game.

This 5-reel, 3-row slot is a winner. It has collapsing symbols, so a win has the potential to trigger even bigger wins. The symbols used include the Green Lantern ring, which is the wild symbol, and other green lantern wielders.

The Amazing Spider-Man

With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), audiences have remembered why the web slinger is one of the all-time most popular superheroes. The Amazing Spider-Man slot game has a vintage comic appeal that is sure to appeal to fans of both the comic and the films.

The Amazing Spider-Man logo is a scatter symbol, while the wild symbol is the Spider-Man symbol we are familiar with from his costume. Other symbols include Peter Parker’s camera, his girlfriend MJ and a newspaper.

This game also has a few bonus features that really increase the fun — and the winning potential. The wild symbol appearing on both the second and fourth reels triggers one of the best bonuses in the game. When triggered, Spider-man appears to increase all the players previous wins in the game.

Legend of Loki

Some villains are too much fun to hate, and Loki is one of them. The trickster god of Norse mythology is Thor’s brother and always up to no good. This game is associated with the character, but not with the films, so sadly, there are no Tom Hiddleston look-alike symbols here.

Just like the character that inspired it, Legend of Loki is a slot with medium to high volatility. So, you might have to play for a long time before you win, but those wins are likely to be bigger. This slot has five reels and three rows and includes some of the best animations in superhero slots. 

The best feature of the game is the stacked respins. Whenever three matching symbols appear on reel one, they stick in place as the rest of the reels spin again. Respins will continue as long as matching symbols keep appearing. It’s a great way to boost your wins.

Cosmic Heroes

What makes Cosmic Heroes an innovative game is that it isn’t based on any superhero characters from comics or movies, it’s an original creation. That has given the creators a lot more room to play because they don’t have to worry about what fans will think. And we all know how opinionated superhero fans can be!

Cosmic Heroes is a space adventure featuring a cast of heroes on an adventure across the galaxy. You can’t provide much exposition in a slot machine game, so players are free to come up with the characters’ backstories for themselves.

Two of the cutest symbols — that also pay out pretty well — are Winner the Goofy Terrier and Cybernetic Feline. Triggering free spins unlocks four different free spins options. This game doesn’t have the highest RTP at only 94.03%, but the fun of playing it helps make up for that.

We love superheroes because they make our normal world feel a bit more exciting. So many of our favorites are normal people made extraordinary, who learn to be better people. Superhero slot machine games let us spend a bit more time in this amazing world of heroes, villains and adventures.

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