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The Witcher 4: When Should We Expect? | SuperHero ERA

The Witcher 4: When Should We Expect?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the greatest RPGs of all time. And there is no doubt that gamers are waiting for a sequel based on Sapkowski’s books. The first games were an ambitious project by developer CD Projekt Red, albeit some flaws were present. But it was the sequels that became very impressive. The Witcher 3 was a bestseller and critically acclaimed. The open-world game has taken millions of players into the world of monsters, magic, and politics.

CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kiczynski announced The Witcher 4 in March 2022. Full production will begin “immediately” after the release of Cyberpunk 2077. However, at the moment, there isn’t much exact information about The Witcher 4. That’s why LeafletCasino experts, who reviewed online casinos in Canada like Yukon Gold Casino, prepared everything that is currently known about the upcoming release of the game.

The Witcher 4 Release Date

The Witcher 4 does not have a release date. The development of The Witcher 3 took the team three and a half to four years, and Cyberpunk 2077 took even longer. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what year this game may come out. If The Witcher 4 is about the same scale, then we can assume that it will take at least three or four years before the W4 is ready. All that is known is that it is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and could have a brand-new witcher school called Lynx School. These rumors started after the image of a lynx medallion on one of the ads. It was confirmed by global communication director Robert Malinowski to Eurogamer. It can be anything: there is a lot of lore that encapsulates the universe and amazingly dynamic characters. This is most likely a reference to the Witcher Wiki fan fiction. The School of the Lynx is formed after the collapse of the School of the Wolf. Founded by the surviving members, including Geralt, the school eventually leaves its homeland and explores the western continent.

So far, the developer has been working on updating the latest game in the lineup for PS5 and Xbox Series X. It continues to work on DLC and fixes for Cyberpunk 2077, having just released PS5 and Xbox Series X updates for the action-packed title.

The Witcher 4 Gameplay

The official details about the gameplay have not been released yet. But we’re sure CD Projekt Red won’t want to shake up its flagship series too much in terms of gaming. We hope that the combat system in The Witcher 4 will be improved to fit its open-world genre. We also don’t know if Geralt will be in this game at all. However, executive producer John Mamais has previously stated that they may include Geralt in future games, although not necessarily as the main character. The rest is left to guess, even the question of what minigames can be in the W4.

The Witcher 4 Unreal Engine 5

CDPR says it has no plans to make the game exclusive to a single store. The company also announced that the new Witcher game will be made with UE 5 instead of the proprietary RED engine that the studio has been using since The Witcher 2. It’s part of a long-term strategic partnership with Epic Games store exclusive that includes helping the company adapt the engine for open-world games, starting with the development of the next game in the Witcher franchise.CD Projekt also owns the GOG store, so hopefully, The Witcher 4 will be available there as well. CDPR hasn’t made it clear whether the game will be sold on Steam. But we think that it will be on Steam, because it is a big game store where you can find all the previous series of the Witcher game. As well as the gambling card game Gwent (from the Witcher 3) and many other gambling games and even casinos. And for Witcher gambling fans, we recommend exploring the reviews of $10 deposit casinos to pick up something for yourself on favorable terms. So, taking into account all of the above, you should prepare your wallets now. The game will surely make us want to spend everything for the most exciting gameplay.

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Gwent: Rogue Mage

If you’ve played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and enjoyed the Gwent card mini-game, you’ll really enjoy this near-stealth release. Early July saw the exit of Gwent: Rogue Mage, a new single-player roguelike deck-building game. The game is technically an extension of the standalone Gwent, but it is also available as a standalone purchase and does not require prior knowledge of the Witcher universe. In the game, you follow the young and ambitious magician Alzur and his companion Lily. They embark on a perilous journey to create a living weapon that will destroy the monster threat once and for all.

If you want to play, it will set you back $9.99. As an alternative, you can pay an extra $10 and get the premium version, which includes in-game skins, card packs, and cosmetics for Gwent itself. You can win money for Gwent at Witcher 3 Junior casino. Fantasy fans have already checked out the slots offered by various online casinos. Our advice to you: if you are playing two games at the same time, choose one with a high jackpot and the other with a low jackpot. This will help you find a balance between small bonuses and big wins. The main thing is to develop a strategy and calculate your chances.


Video games about the witcher Geralt have a special place in our hearts. We hope that CD Projekt RED will start revealing the details of the W4 development process soon. Cyberpunk 2077, though flawed, still raised the bar. Now the future Witcher games will have to work hard to surprise us and the fans. We will continue to monitor developments and keep you informed.

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