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The New Addams Family in Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ | SuperHero ERA

The New Addams Family in Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s dark and gothic style, then you’ll be excited for his new Netflix show, Wednesday. 

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The show is about a young girl named Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) who discovers she has magical powers. With the help of her family and friends, she must learn to control her powers and use them for good. 

The show follows the teenage protagonist as she transfers from school to school before finally ending up at Nevermore Academy, a place where she might finally find acceptance. Of course, Wednesday is the offspring of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzmán). In Nevermore, Wednesday will strengthen her psychic skills and work to solve a perplexing murder mystery that is directly related to her family.

The show is a ‘The Addams Family’ reboot. The deliciously bizarre journey of the Addams family continues.

Wednesday will follow the Addams as they adjust to life in the 21st century. The Addams have always been an eccentric family, and that’s what Burton plans to capture in the new show. “They’re timeless, but they’re also very much of their own time,” Burton said in an interview with Collider. They don’t really understand the 21st century, but they’re still trying to make their way in it.

Burton also put his own unique spin on the Addams family making them his own and interpreting them in his own way. 

The Addams have always been a dark and macabre family, and Burton says he kept that aspect of the show intact. “The Addams are all about death and things that go bump in the night,” he said. 

The show is full of Burton’s signature quirkiness, and the Addams family is as kooky as ever. Wednesday is a likable protagonist, and the show is sure to be a hit with fans of Burton’s work.

The new show is set to premiere on Netflix sometime in Autumn, 2022.

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