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The Witcher Season 2: The Sequel May Feature A Different Ciri Witcher

Recently Netflix released an official trailer for the Witcher season two. The trailer features all the Witcher characters(Ciri), including a very different looking Ciri. Did Netflix recast one of the most important characters of the series? In Witcher season one, the audience was introduced to the fictional realm in which Henry Cavill’s Geralt of rivia lives. 

What should fans expect from The Witcher season 2?

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Credit – Netflix

On this fantasy packed journey, Geralt slayed different monsters, met the mighty sorceress Yennefer, played by Anya chalotra and at last met Ciri, played by Freya Allan, after her long hunt for him. The relationship between Geralt and Ciri will be explored in-depth in the upcoming season of The Witcher.

Netflix unveils an off trailer for The Witcher season 2

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Credit – Netflix

With an official trailer out for The Witcher season 2, The plot of the second season makes more sense now. In the trailer, Ciri and Geralt arrive at the fortress of the school of the wolf, Kaer Morhen. The rest of the Witchers and Geralt’s old mentor Vesemir will also come here and probably help Geralt and Ciri on their pursuit.

Did Netflix Recast Siri? Did Freya Allan quit The Witcher?

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The exploration of Ciri’s power will be a significant part of the Witcher season two Which guaranteed her place in the Witcher season two cast. However, fans are a little confused by Ciri’s appearance in the trailer. A majority part of the trailer features Ciri, but she looks pretty different than season one.

After this, several speculations were made about whether or not Freya Allan has been replaced for the new season. However, the rumours are not accurate, and Freya Allan will be playing Ciri in the upcoming season. But then why does she look so different?

There’s not a huge mystery about her different look; the young star has just grown throughout the years resulting in a change in her appearance. Freya was 17 when the shooting for The Witcher season one started, and by the time the filming for season 2 ended, she was nearly 20 years old. This gap between her age explains why the young actress looks so different and mature now. 

How will the Witcher address Ciri’s changed appearance?

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The change in Ciri’s appearance is more prominent now because of the setbacks faced during The Witcher season 2’s production. When the show first started filming in 2020, Freya was 18 years old. However, the work on the second season halted multiple times due to the COVID-19 outbreak and then Henry Cavill got injured. 

The shooting for the series finally ended in April 2021, more than a year after Freya reprised her role as Ciri. However, this is not the first time that these circumstances have occurred. Many TV and film productions have faced this issue. For instance, Netflix’s Stranger Things cast also aged drastically throughout the years.

Will Ciri And Geralt's Relationship Satisfy Fans in Witcher Season 2?

We are eager to see how The Witcher will address Ciri’s more mature and older appearance as she will play a significant role in the upcoming season. The second season will precisely pick up from where season one left. Hopefully, all will be revealed with The Witcher season 2.

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